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Suspense movie "No Life Left Behind" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Suspense movie"no life" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Suspense movie "No Life Left Behind" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

This little girl was running for her life in bare feet and accidentally got her feet stabbed

But she continues to run after a little bandaging in a panic

Maybe there is some kind of scary person or animal following behind her

Running and accidentally fell into the trap was hanging head down

When the girl could not break free

Backhanded on the tree carved the words

Probably hoping that those who see it can save him

The picture changed to see the honest and reliable-looking hero, Big Yellow, with his girlfriend, the brunette

Driving a car pulling a caravan seems to be traveling to a certain place

Careful rhubarb look at the heavy girlfriend seems to be a little tired

So he found a motel midway to rest

The innkeeper thought they were a couple who had eloped

His girlfriend was described as beautiful and pretty

After getting a room and taking a shower

There was a news story on the TV

The police found a tree trunk with the words "Blondie is still alive" carved on it.

It turns out that the blonde girl is the heiress of a consortium has been missing for more than a year

And according to the growth of the tree inferred

The carved words on the tree is about six months ago

The blonde girl is the girl who escaped at the beginning of the film

Big yellow to the blonde girl's wisdom expressed appreciation

But the black-haired girl was strangely sour

In the old American gory horror films in the bed scene is the standard

The two began to talk

Then the two began the daily play

Here omitted 1 hour

On the other hand, a gang of thieves while the master was out

In a large villa to steal things

Look at the theft like a moving company

And also get a truck load, that is a bright and upright

This is all talent ah

This family usually rely on open and honest theft and robbery

To make ends meet

It's impossible to go to work.

It's like going into someone's home.

The team is full of talented people who speak well

They all love this life

While we were loading the car.

The owner of the villa came back

Seeing the gang is moving

He thought to himself that he had not called a moving company.

This is a burglar, when he wanted to call the police

The gang's second-in-command pulled out a gun and shot the owner dead

This makes the first hand big dog feel very annoyed

feel that his authority was challenged

Go up is to the second dog a beating reprimand

And said we are principled thieves

Only robbing money and not killing people, that's the only way to live long

The second dog scoffed at the big dog's opinion, feeling that he saved everyone

On the other hand, Big Yellow and Blondie

In the room began the most exciting and meaningful conversation of the film

It turns out that the seemingly honest Big Yellow is a ruthless killer

And also a pervert in his heart

He likes to groom beautiful girls in the forbidden room.

The black-haired girl was kidnapped by him and trained successfully

The perverted love and dependence on Big Yellow

The two of them were probably hungry after the intense exercise

So they went to a restaurant to eat

And Big Dog's gang also came here

The second dog turned his head and saw the blonde girl

Decided that the blonde was pretty

So he came over and started molesting the brunette

At this time, the big yellow look can not help but want to do

But under the persuasion of the black-haired girl forced to hold back

The second dog cursed and was taken away by the big dog to have a good time

At night when the two of them were driving at night

was attacked by a man on a motorcycle and fainted in the car

It turned out that the attacker was the second dog

Second Dog took Big Dog's car back to the boss Big Dog to ask for credit

When Big Yellow woke up here

found that the gang of thieves Three Dog had tied them up

Three dogs to scare Big Yellow

Pulled out a knife and put it on the black-haired girl's neck

And the black-haired girl who was successfully trained by the forbidden room

probably felt that she could never be the only one for Big Yellow

Life was hopeless, so she killed herself.

Successfully cultivated a beautiful girl obedient how difficult it is ah

You know what?

Thinking about this, rhubarb finally could not resist the leopard change

Showed his fierce fangs

After breaking free from the handcuffs

A simple push to kill the stout three dogs

Second dog side in the car when searching things

found the blonde girl hidden in the trunk by Big Yellow

The girl who was running for her life in the beginning of the film

When the second dog rescued the blonde girl

This girl has been constantly in the house to the big dog and other people bla bla bla noise

We must run away immediately. You are no match for them.

When Big Yellow comes, we will all die by his hand

Big Dog listened and asked someone to contact Three Dogs but there was no response

Big Dog asked Four Dog and his daughter-in-law Da Hua to find Three Dog.

When they arrived, they were shocked to find the corpse of the third dog.

They brought back the body of three dogs

Big Dog and the others also saw the blonde girl on TV

They now know that the blonde girl is a rich girl

In the graduation party with classmates when the perverted rhubarb killed all the

But the police did not find the blonde's body

So her father offered a reward of two million dollars to find her.

At this time, the two four dogs brought back the body of three dogs

And Rhubarb was trying to find out the location of Big Dog's lair

Hidden in the corpse

Two Dogs and Four Dogs put Three Dogs' body in the storage room and left.

