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Drama film "Room" commentary text Commentary

Drama movie "Room" comment ary text commentary

Drama film "Room" commentary text Commentary

Seven years ago, when she was a 17-year-old girl

She was kidnapped by an older man and held captive

Two years later, she gave birth to a child

Since then, her life has fallen into the abyss

The girl's name is Erin.

John is her son.

In this room with a skylight

was John's whole world.

Scissors and other sharp tools were never allowed.

So John's hair was as long as the girl's.

Eileen tried to fight and run away many times

Each time, she was beaten badly

At night

To prevent John from seeing something he shouldn't

Irene held John close to the closet to sleep as usual

The older man came in.

Then came the unpleasant sounds

To keep John healthy.

Irene took him to exercise every day

She taught him to read and write.

Mother and son would scream at the skylight

I hope someone outside can hear you

would come to their rescue.

But the room was too soundproof.

They never made it.

Eileen told John.

Everything on TV is a lie.

There are no such things as puppies and kittens

The world is only the size of a room

That day Uncle didn't bring John the necessary vitamins

Irene learned that he had been unemployed for 6 months

The uncle was a bit annoyed

He almost beat her up

Late that night

John sneaked out of the house

He woke up and wanted to touch his baby

But Irene hit him and scolded him

She wouldn't let him touch John.

Uncle grabbed a pillow SS and pressed it against Irene

After a while

He let go of his hand and turned away

As a punishment

The next day the uncle cut off the heating of the room

The room became extremely cold

Irene went to open the iron door but could not open it

The two of them had to wear extra thick clothes

The cold made Irene think clearly a lot

Since when did she

She learned to compromise

The food the uncle brought

She felt that this room

She felt that this room should not be a place for her and John.

So she began to tell John about the outside world

She told him about her misfortunes and the time she had been banned.

John was very angry.

With tears in his eyes, he blamed his mother for cheating on him.

Irene cowered helplessly under the covers and didn't move

John was left to play alone.

He looked at the light through the glass

He seemed to long for the other world outside the room

So he took the initiative to ask his mother about the outside world

Irene was very pleased

She began to slowly introduce the outside world to her son

The people on TV are real too

Look at the leaves on the skylight falling from the trees

But these things that his mother said

To a five year old

To a five-year-old who had never set foot outside his house

It was hard to understand.

Then Eileen and John came up with a plan.

She had John pretend to be sick.

And then trick the uncle into taking him to the doctor.

And then pass on the message of help.

Irene put a hot towel on his face

Making him hot.

His face is red.

Then she sticks her finger down his throat

Made himself vomit on the bed

Gave him a note asking for help

And a tooth of his own

Soon the uncle came

Irene told him the baby was sick

But the uncle just touched John's head

He said he would buy medicine tomorrow.

Irene insisted that he take him to the hospital

The two of them had a big fight

The uncle slammed the door and left

Seeing that pretending to be sick was not working

Irene thought of pretending to be S again

So that the uncle would take him out and bury him

On the way, she could find a chance to escape

She trained John to use the carpet to wrap his body tightly

Over and over again, she kept practicing.

John was a bit annoyed

He fussed and refused to cooperate.

But Eileen remained patient

She kept teaching him over and over again

How to hide in the carpet and roll out of the carpet to jump off the car

John finally agreed to do so

Mother and son hugged one last time

At the end of the night

As soon as the uncle walked in

Irene cried out that her son had been killed by him

The uncle wanted to see the child one last time

But Irene blocked him

The uncle was a bit suspicious

Irene cried more heartbreakingly

And also put down harsh words

Let the uncle bury his son in a place with trees

Because the son had never seen a tree

The uncle believed it

He decided to move the child out and bury him

Eileen saw John looking at her

She was terrified

She was afraid of being exposed

The uncle opened the door and walked out

He looked back at the house behind him

For the first time, he wondered if he had really done something wrong

He loaded the child into the truck and drove off

John twisted out of the carpet

Seeing the blue sky in front of him

He was stunned

The leaves were really green

The world outside was so beautiful

He stood up and peered over the edge of the truck

He looked at everything in front of him with curiosity

The truck swayed and swayed

John suddenly remembered his mother's advice

John suddenly remembered his mother's advice

But the high speed of the truck made him afraid to jump off

He looked at the uncle

At that moment, he passed by a turning place

John's weight was unstable and he made a noise

The uncle also found him and quickly stopped the car

John hurriedly jumped out of the car

Trying hard to run forward

Accidentally hit a passerby with a dog

The passerby quickly apologized to him

The uncle picked up John and was about to leave

John struggled desperately and shouted for help

Then he took out the note

But it was still taken away by the uncle

The passersby saw that something was wrong

The dog also began to bark

He hurriedly threatened the uncle to call the police

The uncle panicked and threw John into the bushes

Then he drove away in a hurry

John cowered in the bushes.

He didn't dare to speak or move

At that moment, it was raining lightly.

The passerby stayed with him

And brought a blanket to cover him

After the police came

John still didn't say a word

A gentle policewoman took him to the car

Slowly guided him to tell him what happened to him

John took his mother's tooth out of his mouth

Seeing the broken tooth

The policeman realized that something was not simple

With her persistent efforts

John finally spoke up

He didn't know his mother's name

Nor did he know where she was

He only knew that his house

It was a shack with a skylight.

He had to stop three times before jumping out of the car

The police followed the clues John gave them.

They searched for him all night long

Only to lock the general area

When the police car pulled up to a house.

John started tapping on the window

A familiar voice came running.

Mother and son hugged each other again

Mom was crying so hard

They came to the hospital for a checkup

John was unfamiliar with the world around him

Curious to see the gauze on his leg

And everything on the bed

Even the food the doctor brought

that he had never eaten before

His grandparents were the first to arrive at the hospital

Eileen hugged her parents in anguish

John shrank into a ball

He didn't dare to look at anyone around him

Grandmother wanted to cut John's long hair

But he was very reluctant to say it was a sign of strength

The family remained understanding

Treating him gently at all times

Grandpa led John into the kitchen

Made him a bowl of superb cereal

John finally spoke up.

Soon the media coverage was overwhelming.

Erin was a bit overwhelmed

She became depressed.

She became very irritable and irritable

Sometimes John would look at his phone next to her.

She would rudely kick the kid out.

The host interviewed Erin and asked her a lot of questions

Finally, she asked her why she didn't let the child go

Why didn't you let him suffer with you?

This stabbed Irene in the heart.

She couldn't answer.

She couldn't understand why she was the one who encountered this kind of thing

Late that night

Irene took drugs to kill herself

Luckily John found it in time

That's how he saved her

While Irene was in the hospital

Mother and son were separated for the first time

John struggled to adapt to the world

Making friends, playing soccer, and raising dogs

But he always missed his mother

Looking at a picture of his mother as a child

He meditated quietly

Trying to understand his mother's pain

He even asked his grandmother to cut his long hair

One day a child knocked on the window and asked John to play.

He ran out happily

He was having a great time like a normal kid.

This scene was just in time for Irene to see when she came home

She smiled with relief

Mother and son hugged each other

Life can be so beautiful

And then

Mother and son went back to the room where they were forbidden

Saying goodbye to all the misfortunes of the past

Saying goodbye to the pain of grayness

Not only the previous experience but also the inner obstacles

The sky was snowing lightly

Mother and son turned around and left the room

No one can be strong alone

Only love and companionship

Perhaps the most powerful force

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