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Disaster movie "Doomsday Escape" commentary copy

Disaster movie "Doomsday Escape" commentary copy

Disaster movie "Doomsday Escape" commentary copy

A small plane is flying over Greenland

The scenery outside the window is very beautiful

There are green grass and white glaciers

Suddenly there is a bump and everyone thinks it's a draught

But soon a bigger bump came

People looked out the window.

Stunned by the sight before them

The impact of the shock wave

Both engines of the plane stopped working

All the instruments were out of order

It was swinging like a kite in the air.

The pilot tried to restart the engines

Finally managed to start one

Not enough power to climb.

The pilot barely managed to land the plane with a lot of effort.

The plane hit the iceberg before it finally stopped

Fortunately, all the passengers on board are safe and sound.

The news came over the radio.

This is just a small piece of Clark.

The largest piece will hit Western Europe in a few minutes.

Is Clark a nuclear bomb?

No, it's a giant comet.

The same little star that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

It's much bigger.

A hot kiss with the Earth would cause a tsunami of several thousand feet.

The debris and the atmosphere will generate a heat wave of 900 degrees.

The heat wave would spread at the speed of sound.

In just a few hours.

All the continents would be scorched to a crisp.

Resulting in the extinction of 75 percent of all life on Earth.


Why did this plane come over Greenland?

Well, the story begins two days ago.

NASA discovered one of the largest comets

The largest comet ever discovered.

Experts predicted it wouldn't hit Earth.

But you know what the experts say.

Soon said there would be debris falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

But no harm will come to humans.

The comet's crash into the ocean was broadcast live on the news.

The man invited his neighbors to watch the spectacle with him.

Everyone set up a small bench to stare at the screen waiting to eat melon

But after the countdown, there was no movement on the sea.

What's going on?

When people were wondering where Clark went

Suddenly heard a rumbling sound from outside

The hero rushed out of the house to see

A flock of birds flying across the sky in a panic

Feel a little Wang Zhaojun move that taste ah

It turns out that the comet fragments did not fall into the Atlantic Ocean

Instead, it hit the densely populated state of Florida

The strong shock wave

The shock was felt 2000 km away

This is what the news broadcast footage looked like

The experts are probably rubbing their faces together

The hero suddenly remembered that he had just received a presidential alert

It seems that things are not simple

That's when the man's phone rang

It's from the Department of Homeland Security.

On the TV, there is also an alert screen

It said that the hero and his family were selected to enter the emergency shelter.

No one else is allowed to travel with them.

By 9:45 p.m.

We had to meet at the Air Force base.

The QR code for identification was sent to his phone

The hero hurriedly packed his things

Go out and see that horrible mushroom cloud

Nuclear bomb compared to this comet fragment

It's not even a crumb

And this is just the beginning.

The largest piece will fall to Earth in two days

The hero quickly took his family and drove off

The neighbors are standing helplessly in the street

It turns out that no one else was chosen except the hero

The female neighbor begged the hero to take her daughter with him

They could not enter the airbase without being selected

The hero drove away with a strong heart

The man's family finally arrived at the air force base

Outside the base is full of people

But only those who are selected with QR code can enter

The hero showed the QR code to the soldiers

He was able to enter the base

The staff also gave each person an identification wristband

It turns out that the government selects people based on their occupation

To enter the shelter list

These people include doctors, scientists and academics.

They can carry out post-disaster reconstruction

The main character is a structural engineer

So he will be selected

But to the film narration will be finished

So the choice of occupation is very important

Young man rat tail juice

To board the plane when the hero was told to bring only one bag

The couple rushed to organize their luggage

The son said he left his insulin in the car

This bear child you say angry not

The man asked the soldier about the 20 minutes to take off

So he went to the car to get the medicine

He agreed with his wife to meet him on the plane and just left

The wife had an accident

When he asked the soldier about the incident, he mentioned that his son had diabetes

The soldier's face changed

It turns out that the chronically ill can not board the plane

The heroine was immediately baffled

The soldier took the woman and her son to see the officer

The heroine questioned the officer

If your family has diabetes

The officer replied that my family was not selected

The woman was silent

Mother and son were sent out of the base

And the man soon took to return but could not find his wife

They could only board the plane first

Next to a man

asked him how he brought the insulin on the plane

His relatives were not allowed to board the plane because of diabetes

The man suddenly understood

His wife and children might have been kicked off the plane

He hurriedly got off the plane and chased them out

At that moment, the unselected people rioted

Stormed the airport

Some armed thugs clashed with soldiers

Shot a soldier who was refueling

The fuel kept leaking.

