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Plot "Tabard" movie commentary copy

Plot"Tabard" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Tabard" movie commentary copy

He was the richest man in India

Even the knife used for shaving is pure gold

Living in luxury

Compared to the royal family

But no one would have thought

Not long ago, he was a

Living in the slums of the untouchables

He had to steal for a living

No one knew where his money came from

Only that suddenly one day

he had

An endless supply of gold coins

And his secrets

Hidden in this old mountain house

A legend has it that...

There is one in India

Named the goddess of prosperity

She is the symbol of infinite wealth

And a symbol of infinite food

The earth is her womb

At the beginning of creation

She gave birth to 160 million gods

But she only liked the first child

The god of greed


But Hasta was too greedy

Getting the goddess'

Unlimited wealth was not enough

He also wanted unlimited food

As a result, the gods were annoyed

They joined forces

The Hasta directly back to the original form

And the goddess couldn't bear it

Helped to save him

But on one condition.

That he would not be

To be worshipped by the people

To be forgotten forever

And then locked in the belly of the goddess

Enduring endless hunger

After a long time

Suddenly there appeared a

Strange village

They actually worshiped

This forgotten god


This village was under the spell of the gods

It rains and rains all year round

And still they persist


Through him

The villagers can enter the belly of the goddess

It's raining heavily this day

Two children brought food to their grandmother

But they were very afraid

Because it was said that the grandmother had

Lived for hundreds of years

And she would eat people

Just as they were getting up the courage

Into the locked cellar

Mother suddenly arrived

Angrily reprimanded the brothers

and then

went in herself with the food

She cut Grandma's nails

These feet alone

It is not easy to see

In the evening

Grandma woke up.

She kept making

A very horrible scream

Mom trembled and took the axe

Through the doorway, she said

(Go to sleep)

(Or Hasta will come for you!)

After saying that

Grandma immediately fell asleep.

No sound was heard.

The next day

My father died suddenly and without warning.

This made my mother feel

To stay here

There was no longer any point

So she decided to

to leave this hellish place

But just as she was about to leave

The youngest son had an accident

He fell unconscious

She was in a hurry

Carried her little son through the night

to the city for medical treatment

She left the task of bringing food to the old lady

to her eldest son

Before leaving

instructed him not to

wake up the old man

Or the old man would go crazy with hunger

he would eat people

The son continued to ask

What if the old man

still woke up?

The mother replied

Then shout the name "Hasta"

so that she would fall into a deep sleep.

Obviously this is a

very dangerous task.

But there was no choice.

The boy had to go on with his head

Out of fear

He accidentally spilled flour all over the floor

The boy rushed down to clean up

But the noise was too loud

Still woke up the old man

This scared the boy

Crawled along the wall

Leaned down to find out what was going on

(Come here, my boy)

(Open the door my child)

(I'm so hungry)

(Need something to eat)

Reason tells the boy

Never open the door

But the old man's words

made him turn back immediately


(Do you want it?)

It is true that in front of greed

Fear is so insignificant

The door was opened.

But the next moment he regretted it

Because the old man wanted to eat him

What's worse is that

He had forgotten the spell

He forgot the spell that his mother instructed before she left

By the time he tried to escape

It was already too late

He was locked in chains

The hungry old man

Dragged him back

At the critical moment

The boy finally recited the incantation


Finally escaped death

Because the youngest son was so badly injured

He lost his breath halfway.

So the woman decided

To take the older son away from this sad place

But the greedy oldest son felt

He had already mastered

A way to deal with the old man

He couldn't let go of the treasure in his grandmother's mouth

He thought he should go back

To ask for the whereabouts of the treasure

If she doesn't tell him

He would torture her

Until she lets go

At such a young age

Already blinded by greed

But the woman is very sober

Because she felt that her greed

Had angered the gods

That's why the youngest son was cursed

So she forced her oldest son to swear

never to return

to return to this village.

The older boy agreed.

But once the seed of greed is planted

How could he easily

To let these treasures

from his side?

Fifteen years later

The boy did break his vow

came back here

The man kicked open the wooden door

In the eerie old mansion

He found a body that had decayed

But his heart was still beating

Grandmother, who was still beating.

She was trapped here

Without food or water

For 15 years.

She has become one with the old house

Her body has turned into tree roots


(You have a tree growing on you)

The old man had already guessed

This grandson will definitely come back for the treasure

To come back to her

Because the word greed

Has been engraved in

In the bones of their family

And the purpose of the bearded man coming here

Is indeed to find the treasure

Because after he grew up

He grew up in poverty and misery

And finally had to break his vow

He came back here to look for gold

The old man naturally knew

His little mind

So he told him the secret of the treasure

But there was one condition

That is to set fire to herself

She had lived for hundreds of years

She's been tortured by the never-ending hunger


She had long since given up on living.

According to the information given by the old man

The bearded man did find out

The secret of his ancestor's riches

So he kept his promise

Set fire to the old man

And gave her freedom

That's all.

