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Animation movie "Monsters University" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "Monsters University" commentary text commentary

Animation movie "Monsters University" commentary text Commentary

This is the story of a monster school

The monsters open a monster school

The little monsters have to go to school together since they were little

And the content of their classes is actually scaring humans

Whoever is the scariest and most frightening is the first in the class

Whoever looks cute will be expelled from school immediately

At the beginning of the story

A cute pigeon was eating on the ground

But as soon as the pigeon turned its head, we realized that the pigeon was a monster

Early in the morning, the kindergarten bus sent the little monsters to school

Today is the course of the monsters to visit the monster workshop

Little green is our main boy

He has a very cute eye

Although he looks very cute

But, in the monster world

The cuter he looks, the fewer friends he has

The scarier he is, the more he is liked by his teachers and classmates

Only the scariest monsters

Only the scariest monsters can be admitted to this monster university

It was the top university that Green wanted to go to.

But, look at his small size

And also too cute

I really lost at the starting line

When the teacher wasn't looking

Little Green sneaked into the power plant and accidentally entered the world of humans

Fortunately, in the end there was no danger

Green returned safely to the world of monsters

A few years later

Green finally graduated from high school

He was admitted to the University of Monsters

These odd-looking, crooked little monsters

are Green's classmates

Everything was so new

Each monster classmate looks different

Green is familiar with the environment under the leadership of octopus volunteers

There are little monsters that build houses

There are monsters that generate electricity

And the little monster that eats garbage

And Green's major is the scare major

Simply put, it is to learn to scare people

Simply get to know your roommate Chameleon

Put on the favorite scary poster

Just waiting for the first day of school

Little snail's first day of school

Despite all the efforts

But he was still late

The other students also arrived in the classroom

The director of the Scare Academy is a millipede

In her eyes

If you can't scare people, you'll be expelled

So it's definitely not that easy to graduate successfully

After school, Green, who was motivated to be a student

Made a good study plan

And Da Mao, who was born with a golden key and a "scary second generation"

And in the dormitory to do damage everywhere

With his hard work and study

Soon became the class bully

Big Hair, on the other hand, likes sports activities

He was hooked on the Monsters' football games.

He believed that the height advantage was the key to overwhelming everything

Although Green is cute

But he believes that through his hard study

He believes that he can also change his cute appearance

Finally came the first examination of the screaming profession

The test item is to scare the doll man

The higher the frightening level, the better the score

But because of Big Hair's mischief

Little Green failed the first exam

Dean millipede angry decided to expel the little green and big hair

In order to return to the college

Little Green made a bet with the president of the millipede

If he could be the most scary monster in the "Scare Contest"

To become the most scary monster

Then he could return to the college and finish his studies

Green is living in the club with his bunk.

Look at the team.

Obviously Green's teammates are a failure

How can they scare people when they look so Q?

Everyone voted for Green to teach the theory course

Big Hair is responsible for teaching body movements

The first race was a race

Little Green and Big Hair ran very fast

But each of their teammates was too fat to run at all

The race results can only barely pass

In the morning, Grandma Monster was still walking.

Little Green and Big Hair are about to get up from their sleep

Today's competition is to steal the other team's flag from the library.

The library lady is a grumpy giant

Don't look at her miniature eyes

Whenever someone makes a noise

She immediately turns into a tens of meters tall giant

She chases all the disobedient monsters out

When Big Hair was discovered

Other little friends rush to make noise to attract attention

When they were all chased out

Little Fatty was found to have got the flag

In the evening, the Red Bull team invited Little Green to their party

And actually prepared the paint and dolls waiting for them

To take such a cute group photo

Little Green and the others suffered a great humiliation

In order to win the final championship match

Green started to analyze their horrible specialties

For example, the adorable Squidward learned to scare people with his tentacles

Small hands can make strange sounds

In the final round

Little green with delayed psychological tactics

Surprise to scare the puppet

And finally achieved the perfect scary effect

The fierce-looking Red Bull team lost the game

While looking at the cute little green they won the championship

After the competition victory

Green went to see the scene

Found that the tester had been tampered with by Big Hair

It turned out that their trophy was actually cheated to get it

Big Hair regretted having cheated everyone

The trophy was returned to the millipede teacher

But Midori was not willing to let it go

She ran to the entrance of the internship

She broke into the human world

He could prove his strength by scaring real humans

But Midori was still too cute

The kids weren't afraid.

Big Hair saw that the situation was not good

When he came to look for Midori

found him crying in frustration

Is it really a mistake to be cute?

When the humans came to catch Green and Hairy

Green used the book to move back tactics

Build up a frightening atmosphere in advance

Let the opponent do not know what it is

Then the big hair of a surprise move of the roar of terror

Even the energy of the tester outside exploded

The millipede dean saw such a powerful ability for the first time

The end of the story

The dean promised to let those expelled cute monsters

Back to school in the College of Scare

And the two little monsters, Little Green and Big Hair

They went to the monster factory to work

How do they work after the specific performance?

That will have to see the sequel

This story tells us

Natural looks do not completely determine the results

Only through their own efforts and teamwork

is the key to success

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