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Action movie "Ball God Bigel" commentary text Commentary

Action movie "Ball God Bigel" commentary text commentary

Action movie "Ball God Bigel" commentary text Commentary

Fans and friends.

What you are watching is

The 700th match of the 10th round of the Indian First Division League.

The temperature in the stadium is 67 degrees Celsius.

It's overcast at 76 degrees Fahrenheit

But no rain.

It's a perfect weather for playing soccer.

First of all

Our star of the show was

The super player in the red uniform of #5

Pulling little ears

The whole crowd cheered.

Lamar's popularity is not in vain.

Facing Blue 2's Huangyan Rama

Using the long lost man-ball separation technique

Turning back to a powerful super shot

Such a tricky angle

The goalkeeper could not predict that the ball went in


Another perfect moment of attack

A goal, huh? The goalkeeper fouled

Red gets a chance to kick the ball

Red serves the ball

Little Blackie's air is sweet

A flying head hammer Rama followed by an inverted hook

The ball flies to the dead corner

Another goal!

The fans cheer!

The game was already decided in the last minute

Rama scores another goal!

Once again, Rama returned home with the trophy.

That Rama is so good

It's all thanks to his father's genes.

As the father of a dominant player

Facing a banquet with his head in his hands

Rama Sr. went straight to the party alone

Faced with dozens of people surrounding him

He directly used his natural skill, the eye of killing intent

Whoever looks at him is afraid

A massacre had begun

Cut up several people like a vegetable

The little brown one looked defeated and fled

Old Rama calmly went to the car

And Rama won one game after another

With a total of 168 goals scored

He was appointed by the head coach as

Captain of the national team

In the atmosphere of farewell

Rama boarded the bus to the capital

Lamar stretched out his head to say goodbye to his father for the last time

He saw his father stabbed in the waist by a mob.

Lamar was instantly confused.

Angry, he rushed off the train and ran to his injured father.

A man like a god of war

He was killed by a mob attack.

The frantic Rama grabbed his sword

Frantically rushed the mob

All the thugs fell under Rama's sword

But his father left him forever.

From then on, he became the guardian of the people instead of his father.

Five years had passed.

His team members have become coaches.

With a group of girls with dreams

To participate in the soccer tryouts

After years of not seeing each other, they plan to catch up.

Suddenly a group of biker thugs appeared.

With 5 meters long steel knives in their hands

They followed Rama's car closely.

Rama quickly grabbed the steering wheel

A left-hand drive into the reverse lane

I didn't expect the thugs to be very agile

They also played tricks

Hold the handlebars of the car aerial rotation 102,000 degrees

Out of the trunk has been cured for seven or seven

49 days of salted duck eggs

Paste on the windshield with a bang

The imported windshield wipers

Can not do anything to it

The helpless Lama had to unbuckle the seat belt

Grabbed a steel pipe and stepped out of the car to prepare for the big fight

Rama dodged the attack chatter a stick

Little Garzi s not enough to regret

Back to grab the chain machine rotating Newspan play drift

Despise a group of small trash

Then the taste of La directly rushed up

Rama a big explosion robbery

Motorcycle Karagan soulless tiger into the flock of sheep

Chibi a foot into a cloud

The crane stands that the crocodile group into a cloud of the western building

Promote that martial arts soul

Rama with a stick a wheel suddenly killed a puffer fish

Not a Rolls Royce

A big black hand

Pulled out a 50-kg long poke

The big foot of size 48

Accompanied by 50 pounds of rusty iron clang

Into the big puddle of one meter in length

Running towards Rama's brother

On the other hand, Lama cried and ate when

Two sticks a lend a hand to get up

The foot seems to stick to the chest

Garba a stick to avoid the attack

That brown is full of the breath of killing

Rama a super king unloading armor

The man lifted his long black hair

So it was he who was faking

Rama a big burst of kicks small Kara eyes to the west

Rama stopped the attack directly let go of the group of Kara

back to the car only to find that the coach has swam back to the sky

See the return of the West immediately sent him to the doctor

Coach has been paralyzed

The former god of the ball was in danger.

