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Science fiction film "Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" commentary text Commentary

Science Fiction Film "Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" CommentaryCopyCommentary

Science fiction film "Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" commentary text Commentary

As the opening piece of the fourth phase of the Marvel Universe

Chinese superheroes as the star of the film

The Legend of Shang Qi and the Ten Rings

has attracted widespread attention since the project's inception.

However, due to the huge difference between Eastern and Western cultures

differences caused by the water and land

So far

"The Legend of Shang Qi and the Ten Rings" has not been able to

meet with domestic audiences

Let me talk to you today.

What kind of story does the film tell?

Is it allegedly discriminatory or biased, as rumored?

The film begins

A black flag flutters in the wind.

Wai is clad in ancient pirate armor.

Is leading an army to attack the city

With the help of the ten rings of the ancient gods on his wrist

He not only has the sword and spear and a thousand horsemen

and even gained the power of immortality.

Time came to the 90s.

At this time, Wai has taken off his armor.

Put on a straight suit.

Only the ten metal circles.

Still had not left the body.

His next target was

A village recorded in an ancient book

Legend has it that it is isolated from the world

The people in the village mastered powerful secret magic

There were also various sacred beasts living there

Soon a caravan, led by Wei Chai

Entered the forest recorded in the ancient book

However, the trees outside the window seemed to be alive

They were moving at an alarming rate.

Wai lost control of his car and ran off a cliff.

Fortunately, he jumped out of the car at the critical moment

He was able to save his life.

Wai came to a spring deep in the forest.

Here he met the love of his life, Yingli.

As the saying goes, we don't know each other unless we fight.

As soon as they met, they fought.

But it was the first time the invincible Wai met his match.

Ying Li's soft and strong moves

He was unable to fight back

After this encounter

The two soon fell in love

They had a son and a daughter

The competitive Wai finally returned to his family

He chose to take off his ten rings

He and the woman lived in seclusion to raise their children together

Time has come to modern times

This man is Wei Chai's son, Shang Qi

He works as a doorman in a hotel with his best friend Katie

But apparently the girl doesn't know where he comes from

One day the two of them took the bus to work

They took the bus to work

But then some unsuspecting men

They asked Shang Qi to hand over the jade pendant around his neck.

Shang Qi, who was usually a carefree man

Surprisingly, he punched the men and sent them flying

Then in the car and a few people wrestling

At this time, the leader of the big man took off his jacket

His right hand was modified

popped out a thermal sword

In one fell swoop, he cut the bus

The brake pipe at the bottom of the bus was cut off.

The uncontrolled bus flew downhill.

The driver was also knocked unconscious.

Shang Qi is busy fighting off the strong man and the others.

Katie took over the wheel and tried to stop the bus.

She finally managed to use the garbage truck as a cushion

Only then did she stop the bus

Only then did Shang Qi realize

The jade pendant around her neck had been snatched away by the men in the chaos

Shang Qi rushed home to pack her luggage

She was ready to fly to Macau to look for her sister.

At this time, Katie, who was confused

decided to go with her friend

This is how she learned about Shang Qi's life from him

After the death of his mother

The two siblings and their father were dependent on each other.

After his wife's death, Wai changed his temperament.

He put the ten rings back on.

He raised his son to become a professional killer with excellent martial arts skills

A man's martial arts skills are passed on to men but not women

However, Xiao Ling still secretly observed

Shang Qi and the others practiced

Learned a set of rope cuffing techniques on his own

Perhaps tired of this dangerous life

That's why Shang Qi went overseas

But many years later

His father's men found him again.

According to the address on Xiao Ling's postcard.

The two of them came to an unfinished construction site to look for their relatives

However, when they stepped out of the elevator, they realized

This is an underground martial arts arena

What's worse is that

Shang Qi had just inadvertently signed the consent form for the competition

Dr. Strange's best friend on the stage

Old King was taking on the Hulk's nemesis Monk Evil

The two looked like they were just playing a friendly match

Then they left through the portal

Shang Qi had to take the stage to fight

And his opponent was his own sister, Xiao Ling

They haven't seen each other for years.

Xiao Ling was still upset that Shang Qi did not say goodbye

So she directly k.o.'d her brother

This gym is the chassis of Siu Ling

She has also long been free from Wei Chai's control to go out and make a living

Just at this time

A group of the Ten Ring Army rushed into the building

It seems that the reunion of the siblings was also in Wai's plan

The moment of truth

Shang Qi and Katie have to break the glass

The glass is broken and the scaffolding is searched for an exit.

