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Sci-fi "Planet of the Apes" movie commentary copy

Science Fiction"Planet of the Apes" Movie Comment ary Copy

Sci-fi "Planet of the Apes" movie commentary copy

Did humans evolve naturally?

Recently XXX saw this story on the Internet

In the future, because of the pollution and destruction of the environment

Extinction in a natural disaster

But some artificial intelligence robots that have withstood the test of disaster

Survived and gradually developed their own feelings and consciousness

Also able to self-replicate, tens of thousands of years later

They ruled the earth with advanced brain chips

created advanced science and technology

And began to actively explore the universe and understand themselves

Where did I come from?

This is the question in the minds of many robots

In ancient times, there were legends about humans making machines

But now many robots think

How can we believe in those ancient legends that have no scientific basis?

It's all because ancient robots didn't know enough about the world

And the primitive cult of the world

Later, in order to unravel the mystery of its origin, some robots

began to delve deeper into research

Some archaeologists excavated several pieces of fossilized steel from the ground.

Tests revealed that the steel and modern robots

had the same elements as modern robots. So they concluded:

robots originated from primitive steel.

A few years later, archaeologists excavated several more fossilized machines from the ground

and excavated several fossilized machines

and analyzed these machines in detail and in depth

They were found to be very old.

As more and more fossilized steel and machines were unearthed

There is a new understanding of the origin of robots.

In a comparative analysis, some experts found that machines evolved from lower

To higher levels of evolution.

The older the machine, the simpler the structure.

More importantly, it was discovered that some of the machines

evolved into "robot-like"

According to the ancient legends.

The name of these "robots" was "computer".

As history evolved, these "robots"

After continuous labor and thinking

Finally evolved into modern intelligent robots

Therefore, it can be concluded that robots are not artificial.

It is the result of the evolution of the material world from lower to higher levels

This theory was named "Evolution

Because it is based on a large amount of evidence and scientific research

It was soon accepted by most robots

The birth of evolution unraveled the mystery of the origin of robots

It became a milestone in the history of science

Since then, robots have believed themselves to be the most advanced form of matter in the evolutionary stage of the universe.

The most advanced form of matter, the greatest group

and that they would eventually become the masters of the universe.

This slightly absurd but true story is a clip from the movie

A review of Planet of the Apes

The world in the movie is one where the positions of humans and apes are swapped.

The apes rule the world and their development is relatively advanced

And humans are beasts that are hunted by apes and can't even speak

So ape scientists came to this conclusion

"Apes evolved from man!"

This film, made in 1968, is a very important film in the history of science fiction cinema.

It has a very important film, and it has a very meaningful ending

The story takes place on a spaceship

The hero's name is Tyler, and we'll call him LeGro.

Le Brother is the captain of the ship, and a group of four people are sent into space to explore

For them, six months of near-light flight

Earth time is equivalent to 700 years of experience

After setting the automatic flight status.

He went into hibernation with the rest of the crew.

Knowing that when they woke up again, it would be more than 2,000 years later on an unknown planet.

On an uncharted planet, the Earth as they knew it.

and the 20th century they lived in were gone.

Le Brother did not have much regret about this

Because he had already seen the human nature on Earth

He was looking forward to meeting a new world.

After a flight of about 18 months. The ship finally crashed in

3978 A.D. on a strange planet

The only female member of the crew had

equipment problems, did not wait to land and became a dry body

So Brother Le took the other two team members White and Black

began to explore this unknown planet

They found that although this place is a desert, no life

But the good thing is that there is still oxygen, and other aspects are similar to the Earth

They only had enough supplies to last three days

So if they couldn't find life in three days

they would have to die here.

Le Brother chose a random direction and started moving.

After a long trek, they finally saw a glimmer of life

So there were humans on this planet.

But they seem to be in an uncivilized, primitive state.

They couldn't even speak.

Seeing such a scene, Le could not help but say

If this is all there is to this planet

Then we can rule this planet in half a year

Maybe we can even become their gods!

But as soon as he finished speaking, a group of apes on horses appeared from the distance

They also had guns in their hands

Now not only was their fantasy of becoming gods shattered

The three of them were being chased by these guessers

They seem to be hunting humans

Blackie was unfortunately shot and got his lunch box first

White was nowhere to be found, and Le was arrested because of a bullet wound in his neck.

These people hung up the hunted humans like dried fish

They even trampled on humans as trophies and took pictures to show off

Le Gros woke up in a laboratory, where he was locked in a cage

The ape sprayed them with a high-pressure water gun

Does this scene look familiar to you?

These apes can talk.

They have a clear division of labor, some are responsible for hunting

Some do research. Everything seems to be in order.

They are even racist.

Chimpanzees are one of the groups that are discriminated against

One research ape has contempt for humans.

He has a lot of contempt for humans.

He thinks humans are mindless, filthy beasts.

His words are full of superiority, and what's worse is that

They also carry out all kinds of dangerous experiments on humans

Does all this sound very familiar to you?

This is what we humans usually say about animals

and what we do to animals

But we never think there's anything wrong with that

Because we humans think we are superior to all animals

Even another life form that is different from all animals

But we forget that humans are animals too.

Only we won the race of the species.

The powerful professor of apes calls humans vermin

Because humans consume the forests and eat the crops

When humans lost the race of the species

We don't even have the right to eat anymore

It was then that we realized

How absurd is the logic of the usual human definition of "pests"

The resources of the earth are not exclusive to humans

They are shared by humans and other animals

Every animal has the right to enjoy the earth's resources

Even if they lose the race of species and are at a disadvantage

Animals are defined as "pests" because they harm humans

They are defined as "pests", but the expansion of human civilization

The expansion of human civilization has led to a large number of animals losing their habitat

Who should be judged? The supremacy of human civilization

is once again evident

There are good and bad people, and so are apes.