Big Yellow came out of the corpse

In the house, Big Dog and the blonde girl also clashed

Blondie went to the door and saw Big Yellow coming out

Shocked, she went back inside the house

Rhubarb took a leisurely shower

Found his own armory in the caravan and armed himself

It seems that he is going to kill again for the death of the black-haired girl

In order to avenge the death of the three dogs

The big dog who just left the house was attacked by the yellow who was armed to the teeth

Not only was Big Dog taken away, but also Four Dogs was seriously injured

In the process, they also blew up the car of the big dog

The big dog was taken by the big yellow machine crushed into a pile of flesh

Blondie then looked at the only good guy in the gang of thieves, Erhua

Then she told what happened to her after being kidnapped

Rhubarb was originally a psychopathic killer

After killing the others at the graduation party

found the blonde girl's physique is amazing and kidnapped her back

He was going to train her as his business partner and spiritual partner

All of his girlfriends were kidnapped

To perform physical abuse and mental suggestion

Trying to create a Stockholm Syndrome patient to become his helper

In the beginning of the film, the black-haired girl has been successfully trained by him

But the black-haired girl is too jealous

I feel that the most loved by rhubarb is not successfully cultivated blonde girl is unable to love suicide

Four dogs because of serious injuries in order to save their lives must go to the hospital

There is a spare car in the carport

Four dogs and two flowers to the garage when the car

Four Dog was shoved into the engine by the ubiquitous rhubarb

was scalded to death

When Erhua saw his condition, he turned around and ran away.

The rhubarb stabbed him to death

The three of them took advantage of the time to escape to the carport while Rhubarb was chasing Erhua

They found the car that had been hit

and took the dying four dogs to the hospital and left them at the door

The three came late at night to the motel where Big Yellow and the black-haired girl had rested for the night

When they registered, Erdog used Big Yellow's credit card.

The boss noticed the difference and called the police

Dahlia was naked and taking a shower in the bathroom

Er Dog looked at the blonde and started to make up his own mind

told the blonde his plan

Second dog used the excuse of saving the blonde girl

He demanded five million dollars from her father

Then he and Dahlia will go away

Wow, today is the day we will be rich!

The extremely excited Er Dog looks at the blonde girl and suddenly gets excited

He wants to have an in-depth conversation with the blonde.

Blondie is now full of thoughts of escape

And she doesn't know that Rhubarb should have put a tracker inside her body

Looked at the burning desire of two dogs

Said before the exchange like to go to the toilet with water so clean and hygienic

After entering the toilet

Dahua, who was taking a bath, gave his gun to the blonde girl

Hope to lend her hand to kill the second dog

This is the desire of the second dog came in and pulled away the blonde girl

When the police knocked on the door when he was about to undress

At this point, the crazy two dogs a gun to kill the police

And Da Huang also sneaked into the bathroom through the window and killed Da Hua

Just as the two of them were escaping from the door, Er Dog was knocked unconscious by Da Huang.

Blondie was caught up by Big Yellow on her way to escape

In order to make the blonde's plan to raise her successful

Blondie was beaten up and did not fight back

At that time, the second dog came to his senses and chased after him and shot Big Yellow

Who knows that Big Yellow wore bulletproof vest nothing happened

The two of them fought back and forth

Finally, the yellow is better than the second dog dry death

The blonde girl was also taken out of the tracking device in the body by Big Yellow

The innkeeper who witnessed the whole thing was also silenced by Big Yellow

The end of the movie

Big Yellow entered the hospital fully clothed and killed the four dogs who were revived

Mouth said no survivors

By the time he walked out of the hospital

reporters were reporting

The blonde girl, who had been kidnapped by the local criminal gang for a long time, was finally rescued

Big Yellow looked at the blonde on the stretcher and brushed her arm

The blonde also turned her head and looked at Big Yellow

Rhubarb left the hospital in style the end of the movie

No matter the complex or heavy taste is not too surprising

Ryuhei Kitamura based his film on an ordinary killing story set in rural America.

With the Oriental meticulousness filtered through the Western rude crime style

Very much to everyone's taste

And that's the bright line in the movie, so we won't discuss it too much.

Now let's discuss the dark line

The dark line in the film is the relationship between Rhubarb and the confinement and raising of beautiful brunettes and blondes

The film is simple and not obvious

In the film, Big Yellow is not a good guy at all

Each of his girlfriends is kidnapped

And then confined and abused and psychologically suggested

Eventually, they suffer from Stockholm syndrome

And psychological research shows that

After a long period of psychological torture, the imprisoned person

will subconsciously fall in love with or mentally depend on their master

Whenever a work is completed, Rhubarb will remove the tracking device from their bodies

So there is a scar on the brunette's body

Blonde girl also has a scar in the same place

Finally, rhubarb let rhubarb take out the blonde girl to take out the tracker

It is because Rhubarb until the work has been completed

Eventually the blonde will return to him and fall in love with him

After all, Kitamura Ryuhei is a Japanese director ah

On the part of the film about the raising of beautiful women is quite easy to master

In addition, films about confinement are a unique branch of Japanese cinema

The typical representative is jspy a total of eight films

In each film, a variety of kidnappers and different imprisoned people

Each film features a variety of abductees and captives in a series of unbelievable scenarios

Reflecting the multiple nature of Japanese questioning and lack of emotion is really eye-opening


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