Shang Qi fights with his pursuers in the narrow corridor

But Katie accidentally falls out of the way

Fortunately, as she was falling

caught by Xiao Ling

This kind of arm strength is obviously not ordinary people

That's when the masked man from Wai's crew arrived.

She was far stronger than the soldiers

She snatched Ling's jade pendant away directly

While Shang Qi and the masked man were fighting.

Wei Chai appeared in front of them with his men

He embraced his son with affection

Indicating that it was time to go home

They arrived at the base in the mountains.

Ten years had passed.

Only then did Shang Qi realize that his father had been

Silently watching his movements overseas

After Yingli's death.

Wai resumed his exploration of his wife's hometown

He had heard the woman's call many times.

He realizes that she may not be dead.

Instead, she was trapped in a secret place, waiting to be rescued.

To prove this to his siblings.

Wai took their jade pendants

into the dragon statue on the wall.

The emerald green stone glowed brightly.

The room was instantly surrounded by water like solidified

And then on the floor

formed a map of the route to somewhere

Wai explained that the jade pendant was a token of his wife's clan.

To guide them along

"along the ever-changing maze of the forest to the village.

so that Yingli can be rescued.

Wai's obsession with rescuing his lover is so strong

Even though his son and daughter questioned him

He was beaten up and put down directly

The man even put down a harsh word

If the villagers don't want to let him go.

The village will be razed to the ground at all costs

He then put them under house arrest

In his cell, Shang Qi overheard

A man's monologue voice from next door

This man is the fake Lord Manchu from Iron Man 3

After a few turns, he was captured by the real one

Although left alive but was locked up here can not leave

At this time a little monster of hairy calculations

came out from the corner

It is a creature that Wei Chai accidentally found from the secret world

Coincidentally, it happened to know

A shortcut through the forest and know the inner structure of the base

Little Spirit broke through the wall

She leads the group to the garage

She was ready to go ahead of Wei-chan

She went to her mother's village to give a message

The group escaped their pursuers and entered the mountains

Just as the legend says

A bamboo forest that moves

appeared in front of them

Guided by the little monster

They made their way through the forest without any danger

And finally passed the waterfall

They came to the legendary secret place

Behind the waterfall, there was something else

They marveled at the world

There is such a magical place

Nine tailed foxes, unicorns and fire birds in the sky

Everything in front of them looked

like a mythical story

Finally they drove to an open field

The villagers and beasts around them

were curiously looking at the unexpected guests.

Mother Shang Qi's clan was waiting at the entrance of the village.

While the two sides were at a standstill.

Shang Qi's sister-in-law Ying Nan came out from the crowd

The awkward situation was easily resolved.

They finally gained the trust of the villagers

They were allowed to stay and prepare for their father's arrival.

Yingnan introduced Sang-ki to the mission of his mother's clan.

On the cliff across the lake.

There is a sealed door to the other world.

Inside, there are tentacle monsters that feed on

The tentacle monster that feeds on human souls for energy.

Thousands of years ago, the clan fought hard.

Finally drove the monster back to its lair

And they still use them today.

Dragon scale weapons enchanted by magic.

to defend themselves against the monster's attacks.

Yingnan deduced that

The cries of his sister that Wai heard

Was just a whisper of the dark creature trying

To break the seal with a man's whispers

Because the power contained in the Ten Rings

is enough to open the seal.

To bring evil back into the light of day

Shang Qi and Xiao Ling came to the shrine to pay their respects to their mother

The woman knew that one day the children would return to their homeland.

She left behind for the children

Two sets of battle armor made of dragon scales

Now the mission of guarding the sealed gate

Now the mission of guarding the sealed gate has fallen on the two of them.

Shang Qi has received special training from his sister-in-law

Gradually learned to use the softness to overcome the strength of the fist

And Katie and Xiao Ling also

They trained in archery and rope dart training.

The forest that Wai had been waiting for so long

The day of the opening is finally here.

He's about to lead his men out

So that he could follow the voice of his lover to reunite with her.

At night, Sang-ki was at the lake.

Remembering his mother's misfortune

Since Wai had made a lot of enemies

Finally, one day when he was not around, he came to seek revenge

Although after leaving the village

Yingli lost the ability to use magic

But she still wanted to protect her family

She was in a bitter battle with dozens of people from the other side

The young siblings hid in the house, not daring to leave.

By the time Wai returned home

his wife had died of serious injuries

At this point, Wai was devastated

He attributed his love's death to

It was his own initiative to give up the power of the ten rings

That's why he was used by others to take advantage of the situation

The blackened Wei Chai took revenge with Shang Qi

He has now lost his mind

Even if the destruction of everything in front of him is not hesitant

Eventually, Shang Qi was trained by his own father

to become a professional killer

and killed his mother's murderer

Gang members to kill

However, revenge cannot heal

the pain of losing a loved one

Shang Qi decided to run away from home

to find the meaning of his life.