After that, every once in a while, the bearded man

He was able to get a few gold coins

Became a local tycoon

After she got rich

The bearded man indulged himself all day long

Indulge in paper and gold

This made the bald merchant next door

was very jealous

After all, not long ago

The other man still owed him a lot of money

He could barely eat the dirt

Now, on the contrary, he

Became a licking dog

Need to be subservient to him

Jealousy and greed

Like a reptile

Tearing at him like crazy

So in order to find out

The secret of the bearded man's riches

He played a beauty trick

He wanted to stall the bearded man

So as to free up time for himself

To go to Tabard village to find out what happened

But to his surprise

The bearded man was not stupid either

He had already seen through him

So he played his game

In front of the merchant's eyes

Into a dry well

In a short time

He climbed out

And deliberately took out the gold

He took out the gold and shook it

To lure the other party down

Sure enough, after the bearded man left

The merchant was impatient to

Walked over to the

Looking at the bottomless dry well

He was a little scared

But the desire for gold

Soon overcame his fear

He climbed down the rope

The deeper he went into the well

The more bizarre he felt

The walls around him were glowing red

It seemed to be a warning

Absolutely not to go deeper

But the businessman was not careful

He fell down

He took a look with the lantern

And then discovered to his horror

The wall actually seemed to be breathing

Constantly wriggling

It also secreted a foul-smelling mucus

After searching around

The merchant did not find

The gold coin's trace

Just when he was discouraged

He found an iron box

Could the gold be hidden inside

He touched it and then

He opened the box directly

And saw that what was inside

Was a flour figure

So all this

Was all a trap set by the bearded man

As long as the dough man

All exposed to the air

It will attract Hasta, the god of greed

Eternal hunger will force it

Eat any creature

And the reason why the bearded man is so rich

By stealing

Stealing the gold coins from Hasta's belt

But for safety's sake

Every time he came down

He would use raw flour

Draw a protective circle on the ground

Because the nemesis of the god of greed

is raw flour

Then he would use the cooked flour

To make a small dough man

To attract the attention of Hasta.

While he is eating.

Open the waistband of his pants

A lot of gold coins will spill out

At this time, you must move quickly

Otherwise, when Hasta finishes eating the noodle man

The next target is the gold digger

If you are accidentally bitten

It will become half of Hasta

In the endless years

Enduring eternal hunger

The pain of eternal hunger

Apparently the reason why the bearded grandmother

The reason why she could live so long

Was because she was bitten by a hasta

With the gold coins

gold coins from Hasta's body

The bearded man continued to

to live a rich life

And his car changed from a motorcycle

to a small car

And after having a child

The bearded man also trained him every day

Climbing ropes and collecting gold coins

Obviously want to pass on this ancestral craft

to pass on to the next generation

But he did not expect

His son was even greedier than him

This is the first time that his son

He came with his father to search for treasure

He didn't expect

The son's greed directly

almost got them killed

The father rushed over in time to save him

But who would have thought that the son for the gold coins

He rushed back again

Ripped the belt of the god of greed

Countless gold coins were scattered all over the place

After taking a few pieces

The boy then rushed

Crawled out of the cave with his father

He thought he would get the gold coins

Would be rewarded by his father

But the father pulled a face

To him is a severe beating

It turns out that

This time the father

Was planning to bring his son to practice

He didn't plan to bring a face

And not to bring out Hasta

But the son was too greedy

He disobeyed his father's advice.

He quietly brought a piece of the mask himself

It almost led to a tragedy.

If we don't teach him a lesson

Sooner or later, there will be a big mess

But the son's greed has been deeply rooted in his bones

He was greedy not only for money but also for sex

He had the idea

He's got it all in **

("When I grow up)

(I'll marry you)

The words successfully amused **

But also the father was enraged

He dragged his son

With an iron fist of love

To prevent himself from being beaten up again

The boy shouted by magic

("The gold coin is in his loincloth)

(Why not just steal the loincloth?)

But what he got was

But what he got was a blow from his father

Because Hasta eats very fast

There was not enough time

to steal the loincloth.

The son hastened to say again

We can bring more noodles

One person is responsible for feeding

The other one will take the opportunity to steal the loincloth

When the father heard that

Seems to make sense

I thought to myself

He is really my son

The IQ is just like his father

With the encouragement of his son

The next day

I took my son with me

together overnight to make the dough

But by the time they got down to

the belly of the goddess

Accidents happened

The father discovered to his horror

The number of Hasta would increase with

The number of face people increases

They had brought so many face people

Immediately, they were surrounded by Hasta

Surrounded by Hasta

It turned out that Hasta

Is the embodiment of greed

He changes with the greed of humans

He will change

He knew that he would not be able to escape today

After thinking for a while

The father decided

To leave the hope of life to his son

He tied all the masks

All tied to his body

With the intention of using himself as bait

To distract all the Hasta's attention.

So that his son could have a chance

To get out.

My son was saved.

But my father was bitten and scarred.

Everyone who is bitten by a Hasta

Will eventually become

Half of the same product

On the verge of becoming a monster.

My father handed it to his son

Hasta belt

But this time

The son refused to take it for anything

He cried and turned on the light

And threw it at his father and the money bag

At the cost of his father's life

The son finally understood

The greed of people

Never reach the end

No amount of gold coins is enough

Why not end it all

To haunt them

A curse that has been around for generations

The film is called Tabard

It is one of the best horror movies in India in recent years

One of the best horror movies in India

The film is beautifully set

The sound and atmosphere are just right

The plot also has a deep meaning

With the tragedy of three generations

It tells a

human parable about greed

In fact, in everyone's heart

There is a greedy God

Only those who know how to stop in moderation

to not be devoured


This is the end of today's story

I'm XXX. See you next time.

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