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The complete narration text for the suspenseful, brain-burning movie "The Invisible Guest

Suspense brain burning movie "invisible guest" commentary text full version

The complete narration text for the suspenseful, brain-burning movie "The Invisible Guest

In an upscale hotel in the suburbs, Laura, a famous photographer, was brutally murdered, with banknotes sprinkled beside her body. When the police broke into the scene, they found her lover Li An in the room, crying and weeping in pain while holding the body. Although Li An insisted that she did not kill anyone and that the murderer was a man in black, the police found out through their investigations that all the windows and doors in the room were unlocked from the inside, so the murderer couldn't possibly have left the room, and the murder weapon was also The murder weapon is also covered with Li An's fingerprints, so Li An is put in the police station as a key suspect. However, as the president of a listed company, Li An soon applied for bail pending trial, and he also looked around for a lawyer who could clear his name through his assistant. The night before the case was to go to trial, a blonde, blue-eyed woman dressed in professional attire knocked on Li An's door, the woman called herself Deman, a lawyer hired by Li An, and as soon as she entered his room, she brought him bad news, claiming that the prosecutor had found a secret witness who could prove that Li An had committed the murder. The prosecutor has found a secret witness who can prove Li An's guilt, and the court will hear the case three hours later. The implication is very clear, Li An wants to win the case, he must seize the time and disclose the surveillance of the day of the crime, Li An will believe it, and began to recount the case to the woman. The day of the crime, Li An received an anonymous text message, he and Laura's adultery as a bargaining chip, want to extort a large sum of money, but when Li An and Laura with money to the designated room, the mysterious man suddenly appeared, Li An on the spot knocked unconscious, and so he opened his eyes again, the mysterious man has disappeared, leaving only Laura's body lying quietly in the pile of money, the police rushed in, he could not defend, which led to today's Finished, Li An also wiped the tears out of the corners of his eyes, the attitude is very sincere, but this testimony of a thousand holes obviously can not deceive the experienced De slow, she got up and slowly walked to Li An, told him not to be smart, want to get out of the whole body, you have to tell him all the truth, Li An still want to argue, but De Man took out a newspaper, which is about a missing teenage boy Daniel's reports, see the newspaper The moment he saw the newspaper, Li An knew that the woman in front of him was not simple, he finally began to let down his guard, and slowly told De Man the truth of the matter. Originally, three months ago, Li An deceived his wife that he went to France on a business trip, but in fact it was with Laura in the suburbs, they both have their own families, originally agreed to keep this extramarital love affair, and never interfere with each other's families, but on the way back, Laura suddenly forced Li An and his wife to divorce, so that the original family of the guilt of the Li An greatly dissatisfied, he directly to the Laura to propose a breakup, on both sides of the When arguing, the accident occurred, due to the rush home, Li An deviated from the navigation, chose a narrow shortcut, but the opposite side suddenly rushed out of a car, Li An could not dodge, directly crashed into, and so they stabilized their minds and then get out of the car to look at, found that the driver of the car on the opposite side has not breathed, Li An lied, he wanted to call the police, but Laura stopped him, if the police, they will not only get into a Lawsuit, the two adultery will also be exposed, under the persuasion of Laura, Li An decided to hurry to drive to escape the scene, but at this time the BMW car is not powerful, but also malfunctioned, can not start, just when they are in a mess, the back of another car, in the heat of the moment, Laura rushed over to the dead boy's body put down to hide it, they pretend to be the owner of the car and Li An collision, the two are discussing how to deal with, the back of the car and Li An collision, the two are discussing how to deal with, the two are discussing how to deal with, the back of the car and Li An collision. The two were discussing what to do when the car behind them quickly drove up to them.

