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Suspense movie "silent speech evidence" commentary copy

Suspense movie "silent speech evidence" commentary copy

Suspense movie "silent speech evidence" commentary copy

This woman

is wearing her makeup beautifully


The danger is approaching

Man with stockings on his head

With a knife in his hand

Clearly intent on mischief

Woman walks out of the bathroom

Sees footprints on the carpet

Thought it was her husband coming home

But then she pushed the door and saw

The woman was so scared

Rushing to the police

But the phone line

was cut off

The man behind her

was approaching

This is the end

I'm going to die.

The camera pans

The woman is standing up again

This does not die?

Why is there no blood on her clothes

And no blood?

Stranger still

The murderer was standing on the side

quietly watching the woman's performance

The director could not stand to see

A click

Called off the shooting

So this is a Russian

Some movie set

Everything that just happened

was all staged

That said, this is also

Acting is too fake

If you don't know, you'll think

Which is a variety show it

And this woman who is gesticulating is

Our heroine today, Billie

Her job is

specializes in giving these

small budget horror film crew

Provide props

Billie is very pretty.

But unfortunately, she's mute.

She pulls out

The blood bag in the actor's clothes

and gestures to tell the person

You have to squeeze the blood bag

Otherwise, it will be flawed


The director arranged for

Everyone shoot again

But the lights on the set

suddenly went out

The producer pointed to his watch and said

It's 6 o'clock

It's time to go off

We fighting people

never work late.

The director is from M.

Can't dare to get mad in front of the old Maoists

So he took his wife with him

But his sister-in-law came home with him

Before leaving

Billie remembered

I forgot to take a prop

Let sister and brother-in-law go first

I have to go back to the set

She got the props

suddenly found

A studio still has lights on

I thought we agreed not to work overtime.

What's going on here?

Curious, Billie walked over to the studio

Heard some

Unpleasant sounds

In a spirit of strong criticism

She decided to take a closer look

She was ashamed.

The director of the film was also very involved

He didn't even realize

Someone was there.

Billie was so absorbed in the scene

But she realized that the picture

was getting more and more wrong.

Why is there a knife?

Looking at the actress' terrified and desperate expression

She realized something was wrong.

This is not a movie.

This is really going to kill someone!

This girl

Entered an adult film set by mistake

She never thought she would witness

A real murder case

The girl was terrified

But her screams

No one could hear her


She was mute

The girl turned her head and ran

But accidentally knocked over a coat rack

Things scattered all over the floor

The sound attracted the attention of

The killer's attention

But her reaction is very fast

Just in time to hide behind the pillar

The girl took the opportunity

Run to the emergency escape exit

The door was locked.

And the killer was nearby.

This was her only chance

chance to escape

She had to take a chance

While they were in the room.

She rushed to the door with one quick step

The killer heard the commotion

Runs back down the hallway

The girl's body was shaking.

She kept restraining herself

Her brain stays calm

Finally, before the other side came close

She ran out of the side door

She held the key in her mouth

Hiding in the elevator shaft

Picking herself up on the wall

Out of sight of the killer

That was close.

But she couldn't hold on

Hanging on to the cable

The key to her life.

And it fell.

After the killer left

The girl climbed down the cable to the floor

Searching desperately in the garbage


A bag of garbage fell beside her

The killer threw it down

She hurriedly hid in the garbage pile

By the light of the flashlight

She saw the bag

Was filled with

A piece of the body

But the flashlight light also let her

find the key

When the light disappeared

The girl took the key

And escaped down the elevator shaft

She tiptoed

To the studio

The lights on the set

came on one after another

The girl ran around in fear

And one of the murderers

collided with one of the murderers

In the chase

She opened the

Emergency exit

But at the moment of closing the door

The girl was thrown

A little disoriented

The killer came down to control her

But just at that moment

the girl's sister appeared

The sister saw her

did not come back after a long time

She was worried that something had happened to her

So she came to look for her

The man saw someone coming

Lied and said the girl was

fell down the stairs by herself

asked her sister to call an ambulance first

When the sister was leaving

still saw

The girl's eyes abnormal

She pushed the man away

Let the girl "speak" to understand

She used sign language

Gesturing out two words




The police came to the scene

The killers were calm

Talking and laughing with the police

He said what the girl saw was just an act

It wasn't a murder scene.

The police were somewhat convinced

The brother-in-law proposed to take out

The film that was taken

We'll see if it's real or not

Just as everyone was

to get the film

one of the men

Surreptitiously grabbed a knife

The police quickly subdued the man

But the brother-in-law who was covered in blood

was not in trouble

The knife was retractable

Blood is also sweet

This murderer is too cunning

He is trying to use this way

To prove that the girl

What she saw was all a lie

The police believed it again

But she still had proof

She gestured and told the police

There was a head in a garbage bag.

Find the body.

