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Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 07" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

CrimeGerman drama "DogsofBerlin07" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Crime German drama "Dogs of Berlin 07" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

The murder of a football star

Two major Berlin gangs are suspected

In a matter of days, many lives disappear again

Even an innocent little girl

Under such circumstances

Will the police be able to resist the pressure to solve the case as soon as possible?

In the last episode

The lover sneaked into Aji's house

In the last episode, the lover sneaked into Aoshi's house and fell and hurt her thigh while hiding

Finally, he collapsed on the road

And his wife, Paula, went to a nightclub with a gangster to have some fun

This rare relaxation allows the two to develop a certain development

An unethical relationship is sprouting.

Early the next morning

The branch chief was confronted by reporters outside when he came to work

About the murder of the football star and the case that followed

The curiosity of the reporters was very strong

The questions were also more acute than one another

One of them mentioned the missing supercar.

It was a gold sports car

The white tires were very eye-catching

While talking

There was also a good person driving the same type of car to show a picture

Such a disgraceful act

But the police chief was furious

At the police station.

Iho and the others were studying the case.

The policewoman was hurt by Aoshi's behavior.

So she was transferred from the task force.

This made Aoshi regret his actions a bit.

At that moment

The chief of the division came in in a rage.

Afterwards, he scolded them.

After the chief left

Ji received a text message from his brother

You Ai Club was calling for the loan.

After reading the message, Ji was already distracted

He made a haphazard excuse to leave

This aroused Iho's curiosity

But when pressed

Aoshi only said that he was dealing with family matters

Iho had no choice but to follow him again


The female lawyer spoke with the vice president on the phone.

They talked about the man.

About the computer that was seized before.

The female lawyer found that the information inside had been copied after decrypting

In addition to that

She also found the man's ticket to Chile

And she was about to go after him.

After listening to the female lawyer's report

The vice president only explained one thing

That the man should not be allowed

To disclose anything related to the football association.

And again...

Aoshi drove to the Friendship Club

Maybe he really had no place to get money

Aoshi actually told the truth

When this news came out

The whole brother was dumbfounded

While the bald head of the Friendship Club was very excited

He was ready to play a kickball game with his brother

Aoshi, who saw this, quickly said

He will take the responsibility for this matter

That is to say, Aoshi will take the punishment for his brother

Soon the members of the Friendship Club led Aoshi to a forest.

They changed into the uniform of the club

They looked very middle-aged.

From a distance, Iho and the leader of the fifth group were secretly watching.

At first, they thought Aoshi was going to rejoin the club.

But what happened next made Iho call for reinforcements.

They saw the members of the Friendship Club gathered in a circle.

And the game of kickball was that everyone

Each of them had to give Aoshi a heavy kick in the pants.

The first one to do it was Baldy.

The pain of this place

I'm sure all the gay men know it well

Aji was kicked twice and could not get up

When it was brother's turn

Maybe it is really can not down the foot

Brother changed to hit the face

This snapping hit Aji skin splitting flesh

Perhaps the pain brought bloodlust

Aoshi and brother began to hurt each other

Others did not stop this

Anyway, it was just to watch the fun

At that moment, Ava's mother suddenly appeared.

When she was done, she slapped Aoshi.

Then Ava took out a bag of money.

She said that Aoshi had put it in the safe secretly.

As for the reason Ava did not explain clearly

But it is well known

Ava's relationship with Aoshi was very difficult

So the members of the Friendship Club still believed Ava's words.

So the members of the Friendship Club still believe Ava's words

Of course, we onlookers are clear

This money is actually Ava's pension.

While we were talking, reinforcements from Ihor were already in place.

After a flurry of chicken and dog fights

Aji and his brother managed to get through the situation.

On the other hand

Cousin went to see the students again.

They had regrets about not being able to join the Kakha group.

Although they have regrets but cousin did not give up

Instead, he planned to ask the bearded man for money

And then help the student to make a record

In order to increase the success rate

Cousin also prepared a special gift

And when it comes to the side of the Tower Gang

The moustache was very satisfied with the newcomer's performance

Self-collected red card means he has complete control over the newcomer

But for the newcomer

The situation is not very optimistic

The rookie was banned from the game due to the vicious stomp

And the originally negotiated shoe contract was also cancelled

The newcomer lost nearly 10 million dollars between the two.

For this problem

The young rookie is ready to make a deal with the moustache

Half a million to buy out that photo

And at this time, the outside of the Tower Gang

Iho was hesitating

He wanted so badly to take down this gang of criminals

But alas.