The driver's uncle asked the two if they needed help, and Laura hastily declined. At this time, the boy's cell phone suddenly rang, Laura can only pretend to pick up, and then lied that it was the insurance company's phone, successfully fooled the driver uncle. After the uncle left, they loaded the boy into the trunk, Laura asked Li An to dispose of the boy's body, they are here waiting for rescue, things came to a head, Li An also had no choice, he drove the boy's car and went, but circled around a few times, never found a suitable place to bury the body, until after nightfall, Li An Xin a cross, the car along with the boy's body together directly into the lake. Laura's encounter was even more thrilling, after Li An left, he soon waited for a car, get out of the car is an old man, he called himself Lao Tang, is an engineer, it happens to be able to help Laura repair the car. The old soup after checking a number of said that the necessary repair tools fell at home, can only be towed home to repair the car, so the anxious Laura thought that met a lifesaver, without too much hesitation, followed the old soup, the old soup couple warmly received him, but so that Laura did not think of is that they have just crashed the boy was the old Tang couple's son Daniel, Laura was panicked, he wanted to hurry up and leave the place, but just at this moment, Auntie Tang dialed her son's phone, but the ringtone came out of Laura's pocket, it turned out that he had just casually put the boy's cell phone into his pocket, Laura hurriedly hid the phone into the sofa, and found an excuse to leave there in a hurry, but the action of adjusting the seat before she drove the car still aroused the old Tang's vigilance, and after they received Li An, they disposed of the car at a low price and the two of them After receiving Li An, they disposed of the car at a low price, and the two of them agreed never to see each other again. Li An also deliberately went to the police station to report the loss of the car after returning home, speaking of which, Li An couldn't help but shed tears, he expressed his repentance over and over again to Deman, claiming that it was just an accident and there was nothing he could do about it, at this time, Deman also received the news that the witnesses had already arrived at the courtroom, and that the court would soon open the case, she signaled Li An to continue, there was not much time left, and the man continued to fall into the memories. In the days that followed, he tried hard to forget the accident, but the police still quickly came to his door, it turned out that the police found the scene of the car accident, and the old soup pointed out that on the day of his son's disappearance, he had rescued a woman in the car accident scene annex, the old soup deliberately noted down the woman's license plate number, and followed the vehicle information, and found out the vehicle is exactly in the name of Li An, which aroused the suspicion of the police, but the powerful Li An naturally Undaunted, beside the lawyer quickly made up a perfect alibi for him, the police can only be insufficient evidence to withdraw the charges against him, but things did not end there, not long after, the TV news broke Daniel suspected of using his position, embezzlement of public funds, fleeing from the crime of the news, Li An knows that this matter must be Laura behind the hands and feet, and so find Laura confrontation, and sure enough, Laura on the spot! Admitted it. He intentionally took away the wallet from Daniel, in order to mislead the police, she used her husband's position to secretly transfer a sum of money to Daniel's account, faking Daniel embezzlement of public funds of the false impression, heard here, Derman said his own questioning, Laura is obviously just a photographer, do you still understand the bank information technology? But Li An bite, it is Laura did it, she in order to achieve their own goals, she can do whatever it takes, she has always been such a serpentine, Derman does not comment, signaling Li An to continue, so the man continued to continue to tell the story just now. After they successfully fooled the police, Li An's career began to flourish, not only successfully entered the Asian market, but also won the title of Entrepreneur of the Year, he has been the focus of the media, the scenery is infinite, but not long after, Daniel's father, Lao Tang, found Li An, he could not accept that his son had been crowned with the crime of embezzlement for no reason at all, besides, before his son's disappearance, they had just spoken on the phone, so the cell phone could only have been brought by Laura Into the home, not only that, he pulled the car from the action of adjusting the seat, for judgment that day driving another person. So, he secretly investigated, and finally discovered the fact that Li An and Laura cheating, so the old soup is more sure that they must be hiding the truth, but the police simply do not believe the old soup words, the old soup realized that the powerful Li An in the back of the hand, so he disguised as a reporter, close to Li An, just want to know where his son, but Li An mercilessly drove him away, and from then on never heard from the old soup, heard the news. There was no news of the old soup. Hearing this, Derman also finally cleared his mind, and based on the two cases and the clues left behind, the cause of Laura's death was most likely related to Daniel's disappearance, and Li An then rushed to name another suspect, which was the driver's uncle who had passed by on that day. Because he soon after received a blackmail letter in the name of Daniel, as well as a photo of the lake, the other party also threatened to tell the police all the truth of the matter if he did not come up with 100,000 euros of hush money, but Derman did not believe this set of words of Li An, she asked rhetorically, how could the driver possibly know the location of the place where you threw away the body, and Li An continued to argue, perhaps the driver was suspicious of us at the very beginning, and has been Li An also claimed to have heard a strange noise when he dumped the body, but De Man was not so easy to fool, she directly pointed out that Li An's testimony was full of loopholes, and that there was no way to explain the text messages he received, and that if the driver's uncle was trying to kill people for money, why would he scatter cash all over the place, and more importantly, the scene was completely closed, so how could the driver's uncle kill someone and then walk out of the scene in one piece? The driver's uncle is a man who kills people and then escapes in one piece. Li An heard immediately anxious, he simply confessed to Derman, how to say to clear my suspicions. At this point, Derman slowly said his plan, the whole thing can be thought of in this way, Li An and Laura received a threatening letter, in