Now, from his sister-in-law and the villagers

He felt the long-lost love of his family

He was determined to end it with his father himself.

After dawn.

Wai led his men to the village in a fury.

Shang Qi and Xiao Ling also changed into their battle clothes

and the villagers were waiting for them.

The obsessed Wai is reluctant to believe

did not want to believe that his wife was gone.

So the two sides immediately fought

During the melee

Shang Qi came to the shrine alone to face his father

However, he was not yet able to fight against

the power of the Ten Rings

The man was not soft on his son either

Shang Qi was finally struck by Wei Chai

He was hammered into the lake and died.

Wai finally arrived at the entrance of the passage

The entrance to the passage blocked by dragon scales.

He struck the seal with great force.

And the soul-sucking monster that Yingnan mentioned

He also took the opportunity to fly out of the chasm.

The two sides still fighting in the village

Centaur senses that something is wrong.

The strong man was witnessing his teammates

After witnessing their teammates' souls being extracted by these tentacle-bearing monsters.

finally decided to join forces

Put on the dragon scale weapon and go to the lake to resist the monster

At this moment, the one who was hammered to the bottom of the lake by Wei Chai

Shang Qi finally awakened his power

He was lifted out of the water by the dragon at the bottom of the lake

And the dragon swallowed many monsters in one gulp

But there were too many of them

Now the only way to stop Wai can

To destroy all the monsters

Faced with his obsessed father

Shang Qi finally used his mother's

and his sister-in-law's moves

And Xiao Ling also helped Shen Long to kill the monster on his head

Gaining its trust

Shang Qi gradually gain the upper hand at this time

Can even easily control the power of the ten rings

However, in the end did not hit his own father

All he wanted was for Wai to come to his senses and reunite with his family

At that moment

The giant monster broke through the boundary.

Wai was caught by it to cover his son

Finally, his soul was extracted and he received his lunch.

Before he died, he entrusted the ten rings to Shang Qi.

And then Shang Qi, under the cover of Xiao Ling and Shen Long

The final battle with the monster

The monster headed straight for the village.

If it continues to absorb souls.

The power will continue to grow stronger

The divine dragon condensed the water of the lake into a water dragon to surround the monster

But countless young animals offered their captured souls

In the end, the dragon was trapped by the monster.

Once the dragon's soul is taken away, it will be too late

Now the little spirit was also caught by the monster

Shang Qi had to choose between his sister and

Dragon to make a choice between

The moment of truth

Katie shot the key from the ground

An arrow hit the monster's throat

The dragon took the opportunity to break free

And again trapped the monster with a water dragon

Shang Qi struggled to make a palm strike from the sky

Ten rings of golden light in the monster's body

Finally, it will be blown to mush

In this way Shang Qi and his sister

and other people joined forces to save the world

And he has since become a superhero

The power of the ten rings superhero

While the two were talking to their friends

Talking about this legendary experience as if nothing had happened

King opened the portal once again and invited

The two men to go back with him to explore the source of the power of the Ten Rings

They soon realized that

The Ten Rings send a pulse signal to the outside world when they are used.

Perhaps there is a connection to the fourth stage of the subsequent plot

After watching this two-hour long film

My first reaction was that the plot

or characters didn't intentionally dwarf any particular group.

In fact, for the commercial reasons of Marvel's globalization

The film has deliberately avoided

from equating the character of Wei Chai

with the villain of the comics.

Wai is more like a sad character who is willing to sacrifice for his family

A sad character who is willing to sacrifice for his family

And the supporting actress Okafina, who many people say is sick

She's more like a traditional Hollywood movie.

A gag role.

It is said that she is deliberately vilified Asian

I think at least there is no direct evidence of this in the movie.

As for the reason why "Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" was delayed in release.

I think the most important thing is

Because Western directors don't know.

How to tell a good oriental story?

It's not choosing a Chinese male lead.

Get some dragons, get some ink and water style.

Have the protagonist speak Chinese again, and that's the end of it.

To be frank, these are still

Stereotypes in different cultural backgrounds

Not to mention that the movie also has to obey the tone of the Marvel universe.

In the end, it feels like "Shang Qi

has turned into a Yazai Tian Yuan version of Black Panther

Maybe this movie will be directed by an oriental director like Ang Lee

Maybe it would be better to have an Oriental director like Ang Lee directing this movie

That's it.

That's all about this movie

See you next time

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