The years of rooting in Caesar's Tower

Made the Tower Gang's territory a no-go area for the police.

A red line drawn.

A barrier that the Berlin police wouldn't dare cross.

While watching.

Ihor suddenly saw a familiar face.

It was a tall, beautiful woman.

No one else.

It was the bearded man's fiancée Carmela.

Speaking of which

Before Ijo became gay.

Carmilla was his girlfriend

So after knowing that Carmilla and Beard were together.

Iho had a sense of guilt

He felt that he had caused Carmela's death.

When we met again

Ihor went up to Carmela and tried to persuade her

But whether as a cop or as an ex-boyfriend

Iho could not make Carmela listen to him.

After an unfriendly exchange.

Carmela left in anger.

Not long after, Ihor saw another acquaintance.

The old man who runs the youth center.

The old man, whom Ihor considered his father, came here.

The old man had been called to see the bearded man.

Ihor was a little worried about this.

After the old man went in, he began to wait anxiously.

A little time passed.

The old man was still missing.

Iho could not wait any longer

Gritting his teeth, he lifted his leg and crossed the red line

Soon Ihor was brought to the bearded man

It so happened that his cousin was asking for money.

It takes about 30,000 to make a record.

And originally this amount of money

To the bearded man is not worth anything

Not to mention that this is his own cousin

He's working very hard under him

It's not too much to give some money

But the bearded man pivoted to give 100 yuan

Finished also taught his cousin to earn their own money

As for how to earn

The bearded man will find him again

After sending his cousin away

The bearded man took care of Iho

For just now Iho Carmilla's meeting

Beard already know

But the good thing is that the bearded man does not know the relationship between them in the past

Just think that Iho wanted to ask some information from Carmela

In response, the bearded man threatened Iho with a few words

Not long after that

Iho saw the old man unharmed

I don't know what the bearded man was trying to do.

Anyway, Iho and the old man were allowed to leave the territory.

After coming out, Iho knew the bearded man's ferocious personality

So he tried to persuade the old man to leave Berlin.

But the old man spoke

There is a death in this man

It's lighter than a feather or heavier than a mountain.

As the founder of the youth center.

The old man only wanted to find a way out for the young people of the Kaiser Tower.

So the old man does not care about life and death.

Iho was really impressed by his words.

On the other hand

The lover woke up from her coma.

She was taken to the hospital by the kind people.

The wounded leg was already wrapped.

The lover was in a very unstable state

She left the hospital and went to buy a bottle of wine afterwards

This scene was watched by Ava, who was also in the hospital

Speaking of which

Ava knew this ex-girlfriend of Aji

And soon Ava found out that her lover ran to the mall

And also jumped to suicide

So she had to stop her

She had to stop her.

The lover finally gave up the intention of suicide


Aji went to Ava's house

and ran into her brother

The sudden appearance of the money

Both brothers knew that it was Ava's own pension

Speaking of which

The brother could not help but be a little jealous

This does not look on the surface of the relationship

Aji and Ava have fallen out

But since childhood

Aji has always been the most beloved one by his parents

As for his brother

Although everything is done according to the wishes of parents

But you can't get the real love

This is a strange thing to say

But in reality there are really many similar situations

Of course, Wang can't understand

This kind of parental thinking

Maybe it's just a mismatch of eight characters

On the other hand, the female lawyer led people to find the fleeing man

And in the process of questioning

female lawyer accidentally learned

The person who ordered the man to take pictures is actually the vice president

This big melon but the female lawyer was shocked

And the man is obviously full of confidence

Even asked the female lawyer to give a message to the vice president

He said that he would guarantee him the rest of his life and prosperity

Otherwise, the Football Association will be dragged to the end together

However, the man's toughness did not last long

On the day of the female lawyer's departure

And again.

A mysterious gunman killed the man

For wanting to buy out the photos

Moustache specified can not agree

And the relationship has already been established

Want to get rid of it is not possible

The only option for the newcomer is to go on a black

At the same time, Aoshi was walking his dog

Looking out the window of the neighbor

I had a flash of insight

When the ball player was murdered before

Witnesses are this state

And as a matter of fact

The supercar could not have remained undetected

So there is a possibility

The real killer is the witness

Thinking of this

Aoshi immediately went to the witness's neighborhood

And opened the witness's garage.

As a result, a gold supercar came into view

It seems that Aoshi really guessed right

So this witness

What was the reason for the murder of the ball player?

And what will Aoshi, who has solved the case

And what choice will he make?


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