Lead this group of girls who are fighting hard for

The train that represents the dream

A man and a woman were having sex.

Suddenly a little black cara rushed out

Rama grabbed a big hand of oil black mouth a foot

Little Kara was a thousand down a card again to attack

When another kick with both hands to block the sharp edge

A side dodge brown Gaba a big elbow strike

So he is in the sound of the west

A group of cattle targets painted on their bodies

A group of cesspool warriors holding weapons in formation

Lama jumped up in the air and I kicked a hairy wave

Gaba a big top knee hit treasure KO

Hold the nunchaku double chatter mouth a foot

A flash attack jumped up to five meters high

Gaba a big whip leg blow treasure KO

Get up a sweep a thousand dizzy

Cross-grab ko a blow to the head

Back to another hand and a reverse floor gaba a big sweep spray him KO

Jumping up in the air and chattering a foot

Come on how the Rui

At this time came a sharpshooter

Bang Bang two shots did not hit

Rama's thugs came flying

Frantically chasing after the fleeing Black Kara

Everyone was ready to go

The audition began

I didn't expect

The coach on the other side is a former defeat.

Losing to Rama was the shame of his life

Although he didn't have a chance himself

But his team was the one who took his place.

Rama's women's team changed their coach on the spot

The team was not convinced by Lamar's command.

They let the other team play a 3 to 1 game.

If they lose one more game, they'll have to roll up their backs.

Get out of here!

The former god of football, Rama could not bear such a shame

He gave the girls a lesson in 1V11

Another blow to the girls' hearts

This made the kids feel the power of Lamar

Under Lamar's tutelage, they began to train like crazy.

But Lamar felt the team's shortcomings.

The two golden right feet of the former players had left the team.

The girls got married

She became a real housewife.

In an old-fashioned family

The husband really didn't want

His wife was wearing shorts.

Rama could not suppress his anger when he heard that

Xiao Mei gave an impassioned speech about her dream

The man was speechless

Left a life-changing ticket

Turned around and left another team member more miserable

Because the boy did not accept the pursuit of

Disfigured by his throwing acid

Such a heartless thing

Only in a country with such a strange model

Only in a country like this can this happen

Thanks to Lamar's efforts

Two players who should have left the team forever

miraculously returned to the team.

Everyone started training like hell.

This fat little black guy of 300 pounds.

How could he join the team?

This chubby little guy is a priority!

Remember, I'm taking a test later.

The most important game was about to start.

But Lamar was taken away by the FBI

When he came to the police station, Lamar asked in a low profile

We are about to compete

Why did they bring me here?

The chief was so arrogant

Because you planted a bomb on the police car at the entrance

Isn't that reason enough?

Five minutes later Lamar calmly plugged his ears

The police car at the entrance shot up in the sky in flames.

The huge shockwave made the crowd shiver.

The chief asked Rama to leave with fear and trepidation.

Rama rode his 125 and sped towards the court.

By this time, the opposite team was fouling one after another

Many girls were already injured

But the referee connected with the black whistle and the girls' morale plummeted.

It was impossible to play

Just as Lamar arrived, he saw the players being seriously injured.

The referee even smiled at Lamar with contempt

The angry Rama directly launched the ultimate weapon

Here comes the fat black guy.

The little fatty stepped on the ground and the earth trembled.

A supersonic sprint to the referee with a deadly elbow

The referee magically spun around 30,000 times in the air

Successfully opened the blood fat line

Rolled his eyes

The arrival of Lama revived the sluggish momentum instantly

A shot in the air

The ball flew into the goal with the girl's desperate fight

The situation was finally reversed

The score was tied at 3-3.

