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Thriller "Revenge" movie commentary copy

Thriller "Revenge" Movie Commentary Copy

Thriller "Revenge" movie commentary copy

The man looks out through the cat's eyes.

In the next second, countless bullets are coming.

Dead directly under the chaotic gun.

Right after...the

A group of thugs stormed the house.

Joining all were killed in the hail of bullets.

In this family of four, only the mistress, Wang Fumei, did not die


Wang Fumei's father, Wang Lao, who was far away from London

learned that his daughter's family had suffered this disaster.

rushed to Macau as soon as possible

came to the hospital

to see the daughter who was wrapped in bandages on the hospital bed.

Old Wang was heartbroken

Learned the general situation from his daughter.

He vowed to avenge his daughter's family.

Nearly half a hundred years old King was a killer before.

Tired of fighting and killing.

Retired from the world

Went to London and opened a western restaurant.

Became a chef by another profession.

When Old King was young, he went on a mission

Resulted in a bullet in the brain.

The bullet was not removed.

The doctor said it wouldn't be long.

His memory would be completely gone.

Old King understands this.

That's why he needs revenge as soon as possible

According to what the woman said

The murderers were three strange men

One of them had one of his ears knocked off by her

Yet with these two points alone

To find someone in Macau

is like looking for a needle in a haystack

Besides, Wang was not familiar with the place

He couldn't speak the language

So he had a hard time finding the murderer


Old Wang still did not give up

On the other hand

Ghost, a killer played by Wong Chiu-sang

Led by his two brothers

Pillar and Fat Lok made an appearance

They are summoned by the local gangster Mr. Fung

To carry out an assassination mission

It turns out that

Mr. Feng's wife is having an affair with one of his men, Bai

Ghost understands and takes the deposit and leaves

That night

Ghost followed Mr. Feng's wife

He came to a hotel

After confirming that both of them were there

Ghost and his men went there first

Using the room card stolen from the cleaning lady

Open the door of the room

Without saying a word

Send the adulterous couple to the bed to get their lunch

I didn't expect

The three of them finished the task

Just walked out of the room just in time to meet the old Wang back to the hotel

The four of them looked at each other

The scene was silent

Silence like dead silence

The old king saw their identity as killers

He then turned around and left

Ghost didn't want to be a nuisance

He took his men and fled the scene

It was this encounter

Made the old king have an idea in his mind

He wanted to hire them to help him take revenge

In order to lure the three killers out

Lao Wang volunteered to cooperate with the police to identify the killers

Inside the police station

The police arrested a group of suspects

Among them is the figure of Ah Chu

But Wang didn't say anything

After Chu was released

The first time to lead the brothers to kill the mouth

That night

They were in the underground tunnel

Blocked the old Wang

Old Wang saw the situation directly open the window to tell the truth

He took out his daughter's case file

Hired them to find the killer and take revenge

The reward was $20,000.

Plus a western restaurant in London called Brother and a house

Ghost is all about money

He agreed immediately

The next day the four of them returned to the scene of the crime to look for clues

As the old saying goes

Leather pants over cotton pants

There must be a reason

Wang Fumei's family was murdered

There was a reason for the murder

Wang Fumei's husband, Zhang Zhiqiang, was an accountant

Maybe the family was destroyed

He had nothing to do with it

As for what happened

Let's read on

From the traces of bullet holes in the wall at the scene

Agwee deduced that

The weapons used by the three murderers

They were shotguns.


and Magnum pistol

At this moment

Old Wang asked Ghost for a gun

The three people were stunned

They couldn't believe he was playing with a gun

Until Wang asked for a gun in front of them

masked and skillfully disassembled and installed the gun

Then they believed that Old Wang knew how to play with guns

Ghost took Lao Wang to a suburb

To find Tony, an underground arms dealer friend hiding here.

All the killers in Macau

usually came to him to buy guns


Ghost asked Tony

Who has come to buy rifles recently?

After all, a gun like this

It's big and long.

Normal people won't use it.

Sure enough.

I got a name.

