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Plot "smell the woman" movie commentary copy

Plot"smell the woman" movie comment ary copy

Plot "smell the woman" movie commentary copy

This is a film that men must see

Scent of a Woman

After watching it, you will know

What is a real man

Al is a student at school

He comes from a poor family

He has to work part-time every weekend

Plus a school scholarship

He can barely make ends meet

Today in his school newspaper

I saw a part-time job

It's to take care of a blind retired officer

Just for a week.

The pay is pretty good.

Enough to cover his living expenses for a year

The hostess described the job.

Tell Al.

You can't call him "sir" when you enter the house.

Don't ask any questions.

More importantly

When he can't stand up

Don't offer a helping hand

Al looked confused.

But he wrote it down in his mind

But the first thing he said at the door

Al was wrong.


("There's an idiot.)


Then Al was called into the house.

He saw a middle-aged man sitting by a dimly lit windowsill.

There was a middle-aged man sitting on the window sill.

The man had a strong presence.

Al was at his wits' end.

He didn't know what to say

His eyes looked from side to side

At this point the man punished Al

Did 40 push-ups

Just as he finished, he was scolded out of the room.

The mistress told Al

His name is Finnis.

He was a famous lieutenant colonel in the army.

He had a long record of military service.

But the accident was sudden.

He was blinded by a grenade.

He was forced to retire from the army.

Now he spends his days in

He spends his time in this dark, dark room.

He may have a violent temper.

But he's easy to get along with.

You just need a little patience.

This day after school.

Al came over to Finnis' house.

This time, Finnis didn't kick him out.

But with an unquestioning attitude.

He told him to pack his bags.

to go away.

Just tell him

Just lead the way and don't worry about the rest

Al wondered but didn't ask.

He went up to help Frank to go

But his hands flung him away.

("You touch me again)

("I'll kill you)

(Only I can touch you)

(You understand?)

Soon they arrived at the airport.

The two of them passed through the security check

On the plane

The stewardess hands over two drinks.

Phineas says

("Thank you, Daphne.)

("You're welcome, sir.)

Al is surprised.

Asking Frank.

How did you know her name was Daphne?

Phineas explains

She was wearing an English perfume.

She spoke with a California accent.

A Californian lady wants to be an English lady.

She likes to be called Daphne.

And told Al

He has a very sensitive nose

If he was within 10 meters

He was ready to smell

The smell of perfume sprayed on a woman

Al laughed incredulously on the sidelines

The two of them got off the plane

To a luxury hotel

Eating great food

Drinking the best foreign wine

Frank used the strength of his drink to tell

The real purpose of this visit to London

He was in a dark, dark room.

He was bored with staying too long

Now he was using all his life savings

To take a trip to London in style

Finally lying on a big bed in a five-star hotel

Ending my life

(Is that a joke?)

(No, I'm serious)

Al was so shocked he couldn't speak.

And Phineas didn't think so.

He continued to eat his meal.

And the blind man went crazy.

One kick of the gas pedal

The car went up to 250 yards.

Al broke out in a cold sweat.

(Slow down, slow down)

(God help me!)

(Turning the corner)

He was in a state of shock

Hadn't gotten over it

A police car chased after the car

The cop asked for their license.

Al was too scared to speak.

If the traffic police know that the driver is blind

then he would have to burst

But at that moment, Flacco

But at this point, Flacco was very calm.

He was chatting casually with the traffic cop.

So that they don't know he's blind.

The ride went off without a hitch.

Al took Frank to a restaurant

Al took Frank to a restaurant to cool off.

That's when Frank's nose caught a whiff.

And he could tell exactly what the woman next to him

The smell of perfume that the woman next to him was wearing

Al looked over his shoulder and saw

It was a very sexy young woman.

He was instantly attracted

Phineas sensed something strange.

Pulled Al over to the woman

Politely, he asked

("Excuse me.)

("Do you mind if we sit with you?)


("I don't mind.)

After some communication, I learned that

Women like tango

But don't know how to dance

Afraid of taking the wrong step

Never tried it

(Tango is not life)

("It's not right or wrong)

("Wrong step)

("Just keep dancing)

After saying that

He took the woman by the hand

And walked to the center of the dance floor

Then the music started.

And then the music started.

The two of them took a step

One step

Two steps

The woman smiled

Soon the dance of the two

Attracted everyone present

Looked at each other

The two were intoxicated by it

At the end of the dance

The whole audience cheered

The woman thoughtfully

Glanced at Frank

But he nodded casually

Turned and left with Elle

The next day

Al woke up from the couch

Without seeing Frank.

So he went to his bedroom

Seeing him lying disheveled on the bed

Phineas said to Al

I have your paycheck in my wallet

And the tickets I bought for you.