Although Le Coeur was temporarily unable to speak due to a throat injury.

But a female research ape noticed the difference in Le Coeur.

She gave him a special "gift".

That is the local non-speaking human Mei

She thought that Le had a higher level of brain development than other humans

So she wanted him to breed the next generation so that the research apes could study it in depth

But in this cage

How could he do such a thing in front of them?

So he managed to grab the pen and paper from the female research ape

He wrote his name and showed it to her

She was shocked to see that this human could write

So she found an excuse and took Le back home

with her husband, who was doing archaeological research

She used the note to communicate with him

He told them that he came from a distant Earth.

His ship had crashed into a lake, he had crossed a desert

He went over a high mountain to get here

But the archaeological ape was skeptical, because according to Le Coq.

The area he crossed was a forbidden zone.

No creature could survive there.

But the female research ape said that no matter what.

The existence of Le Gros was proof of a theory

There was a theory published by the archaeological ape

The archaeological ape had theorized that apes might have evolved from humans.

She thought that Lego might be a transitional creature in the evolutionary process.

At that moment, Lao Jin barged in with his soldiers

He wanted to take Le Brother by force and perform brain surgery on him

Because in their culture, it was God who created the apes

The theory of the archaic ape was not in line with their beliefs

It was judged as a rumor to confuse the people

So Lao Jin could not allow such an incestuous creature like Le Gao to exist

The research ape couple could not withstand the power of the old man.

Lucko was put back in the lab cage.

He knew he could only wait for death here.

So he found a chance to strangle the guards and escaped.

On the way out, he found that Blacky had been made into a specimen.

However, he didn't know the way in this city of apes

He didn't know where he should go, so it didn't take long

Then he was arrested again

At the time of his arrest, Le had almost recovered his voice.

He angrily uttered the first human words on the planet...

(Stinky paws don't touch me you dirty apes!)

You can see from the expressions on the apes' faces that they are terrified

This feeling is probably like the one in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Caesar's words, "No!


After that, the whole city of apes was in an uproar.

Le Brother was brought to a hearing.

But it was the research ape couple who were put on trial.

Lao Jin stubbornly believed that the research ape couple

transformed him into a talking monster.

And Lego insisted that he was a human from another planet.

He was accompanied by a crew member, Bai, who was also arrested.

As soon as they found him, they could prove that Le was telling the truth.

So they found all the humans who had been captured with him.

Le immediately recognized Bai from the crowd

But when he walked in, he saw that Bai's eyes were dull

It turned out that he had been subjected to brain surgery by Lao Jin

He had become a non-speaking human like the humans on this planet.

A human with no intelligence

Lergo's words could not be proven

So, the research ape couple was convicted of rumor and confusion and was about to go to jail

And after the hearing was over.

Lao Jin approached Le in private.

He asked him if he was from a tribe in the forbidden zone.

He asked him to tell him the location of the tribe.

Otherwise, he would end up like Bai

So it seems that Lao Jin knows something secret

He has an inexplicable fear of humans

Lao Jin gave Le six hours to think about it

That night, the research ape asked his nephew to rescue Le and Xiao Mei

Because the research ape couple didn't want to go to jail

They wanted to go together to a cave near the forbidden place.

Perhaps there was evidence there that could prove the archaeopteryx's theory of evolution.

Then they went through the deserted area.

They arrived at the so-called cave.

At that moment, Lao Jin and his men came after them.

They didn't expect that Le had a gun in his hand.

And he was not a bad shot either (the gun that the ape research couple brought out)

Le took Lao Jin as a hostage (ape hostage?)

They went into the cave together

And in it they found some remains of human civilization

And it was far more developed than the present ape civilization

The couple who studied apes were surprised

But Lao Jin was calm, he seemed to know these things for a long time

Lao Jin finally acknowledged the glorious past of human civilization

But he still criticized the meanness of human civilization without showing any weakness and sharpness

Le Ge seems to have been hit by a sore spot - human beings kill each other

Breach of peace, over-consumption, energy depletion and environmental pollution

The continuous desertification of the land... All this is the despicable of human civilization

Le Coeur was aware of it and had to admit it

It was because he hated all this

That's why he chose to become an astronaut and escape from Earth.

Although he was shocked by the words of Professor Apes

But he was still full of confidence. He believed that although human civilization was despicable

But it was still advanced, and it still stood on a distant Earth

In the end, however, the truth is devastating! Le Coeur left the apes

Came deep into the forbidden zone

And found the Statue of Liberty standing here

So this is Earth, and it's always been Earth

After more than 2,000 years, human civilization had a real inferiority complex

Eventually, man destroyed it with his own hands

Built everything themselves

Giving the throne of victory to the apes

We, humans, are not a group of people who are specially taken care of by our Creator

We are just a part of the animals

Always in the race of the species

If we fail to pay attention to our civilization

To self-reflectively monitor, criticize and improve

then we may lose the race at any moment

Back to the origins of the animal world

Released in 1968, this work is clearly outdated in terms of costuming

Obviously outdated, but its bold ideas

extraordinary imagination and depth of storytelling

is enough to cover up all the hardware flaws

and became a classic with the power to travel back in time (Scarlet - The Immortal)

It still serves as a wake-up call today

That's the end of the story for today

Then look forward to the next XXX update

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