This man's name is Viper

He and his two brothers

Worked in a seafood market in Hong Kong

Got this important clue

The four of them rushed to Hong Kong immediately

Arranged a place to stay

Then they went to the seafood market

Investigate the trace of Viper and others

With the tip of one ear provided by Wang Fumei

and Ghost's keen insight

Locked two of the three killers

But unfortunately, the last killer

Seems not in the seafood market

In order to find the third person

Ghost did not rush to make a move

Instead, he followed the two men

To the outskirts of the city

Sure enough, the third person was here

At this moment, the three killers

Are bringing their families

They were having a picnic here

As soon as Viper saw Ghost and the others

He realized that the other party was not good

immediately after

They sat down together to negotiate

Viper finished understanding the situation

said he was only paid for his work

The reason why they want to kill the child

I had no choice

Because the child saw what they looked like

Must be silenced

Old Wang asked the person behind the scene

According to the rules of the kung-fu world

Viper can not betray his employer

In that case

A big fight will be inevitable

There is a rule in the jianghu

It's all in the world

It's not as bad as family

Ghost asked Viper to send his family away

Once the children left

Both sides did not say anything

They shot at each other immediately

There was a lot of gunfire

After a melee

Fat Le was caught by Viper and One Ear

The good thing is that Lao Wang is not far behind

But what Fat Lok never expected was

The old king actually at this juncture

lost his memory

He could not tell who was his enemy and who was his friend

Seeing that Fat Lok was about to die on the spot

He shouted "Brother Restaurant

Awakened the old king's memory

Unfortunately, this cry

He also revealed the location of the old king

Viper turned around and shot Lao Wang in the chest

Then with his two brothers quickly drove away from the scene

Ghost went after him and did not catch up

After that

Agwee and his men took the severely wounded Lao Wang

to a room in a residential building

Helped him take out the bullet

By now

Ghost also learned the situation of the old Wang

Faced with an employer who could forget them at any time

Ghost did not terminate the mission out of kung-fu ethics

Instead, he decided to help Old Wang finish his revenge

At that moment

Ghost suddenly received a call from Mr. Feng

They asked the three of them

Get up and go to Hong Kong immediately

To help his three brothers who had been attacked

Ghost was stunned by the call

He then asked

the descriptions of the men who attacked his brothers

He found out that they were three Chinese

and one foreigner

Once he said this

Ghost has basically understood

The murder of Wang's daughter's family

Mr. Feng had something to do with it

Ghost listened and did not say anything more

Asked the viper hiding in the old five clinic

And this Lao Wu is Mr. Feng

A doctor friend in Hong Kong

Ghost immediately led his brothers to go there

In fact, things have developed to this point

Ghost has decided to choose the side of the old king to kill the three Viper brothers

After all, integrity is very important

Since he took the mission, he had to finish it

Ghost came to the door and rang the doorbell

The moment the other side came to open the door, he fired

Both sides shot wildly through the door panel

Because of the suddenness of the incident

Viper three people did not have time to react

directly killed on the spot

Ah Chu took out his camera

After taking pictures of the bodies, he left

Just before Ghost left

Old Five called and told Mr. Feng the situation

Immediately after that

Ghost received a call from Mr. Feng

Ghost said when he took the assignment

he didn't know it was related to him

Mr. Feng said

It was Zhang Zhiqiang who had the company's black accounts and wanted to expose them

He was forced to send Viper to kill him

The matter is now

It's useless to talk any more

Ghost is already on the opposite side of Mr. Feng

There will be a big battle between the two of them

Ghost went back to the warehouse.

He took the photos of Viper and the others' bodies

Showed it to Old Wang

At the same time, he also told about Mr. Feng

He decided to help Old Wang

Kill Mr. Feng to complete his revenge

In the night of that day

Ghost and his men were sleeping.

Suddenly they were awakened by the sound of dogs barking outside

Ghost realized that something was wrong

He immediately woke up his brothers and evacuated through the window

It was the killer sent by Mr. Feng

On the way to escape

A fierce battle broke out

In the melee, Ghost and his men got separated by accident

At this moment the sky was not beautiful

It was raining heavily

Ah Chu and Fat Lok jumped to the ground from the height

They ran into the crowd on the street

Ghost led Old Wang to evacuate

The two of them moved around all the way

They also managed to blend into the crowd

Old Wang did not follow

He got separated from Agwee

and lost his memory again at this juncture

Can not remember the appearance of Agwee and others

Old Wang took out a photo of the three

He started to look for them one by one in the street

Ghost found Fat Lok and the two of them successfully

But when he turned around, he realized

Old Wang was gone

Immediately turn back

Finally, on the main street

Found the old king who was comparing faces with photos

The four of them came to the temporary base to rest

Agwee called Tony.