You can take your stuff and go.

Al understood instantly

Frank wanted to wait for him to leave.

To end his life alone.

Al didn't want to give up.

But Frank didn't say anything.

He just asked Al to go out.

Bring him a drink.

Al turned around and walked out the door.

Immediately sensed that something was wrong

Turned back quickly

Once inside the door

I saw Phineas fully dressed.

There was a gun on the table.

Al realized something was wrong

Turned and ran to the bedroom

When he opened the door

And there was Frank.

was about to pull the trigger

He was horrified.

Immediately rushed forward

He grabbed the gun from Finnis' hand

Finnis shouted

("I live in the dark)

("Do you understand?)

Al says.

"Don't give up on yourself.

Don't give up on yourself so easily

You can drive a Ferrari blind

And you can dance the best tango in the world

Finnis said with a bitter smile

("What do I do?)


So the seemingly proud Fenis

But he was living in despair.

He was blind and treated differently by the people around him.

He had lost hope in life.

But the appearance of Al

Made him feel hopeless about life

Rekindled a glimmer of hope

This young man has integrity and honesty

And most importantly

He always stood up for his principles

He would not give in to the world

In the end, Fran took the pistol.

Both he and Al shed tears.

That's when he got a phone call.

Al had a serious look on his face.

Frank inquired curiously

It turns out that one night a few days ago

Al and his classmate Fatty

happened to bump into some good friends

tampering with the school streetlights

Early the next morning

The principal was in trouble

He was furious

Determined to find the mastermind

After investigation, he learned that

Al was the only one that night

saw the whole thing.

The principal pressed them for the truth.

But Al and the two of them had already made a deal

They would not betray their friends

Fatty insisted

It was too dark to see

The principal had no choice

He had to get rid of Fatty

He started with Al

And use the guarantee to Harvard University as a condition

To get Al to tell the truth.

(I don't know)

The principal gave him a week to think about it.

At the school assembly next Monday.

If Al doesn't tell the truth.

or he'll be expelled.

Finnis found out the truth.

He just laughed.

On Monday.

Finnis dropped him off at school.

Just inside.

He saw Fatty sitting with his dad.

Then he found a separate seat and sat down.

As soon as the assembly started

Fatty claimed

It was too dark that night to see clearly

The principal saw that Fatty's father was around

He couldn't continue to press for anything

The next moment he began to question Al

Just when Al was caught off guard

Frank suddenly appeared

He sat down next to Al.

To back up Al.

To keep the situation down.

But the principal just ignored him.

He continued to question Al.

("You're testing my patience.)

("And at the same time you're making a fool of everyone)

("I'll give you one last chance)

("If you don't tell the truth)

("The consequences are serious)

("So serious that)

("Will kill your future)

(It's common in our school)

("I suggest that the Life Committee)

("Expel you)

Finesse, who was looking on, couldn't stand it.

("Mr. Principal)

("When there's a problem)

(# Someone will run away #)

(Some will stay)

("Now Al is facing difficulties)

("And that little fat one over there)

("is hiding in his dad's pocket)

("But what have you done, Principal?)

("You'll reward Fatty)

("Punish Al)

The principal was enraged

("I'll tell you what's too much)

("If it were five years ago)

(I would have burned this place down with a flaming gun)

This moment.

It was like Frank was back on the battlefield.

He was so strong that he had everyone in his seat.

No one dared interrupt him again.

("Is Al right or wrong today?)

("I'm not the judge of that.)

(But I'm telling you)

(He would never betray his friends)

(For his own future)

("And this)

("Is called integrity)

("Also called courage)

All the people on stage applauded

Even the school leaders on the side

were impressed.

They announced that Al's disciplinary action was revoked.

He himself was not responsible for the incident.

The announcement was over.

The students on stage were in a frenzy.

Applause was heard throughout the room.

Everyone was cheering.

The two Fennesses walked out of the school hall

Al was happy.

Now he knows better than anyone else

The education he learned today

than he had learned in school.

The knowledge he learned was even more valuable

One is lonely

The other is confused

Only when two hearts collide can they find

In fact, they have always supported each other



There is no misstep in tango

The soul has no prosthetic legs

The crossroads of life

There are two roads

One is much easier without principles

The other one is very difficult if you are persistent

Which path do you take?

This is the end of the story

Smells Like Women was released in 1992

9.1 out of 10 on the Douban page

This movie is not just a visual experience

It's more than just a visual experience, it's an inner vibration

A baptism of the soul

Finnis spent half of his life in pain

Turning experience into a guide for Al

Al uses his fledgling innocence

into determination, giving Finnis hope

They are not better or worse than anyone else

Only just lost the sparkle in themselves

Fortunately, they found strength in each other again

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