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Comedy "The Adventure of the Ladyboy" movie commentary copy

Comedy"The Adventure of the Lady" movie comment ary copy

Comedy "The Adventure of the Ladyboy" movie commentary copy

Man dressed as a woman

Acting opposite an actress

The actress who doesn't know the truth falls in love with him

Knight is a small, depressed actor.

His usual job is to act in plays in the theater.

The fans are old women.

This day.

An agent told Knight.

Hollywood was casting for a big movie.

Because she was German.

got an audition.

Knight couldn't even be happy.

The agent changed his mind.

The agent changed his mind and said he was auditioning for a female role.

Knight was amused by this.

Did the director make a mistake?

How can a man play a woman by himself?

The original

Putting a photo of his assistant Knight in female clothes on the internet

The casting director saw him in the photo


Knight got the wrong audition.

But he didn't want to go.


The agent used a ploy

That even if he went to the audition.

He would soon be rejected.

Knight listened to very defiantly

immediately decided to go to the audition


The assistant gave Knight a major makeover

He was transformed into a woman.

He walked into the audition room in style.

The audition process didn't go well.

Several auditions were interrupted

were interrupted by phone calls from the director.

Just as he was preparing for his next performance.

The director waved happily at him

that he had passed the audition.

To celebrate the success of Malik's audition

A few friends set up a barbecue in the snow

They raised their glasses to congratulate him.

But Knight's stomach broke after a few sips.

He rushed to a big tree to take a leak

He overheard the conversation.

The woman noticed that Malik was eavesdropping.

She asked him if he was always eavesdropping.

The two of them exchanged words.

They talked until they got to the hotel.

The next day they wake up

The woman left in a hurry


Knight received a call from her agent

He had to rehearse his lines today.

He had to change into women's clothes

and report to the set as soon as possible


Malik followed the agent to the set.

Everything was going so well.

But the arrival of a woman

He was willing to pay 50 million

He had to quit the show

The object of his one-night stand

But it was a famous actress

Not only that

He was dressed as a woman

And also with the actress to play a gay couple

Knight was devastated.

He went to his agent.

He went to his agent and said that the actress, Sabi, was having an affair with him.

He couldn't continue playing the role.

The agent warned Knight.

Once he quit the show.

He would have to pay $50 million in liquidated damages.

He had no choice.

With no money, Knight had to continue acting.

On the set.

No one noticed that Knight was dressed as a woman.

Everyone praised him for his extraordinary acting skills.

At the same time

Malik's unique and interesting personality attracted Sabi.

They became best friends.

Sabi would also invite him to her girlfriends' parties.

On this day

The two of them were drinking at a bar

As the alcohol got the better of them.

Sabi, who was always cool, confided in Malik.

She mentions her scumbag ex-boyfriend.

Her eyes were slowly tearing up.

Listening to Sabi's self-deprecating words.

Knight comforted her sincerely.

After this heart-to-heart.

The two of them grew closer.

Sabi even told him secretly

She likes a man who can back up his car.

When he returned home, Marley took him up on his offer.

After practicing several cars, he finally got good at reversing.

But before he can express his feelings

Sabi is in love

The love interest is the hero of the movie, Pony.

Marley can't stop talking bad about Pony.

That Sabi does not know a person

How can he fall in love?

When he saw that Malik was behaving abnormally

Sabi said doubtfully

She's in love.

As a friend, shouldn't she be happy?

Knight did not know how to answer

On impulse, she kisses Sabi.

When he regained his senses, he left her and ran away.

He confesses his love to the woman he loves.

The woman walks slowly toward him.

Everyone expects the couple to be together.

And then

That day

Sabi and her boyfriend Pony went to a bar

Mary happened to be there

During the conversation

Mary saw through Pony's lies

And unceremoniously exposes him as a fake.

A drunken Sabi follows Knight home.

They lay in bed together.

Malik reveals the fact that he is a man.

When he didn't get a response, he turned around and looked.

Sabi falls asleep.

The next day

Mal comes to the fitting room

Claiming that he and Sabi broke up.

It was all because of Knight.

Knight was about to explain.

But then Pony found out that he was dressed as a woman.


Sabi came to see Malik.

In a panic.

Malik took the pony and hid behind the curtain.

Sabi knew that Knight was inside.

She confessed her love to him.

When the pony heard these words

He couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Malik tried to silence the pony.

Neither of them was convinced.

So they fought with each other

Everyone saw Knight dressed as a woman.

Sabi stared at him hard.

A sense of humiliation washed over him.

Malik's impersonation of a woman was completely exposed.

The director wanted him to pay 50 million dollars.

and kicked him out of the show.

But Malik was unconcerned about this.

He was more concerned about Sabi.

That day

Malik held a puppy and confessed his love to Sabi.

Sabi didn't look at him.

He left.

That day

Malik took the newspaper

Asking how they could have gotten like this.

My friend said it was a puppy bite.

Knight was speechless.

Puppy can chew the newspaper out of the square?

It turns out

The newspaper was about the engagement of Sabi and Pony.

In order not to upset Malik.

They had to cut up the newspaper.

When they saw the news of Sabby's engagement.

Knight finally couldn't sit still.

He came to Los Angeles.

He came to Los Angeles to stop Sarah and Pony from getting together.

And confesses his love once again

But Sabby slowly walks past him

Slapped him hard in the face

Knowing that there was no chance of redemption

Knight had to return home

Continued to act in the play

That day.

When he got off work, he had several autographs from fans.

He patiently signed the postcard.


Sabi appeared in front of him

The original

After so many days of separation.

Sabi still couldn't forget Marley

So he took the initiative to find him.

Malik looked at Sabi.

His eyes were full of love.

The two lovers finally got together

This movie is about a young actor who dresses up as a woman

But in love with the same group of actresses story

The whole movie is full of laughs and a lot of baggage

As a comedy

Still passable

What comedy do you recommend?

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