accordance with the agreed location to arrive near the train station, then Laura received a phone call from the murderer, so that they feel the designated hotel, and let Laura put the cell phone aside, and so on, they arrived at the designated room, the murderer and then Laura's cell phone to send a text message to Li An, and so on the two people perceived abnormalities ready to leave, the murderer will take advantage of the opportunity to kill the driver and then get rid of him. Abnormal ready to leave, the murderer took the opportunity to rush out and knocked out Li An, and then killed Laura, and the murderer is Daniel's father, Lao Tang, only the pain of the loss of his son can make a person have such a great hatred, he intentionally framed the murder of Laura's crime to Li An, the purpose is to let him completely lose his reputation, Dermane told Li An, to clear the suspicion, can only be all the charges are pushed to the old soup, as for the old soup how to Leaving the confined scene of the crime, Derman took out a newspaper, on which the figure of Auntie Tong appeared, Auntie Tong happened to work in the hotel where the crime took place, in this way, she is perfectly able to get the room key to help Lao Tang to complete the murder of the secret room. Just after the words were said, Derman received a phone call, she had already familiarized herself with the identity of the secret witness, it was the passing driver uncle, Li An immediately felt that something big was not good, while Derman was exceptionally calm, he had already thought of a good countermeasure, he asked Li An to transfer all the charges of Daniel's car accident to Laura, as long as Laura's personal belongings were left in Daniel's car, and then under the pretext of Laura had tricked him to the hotel and told him about the car accident, and the old soup has always misunderstood Li An, wrongly regarded it as an accomplice to the murder of his own son, in this way, all things become logical, Li An also has only one charge of harboring a mistress, so Derman took the opportunity to take out the map, let Li An hurriedly draw the location of the sunken body, but Li An at this time also found the biggest loophole in the Derman's plan, that the driver's uncle, who had obviously seen him and Laura , appeared together at the scene of the crime, the prosecutor could not possibly believe that it was Laura alone who had dealt with Daniel's body, after listening to this, Dema could no longer hide it, he told Li An, in fact, there is no such thing as a secret witness, this is just a means for him to force Li An to tell the truth, Li An looked at Dema, he was completely overwhelmed by the woman in front of him, and he began to believe that this woman could exonerate him, so he took the up the pen to replace the location of the sunken body, which also means that he directly admitted the crime of destroying the body, to get the address of the De Man suddenly looked out the window, his expression became very complex, but what she did not expect is that Li An said an even more shocking secret, it turned out that when he pushed when the Neil's car to the bottom of the lake, he clearly heard the sound of distress coming from the trunk, Daniel did not die, he was drowned alive by Li An, the If it had been an accident before, it was now outright murder. After hearing this, Derman could no longer restrain the anger in her heart, her eyes were full of murderous anger, she finally understood the truth of the whole thing, from beginning to end it was Li An who dominated all of this, he stopped Laura from calling the police and took the initiative to sink Daniel to the bottom of the lake, but Laura had been suffering from a great deal of pressure in her mind, she couldn't forgive herself and knew that she couldn't take back Daniel's life, but she could tell Daniel's parents the truth about what happened. Tell Daniel's parents, so she took the initiative to the old soup couple admitted the crime, and plans to make Li An compensation of 100,000 euros as compensation, so she posed as a driver uncle to blackmail Li An, and then tricked her to the hotel, intending to force Li An to confess to the crime of self-reporting, but how could Li An easily confess to the crime of self-reporting, he was furious brutally killed Laura, and will be set up for the scene can not be in and out of the secret room, directing himself to act out a thief shouting to catch thieves The play, and even if the old soup couple guessed the truth, but Li An's power is too strong, they can only move to the opposite side of the residence of Li An, day and night to monitor his every move, trying to find out the evidence, but Li An has not yet admitted that he killed Laura, he argued that the newspaper aunt soup happened to appear in the hotel, so the old soup family is a major suspicion, their own innocence, at this time, Deman coldly said The newspaper is also my intention to synthesize, you do not tell the truth, I can not help you, now, Li An can only admit that he killed Laura, all is caused by his hand, he has been completely conquered by the Germanman, only hope that the woman in front of him can save himself, after listening to the man's words, Germanman's eyes finally showed a hint of ease, she excused the intermission, left the room, and soon after, he found out that the woman in front of him had been killed, but he did not know what to do. And soon after, Li An found the chest has been ink stained black, his pen does not know when was secretly replaced with a bug, and Deman's documents are empty white paper, at this time, Li An only woke up as if in a dream, this is all Deman's deception, and Deman does not know when has quietly appeared in the opposite room, she looked far away from Li An, a bizarre scene appeared, only to see her slowly Tear off her disguise, it turns out, she is Daniel's mother, Auntie Tong, Li An incredulously looked at the scene in front of him, the doorbell rang again, the real Deman only then arrived late, the old soup has also dialed the police. The movie "Invisible Guest" does not have breathtaking special effects or world-famous superstars, but with the brain-burning plot of constant reversals, it has become the best suspense movie of 2017. This film is different from traditional suspense movies, the whole film is in the form of dialogue, by stating that the events are reversed, reorganized, and then reversed again, and some people have counted that there are a total of 43 reversals in the film, and each of them is tightly plotted and heart-wrenching. This movie teaches us a truth, concealing a lie requires more lies, and finally it is like a snowball rolling bigger and bigger until the avalanche, what is more serious is that once the heart of fluke is formed, it will step by step to the abyss, and finally fall into the doom.

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