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Thriller "The Wrong Man" movie commentary copy

Thriller "The Wrong Man" movie commentary copy

Thriller "The Wrong Man" movie commentary copy

The man's name is Doo

At this point he is shouting.

Ready to plunge a knife into the neck of the unlucky man sitting on the table.

Wow, burglary?

Is that so exciting?

But it wasn't someone else lying on the table.

It was Doo's father-in-law...

Oh my God, what the hell is going on here?

Back to two hours ago.

Ah Dou was a senior executive of a company.

Was running for the new CEO.

Everything is ready to go

As long as the president and father-in-law give the order

Ah Dou will be able to rise straight up.

But just as he was waiting for his promotion.

Instead, his father-in-law announced in the executive meeting in front of the audience

The new president turned out to be his nemesis ......

You can imagine the son-in-law's heart was racing with a thousand grass mud horses

Father-in-law! Do you have shit in your head?

But no matter how much Ah Dou shouted, it was useless

God's way is good, God forgives who

The angry son-in-law made a harsh remark in a fit of rage

Go to hell!

I swear to God, I won't be a man until I kill you

Wow seems to be about to happen just the beginning of the scene

But seeing is not always believing

Although rejected by his father-in-law but he has not been discouraged

Two hours later

A Dou, who had calmed down, went to his husband's office

Ready to talk to him properly

but never thought that this old man

He was already dead ......

You saw what happened next, Flax Butterfly

The panicked Ah Dou thought his father-in-law must have been in pain from the stabbing

So he pulled out the knife ......

And looking at his blood-stained hands

Ah Dou instantly collapsed and screamed

Tried to put the knife back in but his body was limp and weak

Forget it, let's run

So the bloodied Dou took the knife

In the eyes of all the people ran out of the company ......

And the real murderer Lao Ma also appeared from behind the curtain

He skillfully climbed up the ventilation duct and slipped away

At this moment, their fates are also linked together

In the process of running away they actually bumped into each other

You didn't kill him.

Why are you running?

Look at the real killer that is a face of confusion ah

In order to escape from the police, Ah Dou was hiding and hiding

In a panic, he even threw the murder weapon on the police patrol leg

It seems that his father-in-law is right not to let him become CEO

With this kind of intelligence and say that others have shit for brains?

But the police have already discovered the murderer through the security camera

He did not take him into account

But the real killer, Old Ma, is not stupid.

He closely followed the progress of the investigation

From the news report saw the picture of his own murder

Damn not that there is no surveillance?

Old Ma immediately called his employer to ask for double the fee

ready to leave the country to avoid the wind

And at this time Ah Dou has been on the

Tour bus to Mexico

Good guy this hanging melon actually faster than the real killer action

I never thought he could meet the real killer, Lao Ma

Meet again green score is not shallow

It didn't take long

Ah Dou arrived at the station and got off the bus

A Dou arrived at the station got off the car around the darkness

Looking at the sorghum field in front of him

He panicked, ND!

Destination is their own said ticket is their own bought

And here is indeed the territory of Mexico

I can't blame anyone else!

To say that this nerd is also lucky

The next day he found an unidentified SUV in the middle of nowhere.

Without saying a word, he drove away

He also found a farmhouse and stayed there without any problems

But he did not know

This car is actually someone's old horse

City to the real culprit is planning to throw away the car

to the hotel to wash a leak and then see the opportunity to act

But I didn't expect that Ah Dou also stayed in the same farmhouse with him

Also drove the SUV

I believe that the moment the old horse saw the car was broken inside

His grandmother is still haunted, huh?

You stupid you see you have brought the police here ......

Ah Dou and the old horse heard the alarm bell at the same time

They both thought the police were coming to arrest them

So Ah Dou started his masked journey

But the cops didn't even bother with him

Old Ma's side was the main event

As the two sides engaged in a fierce civil war

Ah Dou also tends to run away again

Hey stupid you still run what?

The killer is already very obvious


The speed of movement is comparable to the invincible body of Yan Shuangying

Dozens of police can not catch him ah

Just watched him grab the police car and run away

Ah Dou's side is also a fool's errand

An oncoming train is his hope ah


I jump

Aunt how to come down again? ......

After half a day of tossing and turning

Ah Dou not only got on the train

The train was also full of canned meat

There is no way out

The hungry dummy looked at the car full of canned goods

Without saying a word, he just made them

But these cans are expired lunch meat ready to be destroyed

If the driver had found Ah Dou later

Maybe he would have met God by now

Ah Dou was lying in the hospital thinking about his life

But now is not the time to lie down

The police might appear at any moment

So Ah Dou was ready to run away

At that moment, Old Ma had already found the hospital

Because he felt that his whereabouts must be related to Ah Dou

Maybe Ah Dou is a member of the police

So Old Ma planned to kill him

The game of cat and mouse started in earnest

Old Ma pretended to be a doctor and followed Ah Dou all the way

But the police officer who came up to him

But he stopped the plan

You see?

Isn't it

I just arrived at the hospital when the police arrived

This Ah Dou must be a detective

Just this moment of concentration

Old Ma was taken by these two police officers as a real doctor

Took to the operating room to rescue their colleagues

You can say that this point is not back it

And so they split up

Old Ma and Ah Dou were separated again

But this time

Ah Dou has met his true love

This girl perfectly explains what is dangerous and charming

Although she has a driver's license

But they love to sleep on the highway

So they fell into the bushes with one heel and went home

The girl fell in love with Ah Dou and insisted to keep him

I did not know that the girl's husband was a bank president

He was worried about the staff problem

But it so happened that Ah Dou was a high school student who could be used for him

But as soon as he showed up, Ah Dou was targeted

The real killer, Old Ma, sneaked into the crowd

Ready to shoot and kill Ah Dou

But then the police came again

Ma De's 36 plans are the best way out

Dou and the old horse again run away

But this time not so lucky

Dou and the girl were caught by Ma together

In an eerie hut

The person behind the murder of Old Ma finally revealed himself

It turned out to be our new CED

But this guy not only doesn't want to pay the reward

He also wants to kill everyone to eliminate the problem forever

But he was killed by the old horse

Just when he was about to escape

But found that the outside has been surrounded by police

So in order to survive, we have to take hostages

However, I never thought that ah

Just when the two sides were ready to start negotiations

A police officer suddenly slipped and shot the old horse

The girl on the other side of the song at the right time to poke the old horse's wound

The guy was in pain and almost fell to his death

Damn this statue is conservatively estimated to have a few dozen meters high it

Seeing the old horse could not stand it

The kind-hearted Ah Dou to help

But in the end ......

Well, this statue not only looks like a joke

The height is also really low ah ......

This group of actors and actresses you continue to continue ah ......

The end of the film

Old Ma was arrested by the police

And Ah Dou also because of several times to help the police

He was awarded the title of the best citizen for helping the police to follow the real killer

And also with this girl finally married for the rest of their lives

It is estimated that now Ah Dou's wife are crying in the toilet it

The Wrong Man" is a traditional British comedy

The director and actors use their lives to show you

The play is exaggerated, play is the heartbeat.

Although the gang looks like idiots

The police are a joke.

But this mouth doesn't stop the most astute killer in the entire movie from falling into the net.

This time, Conan needs to make a speech.

There is only one truth

Justice is never absent

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