The final goal to decide the victory

In the hands of a strong girl

The girl recalled the pain of the past

The pursuit of her dream

The little universe exploded instantly

She dodged the opponent's vicious attack in an instant

She used Rama's famous flying ball to cross the ball

A powerful shot scored


With the crowd cheering wildly

The team has finally reached the finals

While everyone was celebrating with songs and dances

The devil had crept into their side

This is a devilish women's team

The training method is extremely cruel

Wheeling 800 pounds of rope every day

Overturning 900 pounds of tires 5,000 times in two hours

Run 30,000 laps with fire hoses

All kinds of weighted squatting countless

Such a fast-trained team

About to participate in the World Cup competition

But the day before the competition, the team was arrested

They threatened the lives of the players.

Rama could only do what he had to do.

Tied up, Rama was injected with a sedative.

How can a small injection seal Rama's power?

Karla picked up the needle and tried to give it to the team.

The excitement of the drug is simply illegal

When he looked back, it was Rama, the god of the ball.

Lamar grabbed the arm and chewed a needle in purple

Little Kara returned to his roots

At this time, Lamar was caught in the upper body

The root of the problem was broken with a kick

This state seems like a disease

Mildang's foot was browned and fainted

At this time came a group of disciples

Can Lamar reverse the situation?

At that moment, Rama's hand came back to life

He hit the root of the tree with his brain.

Pupils instantly dilated to teach these ungrateful children

Although he induced vertigo can not stop him

The bravery of the 3 armies

Another kara holds Rama's upper body

Rama uses his strength to defeat a thousand troops

Another thunderbolt from Garba

Xiaodang with another shot of a thousand armies

The only one who is the only one

I am the only one who can do it!

I can't. Bao is hollowed out again.

I hope everyone can show their skills

In the comments section in the back and forth

Rama with both feet clamped five meters thick bucket waist

Gaba a moment Carla was dropped to the honest

Then pity up 500 pounds of iron package

Xiaodang a moment stuck immediately folded waist

Rama God shouted quickly to the outside of the lift

Then go after the sand eagle

Reach out and grab a shovel

Hmm? It's not a U-blade

I was about to write it off, but I found that my son is teachable

A baba dropped the knife to stop the anger

Then he touched the child's head

They went their separate ways, and the next day the drums and firecrackers were blaring.

In the midst of much anticipation

The finals were about to begin

But a series of events last night

caused the team's players to be in extremely poor condition

Just after the opening game, they violated the rules

Allowed the opposite team to get a chance to play footballs

Shooting is also weak and ineffective

It can be seen that many of the main players can not play

The team was greatly affected

All the teammates blamed each other

That's how the first half ended

It was a sloppy end

Another 3 goals to the same team.

The Lamar Impact Lounge gave them a humiliation

Mocking their efforts and belittling their skills

Insulting their dreams

He even made a point of mocking the fat little black guy who eats so much, saying

What else can you do but eat?

The little fatty had tears in his eyes

If it wasn't for everyone stopping him

He would have pretended to fall down and kill Lamar.

In a flash, the second half of the game had already started

The ball was passed to Humpty Dumpty's feet right after the opening kick

That 500 pounds of big foot Y son

The ball was pressed to the ground

Small card when a skin

The ball was stuck in the ground.

Rama's mouth chanting vermicelli stew with sauerkraut

Sauerkraut vermicelli stew meat fat dun wiped the harrumph

Then time stood still

Chattering mouth a kick that the ball flew 3,000 meters

The goalkeeper a big jump did not touch the ball into!


At that moment our momentum increased

The crowd erupted in cheers

Rama was stunned.

Even the gods of the game had never seen such an action

The whole team was like a Saiyan.

An overhead shot scored another goal


This team is now unstoppable.

Unbreakable and unstoppable


All the idioms Bao knows are used

In the last kick of the girl

The soccer ball flew into the goal steadily

They have finally won!

The young girl fell on her knees on the field

All the girls gathered around and cried.

Rama silently shed uncontrollable tears

End of story

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