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Animated Movie "Doufu Biography" Commentary Text Commentary

Animationmovie "Doufu Biography" comment ary text commentary

Animated Movie "Doufu Biography" Commentary Text Commentary

This is a bean that wants to be a fairy

His childhood dream is to become a fairy bean

From the simplest summoning of the somersault clouds

Next is the water

A bean can actually fly in the clouds

Can he finally become a fairy bean?

There was once a mountain of bean curd

On the mountain there was an old Taoist priest named Ah An

One day, a magical stone fell from the sky

The stone was turned into a furnace

Ah An took some beans

He wanted to make an elixir

Unexpectedly, these beans transformed into human form

So they became a tribe of their own

They were called the bean tribe

The beans all worshiped Ah An as their master

So Ah An taught the beans the art of making bean curd

He also taught the beans the immortal arts that he had learned all his life

Such as flying on clouds and fog


The little beans followed Ah An to the tofu mountain and practiced

The way of immortal arts is very profound

It takes years of practice to master the essence

There is a little bean called Ah Fu in the bean tribe

No matter what he practiced, he could not practice

Not long after that

Ah An became immortal

The beans were left to train hard on Tofu Mountain

Thinking that one day they can become immortal like the master

The tragedy is that some of them went crazy

Some practiced until they disappeared

Finally, only the little bean called Ah Fu was left

Some of the beans came to the bottom of the mountain

To make a living by making bean curd

And set up the town of Doufu

They lived a peaceful life

When he grew up, Ah Fook also came to Doufu Town

But he still insisted on practicing immortality every day

For example, when he had nothing to do, he secretly practiced the art of walking through walls

Almost did not hit the bean paste

In fact

All the other beans treat him like a little crazy bean

Only Ah Fu felt good about himself

The government issued a ban on immortality

No one supported Ah Fook's immortality practice anymore

Only one bean named Ah Heung

Ah Fook supported him to do what he wanted to do

One night Ah Fook encountered a black bean assassin

Trying to chase after him

Instead, he was taken as a thief

Then Ah Fook was arrested and sent to Tofu Mountain Prison

This is actually a mental hospital

The beans that went in

Not a single one can come out

Like this old bean

He had been locked up for half his life

Ah Fu found

This old bean and the book of the great man looks exactly the same

He felt he had met a worldly man

The old bean saw that he and Ah Fook were related

So he agreed to teach him

Not to mention

Although the old bean was a bit confused

But the spells he taught Ah Fu

But they were real materials

Fu made rapid progress under his guidance

Until one day

Ah Fook was hit by an apple

His heavenly spirit was opened up

Not only did he learn to fly

He could also fly in the clouds

The most powerful thing is

He finally learns to walk through walls to escape from prison

Ah Fook decided to cultivate immortality on Tofu Mountain

This way, it won't affect the other beans

Ah Heung, who had a crush on him, also followed him all the way here

When he came across a stream without a bridge

Then Ah Heung realized

Ah Fook had really developed the ability to control things

The two beans finally confessed their love on the way up the mountain

Came to the immortal pavilion

The place was already in a state of disrepair

Ah Fu worshiped under the stone statue of the master and prayed to the master to take him to become immortal

I did not expect

There was really a golden light falling down

Dou Fu sat on the lotus platform and was about to ascend to heaven

Here he saw the master meditating

But found that the master was imprisoned here

This is not an immortal world either

But a ship called black beans

There are soy beans on Earth

There are black beans on the alien planet

Back then, the black beans were expelled by their people

When they were passing through Earth

The energy stone fell to Earth

That is, Ah An used to cultivate the beans

Ah Fook finally understood

There is no immortal art in the world

Only alien technology

But Master firmly believes

There must be immortal arts

While we were talking here.

Ah Heung was also captured

In order to demonstrate the technology of black beans

Ah Heung was drained of energy by the black bean and turned into the form of a bean

After Ah Heung burped

Ah Fook's universe began to explode

Determined to fight the black beans alone

The black beans don't practice any immortal arts

They only develop technology

The power of robots crushed Ah Fu's spells

With that, Alfred was also turned into a bean

The purpose of the black beans is to suck the beans dry

Retrieve the energy stone

All the beans in Doufu Town

were all drained of energy

They were thrown into the alchemy furnace to make bean curd

Only after Ah Fu was thrown back into the alchemy furnace

His immortal soul didn't disappear

It sprouted and regenerated again in the alchemy furnace

From bean flower to bean fruit

reborn again

Only then did Black Bean realize

It is impossible to recycle beans for immortal cultivation

After Ah Fu was reborn

His cultivation level was even higher than before

The little black beans together are no match for a single yellow bean

Small peach wood sword can also be used as a shield

It's really a bit of a joke

After killing all the little black beans

Boss Blackie drove the robot onto the stage

This time Ah Fook knew his tricks

First, he cut the robot's wires

Then a sure shot

Knocked the black bean robot to the ground

The black bean robot opened the storm mode

And at that moment

It was the night of the seven stars in a row

This is the best time to become immortal

Ah Fook borrowed the power of the immortal world

With one blow of his sword

Black Dou and his robot were directly killed

With the bursting of Black Douzi

The alien ship also exploded along with it

Doufu town was also blown to pieces

Finally, only Master Ahn and Ah Fook were left

Master looked at the ruined Doufu town

He used his life's work to recast the alchemy furnace.

With the energy released from the alchemy furnace

Doufu Town became the same as before

The little beans looked up at the bean curd mountain

Only then did they realize that their master, Ah An, had saved them

Ah An's spirit of giving up his life for the beans had touched the immortal world

This time, he could really become immortal

But Ah Heung did not come back to life

Because she left the chance of life to Ah Fook

Before he left, Master told Ah Fook

The reason why Ah Heung was not reborn

It was because the time had not yet come

Make tofu, practice immortal arts

It's all about the Way

The end of the story

There are no more missing beans in Doufu town

And Fu has listened to his master's teachings

While making bean curd

while cultivating immortality and enlightenment

And Ah Heung was planted in a pot by Ah Fu

I hope she will sprout soon

And blossom and bear beans

Seeing Ah Fook again

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