Bullets hit the oil and started a fire

The next second there was a big explosion at the airport

The hero's family was not on the plane but was blessed by the disaster

They got a life

The heroine came out with the children

Left a note to the man

She said she was going back to her mother's house with the child

She agreed to meet him there

Since there was no medicine left

The heroine first took the child to a pharmacy to choose medicine

She found the place in a mess

The heroine quickly found insulin

When she was about to leave, a gang of thugs rushed in

A burst of shooting

The heroine crawled forward with the child

Fearing that they would find her, it was a coincidence

A buddy found them with a B II I

The heroine pleaded hard

Luckily, the guy was a good guy

Let him take the child and go quickly

The mother and child rushed to the side of the road and picked up a couple's car

All the way north to their parents' home

Then the man came out and found his car

He finds the note left by his wife

He rushed to catch a truck to Canada

also headed north


The couple pulling the heroine was quite enthusiastic at first

But the husband found the wristband on the woman's hand

and was emboldened

Dragged her out of the car and grabbed his wristband

took the child and left

It turned out that they wanted to impersonate the parents of the child

They tried to get into the airport

In the face of such an extreme disaster

Human nature starts to become twisted

The heroine screams like crazy and chases after them

Fortunately, a car stopped to take her to the airport

When the couple who took the child arrived at the airport

The husband threatened the child not to say anything

Then he lied that he and his wife were his parents

His own wristband was stolen

When the soldier asked for leadership

The child shouted that he was not my father to attract the soldier's attention

A closer check reveals the man's lie

The couple was taken away by the soldiers

And the child was put in a tent.

The woman soon came to the airport and found her son

A nurse examined the child

The insulin was injected

And kindly sent them to the heroine's father's house

After a frightening night

The family was finally reunited

In fact, the hero also had a bad night

He was watched by a man in the van

He was almost robbed of his wristband

After a fight, he picked up a good piece of equipment with the main character's aura

Thor's hammer

He killed the guy with a thunderbolt

Then he rushed to his father-in-law's house and waited for the heroine

The hero learns that the refuge in the United States is in Greenland

There's a plane near the Canadian border that can get him there.

He decides to take his family to try it out.

There's another comet fragment falling.

Time is running out to leave immediately

The father-in-law decides to stay home and reminisce about the good old days

Waiting quietly for the end of time

It is not known whether we will see each other again, even though there is a lot of reluctance

The man still took his family to the car and left quickly

In the distance, flames were burning in the sky.

The color of the sky is no longer blue

Instead, it turned into a hellish blood red

Suddenly, the road was full of unearthly scenes

Who is this amplification of hell fire it

The hero saw that the situation was not right

Hastily took his family to hide under a bridge

Until the night before continuing on the road

The hero rushed all the way to his destination

When he arrived at the airport, he saw a plane had already taken off

He rushes into the airport

Seeing the last plane also began to taxi

So he turned around and drove quickly towards the plane

After forcing the plane to a stop, the pilot came down and said

Brother, what are you doing?

The man said

Let's get on the plane, the pilot said impatiently

My cabin is already full

Tomorrow morning there will be more planes

The hero said who are you fooling?

Is there still tomorrow?

Anyway, if you don't let us get on the plane, I won't move the car

If not, no one will leave.

The pilot took a look

The driver had no choice but to let the man's family on the plane

It is said that everyone is afraid of scoundrels

The main family after two days of torment

soon went to sleep

When they opened their eyes again, it was already the next morning

They were so excited that they thought they were safe

But then another piece of debris fell not far away

The plane had to land.

Before the pilot died, he asked the hero to see

A military plane had landed nearby.

The hero guessed that the refuge must not be far away

So he led everyone to run wildly

Finally brought to the refuge by the military vehicle defense line

But the biggest piece of debris has already crashed

The heat will enter the battlefield in one minute and 20 seconds.

The good thing is that the people quickly entered the shelter.

Then the blast doors were closed.

People rushed all the way down to the bottom.

Everyone was chanting God.

The hero's family hugged and cheered each other on.

The heat wave is quickly approaching. The heat wave is getting closer and closer.

30 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds countdown.

Some people say

Before a person dies, there are flashes of his life before his eyes

At this moment, the main character began to flash before his eyes

The beautiful moments with his family

After this impact.

All traces of human civilization on Earth were erased

Many major cities became dead cities.

Nine months later, the blast doors opened.

The people who survived found

Greenland had been burned to the ground.

Luckily, the sun finally came out after the dust cleared.

People looked at the world before them and asked.

Is it safe out there now?

It's a bird flying by and people have confidence.

Birds are not afraid, we are afraid of birds.

As long as we live, there is hope for everything

This is a disaster drama film escape from the end

Humans are weak and small in front of nature

But humans have a rich imagination

That's why there are so many disaster movies

So that we can sit in front of the screen

Safe to experience the fear of the future

But when the end times really come

Who will you want to be by your side?


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