Asking about the situation in Hong Kong

but couldn't get through

At this point in time

Ghost realized that

Tony might have been killed by Mr. Fung.

And that's exactly what happened.

Mr. Fung forced Tony to confess under torture.

to find out where Ghost was based in Hong Kong.

He chose to silence him afterwards

And at that time.

Old Wang's condition was getting worse.

He had lost most of his memory.

Even the matter of revenge are also forgotten

According to reason, the employer has reached this point

Ghost could have given up the mission

And flee to live abroad

But he didn't do that

If he accepted the mission, he had to finish it

This is the rule of the jungle

Ghost took Old Wang back to Hong Kong

First, he went to the beach

To see an old friend of his, Mrs. Duo

From the name, it was easy to see

Mrs. To has many "children"

But these children are all homeless orphans she adopted

As for the identity of Mrs. Dorzai

I personally feel that she should be a lover of Ghost or something like that

The director did not give the details

Ghost entrusted the old king to the care of Mrs. Duo

He took Fat Lok and the two of them to find Mr. Feng

They came to Tony's place first.

After disposing of his body.

Then they went through all Tony's belongings.


Kog rifle plus hundreds of rounds of ammunition

Ghost was ready to fight with Mr. Feng to the death.

But before Ghost could go to him.

Mr. Feng sent his assassin.

came to Tony's place.

On an open grassy field.

The killer was pushing an obstacle made of cardboard

towards Ghost.

Fat Lok and the three of them immediately pulled out their guns to counterattack

In the rain of bullets

Ghost was surrounded by many killers

Even if Ghost and the others were brave and good at fighting

They couldn't resist their opponents

In the end, the three of them were unable to defeat four hands with two fists

They were killed by the gunfire

Finally, Mr. Feng appeared in his car

Came to Ghost's side

He sneered and said, "This is what happens when you go against me


News of Ghost's death in battle

reached Old Wang and the others

After reading the news, Mrs. Douzai sobbed uncontrollably

And the old king seemed to remember everything

He went outside and knelt on the beach

Praying for his dead brother

He knelt for a day and a night

Old Wang was ready to seek revenge on Mr. Feng

Since he didn't know him

So Granny Duo stepped forward

Mr. Feng was eating out

Granny Douzai was dressed up in a fancy dress on purpose

Sitting not far from him

Flashing him with her watch

Mrs. Toto's adopted child

Immediately understood

Flocked to Mr. Feng's side

Begged him to buy flowers and then put paper on his body to leave a mark

Since they were outside

Mr. Feng did not refuse

Unaware of the danger that has come

After determining that the target was covered with stickers

Wang immediately get out of the car to go

Shooting at Mr. Feng

but did not expect the other party actually wearing bulletproof vest

Was hit also no serious injury

The scene fell into a melee

Mr. Feng saw the situation is not good

Led by his men, he ran into an alley to hide

Old Wang pursued him

Hit several people in succession


Mr. Feng then found out that the stickers may be the culprit

To verify this

He put the stickers on his men

Let them go out

When the old man came to his men

Raised his gun and shot

Feng saw this and tore the sticker off

He prepared to walk out with a swagger

But there was one mistake

There was still a sticker on his tie

Just in time to be seen by Wang

He quickly drew his gun

Knocked down Mr. Feng

Then he went up and found the bullet hole on his body

After making sure he was the man he was looking for

One shot sent him to his lunch box

Old Wang returned to the beach

Together with Granny Dozai

Raising those lovely children

This is the end of the story

Title: Revenge

The final installment of Johnnie To's revenge trilogy

Released in 2009

Compared to the first two films

This film is no longer new

The difficulty of breaking the barrier also stays at the level of outnumbered

So the script can only be considered moderate

But the director is very good

The action scenes and bridges have many new tricks

The key scenes of the audio-visual sense of form is very well done

If you like it

Still worth watching!

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