And that would prove everything.

But when the police with their dogs

To the garbage pile

They didn't find any body.

They found no body.

The so-called

The garbage bag with the human head in it

was just a mask

No choice.

The police had to let them go

The girl had seen

Countless filming scenes

The kind of surprise and fear that comes from the inside

Surprise and fear

can't be acted out

She was convinced she was right.

But where exactly did the body go?

It turned out that the body had been

Cremated by the killer

The police took the film

on the other side

Back to the police station

When the screen was shown

It's not a murder scene at all

It was the beginning of the film

My brother-in-law made that bad film

The real film

By this time, two men

To the Russian Black Hand D

Specializing in real-life murder movies

The real kind

Black Hand D.

He had a spy in the police station

Knew about the girl's call to the police.

He told the two men

As long as there are still witnesses

This is not over

The man pulled out a piece of paper

It had the girl's address written on it.

She's in more danger now.

The girl was about to

To take a bath in the bathtub

Suddenly the phone rang

She picked up the phone

But the person on the other end

did not say anything after a long time

The girl looked confused

She didn't know that someone

Is watching her with binoculars

Watching her

After a while

The girl looked out the window

The peeping man across the street

She pulls the curtain in anger

What a creep!

Then the doorbell rang again

The girl opened the door

Oh no!

The killer was coming!

The girl closed the door desperately

But the man was prepared

He started drilling the door with a drill

Poor girl is mute

She couldn't scream for help

She had to run to the window

To the creepy man across the street

Waved for help

But at that moment

The other side was distracted

He didn't even look here

The girl had to hide in the bathroom

A punch to the door

Punched a hole in the door

She was about to rush inside

The smart girl

Timed it right

Opened the door

The man crashed headlong into the

into the bathtub

Then she turned on the hairdryer

and threw it into the water

The killer was electrocuted alive

But the girl just ran out.

Another killer

Just blocked her again

And pinned her to the table.

A detective arrives just in time.

Knocked the man unconscious.

Took the girl in the car and escaped.

He told the girl

The killers came for her.

Didn't want to get rid of her

Black Hand D.

It was to recover the tape that was lost on the set

The lost tapes

It's full of their

Evidence of their crimes

The girl remembered

When she was running away

She did accidentally

Dropped a tape

That should be

What the big man was looking for

The detective asked the girl

To write down the location of the tape.

But at that moment the car

Just passed by the police station

And the detective didn't

to stop.

The girl was suspicious.

The detective explained that

He was actually an undercover agent

He couldn't go to the police station.

The girl didn't believe him

She grabs the handcuffs

Handcuffed the detective to the steering wheel

But when she got out.

She found more danger around her.

There were gangsters everywhere.


At a critical moment

The detective saved her again

The girl can only decide to trust him once

Coming to the film set

And found the tape

Big Brother's pawn

Arrived at the set

Grabbed the girl

Grabbed the girl with one hand

He also handed a gun to the detective.

He told him to kill the girl.

The detective wiped his mouth

With a sinister smile

It was a false alarm

So the detective

Is really an undercover agent

But the others don't know it

When the sister and brother-in-law

Rushing to the set

I thought the girl

Was abducted by bad guys

Sister directly threw out

A prop

Shoot off the detective's gun

In the confusion

The girl ran out

But when she reached the door

Only to find that outside has

Surrounded by gangsters

The gang leader poked his head out

Called the detective on the walkie-talkie

To kill the girl.

This detective is really

It's hard to tell good from evil

He actually raised his gun

The girl was dead.

A group of gangsters

Then they left with peace of mind

Watching her sister get killed

The sister was distraught.

The detective said, "Let me explain!"

The sister said:

"I'll explain... explain!"

directly to the inspector

on the ground and beat him up

And at that moment

Xiao Mei on the ground

suddenly opened his eyes

Pulled open the clothes

Inside are full of blood plasma burst point


This is a play that she and the detective

She and the detective had planned a good show

Just when everyone

Thought they were safe.

The detective's expression suddenly became grave

He didn't understand.

Why didn't the big man take the tapes?

Did he?

I'm scared to death

So it was brother-in-law

Accidentally pressed the remote control

I say to the director

You can not grow a little heart ah

The detective escorted

The inspector escorted the rest of the boys to the car

They were to be taken back to the police station.

Just as the car started.

Ponyboy's expression was not right

It was the look of fear before death.

The look of fear.

Just like the woman on the set

woman on the set!

The girl gestured with her hands

The brother-in-law understood the meaning

He told the detective to get out of the car.

The detective also reacted quickly

This is the end of the story

It is a

The textbook of suspense thrillers

Very strong sense of rhythm

Not a single word of nonsense

From the 10th minute of the film

from the 10th minute onwards

Until the end of the film

without leaving

The audience does not have time to breathe

Definitely worth watching


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