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Animation film "Yesterday's Sky" commentary text Commentary

Animationmovie "Yesterday's Sky" commentary textcommentary

Animation film "Yesterday's Sky" commentary text Commentary

Ah Yi woke up by the alarm clock

Today is the first day of senior high school

When he and his best friend Peanut hurried to the classroom

The teacher had already started to lecture

They tiptoed towards the classroom

But the teacher spotted them

The teacher gave them an exaggerated scolding

They were punished by standing in front of the podium

At that moment, a boy walked into the classroom without any delay

He walked towards his seat

The teacher yelled at him

The boy suddenly turned around

The teacher was taken aback

The teacher's attitude immediately became friendly

It turns out that this boy is the son of the director of education, Ah Xuan

He had just been transferred to this class

The students saw the teacher's appearance

Everyone was holding back their laughter

The teacher couldn't lose face anymore

She took it out on Yi, who liked to draw

She asked Yi to help Yao Tian, the publicity committee member

Finish the blackboard for this semester

After they finished school

Ah Yi called Yao Tian

He wanted to discuss with her how to design the board.

Yao Tian said she had to put down her dancing shoes first

Ah Yi was dragged into the basketball court by Ah Xuan

Ah Xuan was very good

Yi could only pass the ball to him

Yao Tian came back

Ah Yi suddenly asked Ah Xuan to give him the last ball

to himself

He had never played basketball before and actually scored

This little incident

made him get to know A-hsuan

On the way home with Yao Tian

The two of them talked about their dreams

Ah Yi wanted to draw cartoons

Yao Tian was envious of him

In the sound of the roaring train

Yi didn't hear what she said

Yao Tian leaned into his ear and said

It's good that you have something you like to do

A single gesture and a single word

made this big boy fall in love

He fell in love with her

The next night

The two of them designing the board

They ran into an angry Qi Ah Xuan

Yi went to comfort him

But he was pushed away

The paint on his hand splashed on the blackboard

A-hsuan realized his disorder

He picked up a rag and tried to wipe it off

But the more he wiped, the more splattered it became

Ah Yi wiped a little

Picked up the paint

The blue stain turned into

The white tower under the sky

After painting the board

Yi took them up to the tower

The three of them at sunset

Became good friends

They took Yao Tian home

But they met her mother

Yao Tian panicked and said

They are just her classmates from the dance studio

A Xuan also intervened and said: "Well, we are from the dance team

Now it was even more embarrassing

Ah Yi hurriedly pulled Ah Xuan and ran away

The next day

Their board drew the students'

praise from the students

The teacher also gave them a rare compliment

Yi wanted to make a poster about the college entrance examination

He asked Ah Xuan to help him find some

related materials

The cool-headed A-hsuan didn't agree

But the next day

he brought a pile of materials

A surprise for Ah Yi

But what made him even happier was

Yao Tian, his crush

actually gave him a comic magazine

Back home

Yi flipped through the comic magazine

On it were the words of blessing: "Try your best

The adolescent boy couldn't stop holding the comic

Because it was a gift from his crush

He decided to live up to Yao Tian's expectations

He decided to draw cartoons full-time from now on

The next day, Ah Yi asked Yao Tian to discuss the cartoon.

There was a click

Only when they were talking seriously did they realize

they were being photographed

A Xuan hurriedly asked him to hand over his camera

After school

Qi Ah Xuan invited Yi to go on a winter trip

Let him take Yao Tian with him

In this way, the four of them had a rare

They went on a rare relaxation trip together

We came to a forest where the snow had not yet disappeared

Playing snowball

Shake the tree trunk

Let the snow fall from the top of the trees

Having a great time

Qi Ah Xuan took them home at noon

Because the parents are divorced

Mom has always lived in the countryside

After lunch

The four of them chatted in the house

The house they lived in

The model airplane on the windowsill

Photos of various airplanes

Finally, the three of them knew

This big boy with a frosty face all day long

had a warm side to him

With this relationship

Ah Yi mustered up the courage

To put the cartoon he drew for Yao Tian

To put it in Yao Tian's magazine mailbox

When he got to the mailbox, he started to hesitate

Xuan came over and stuffed the drawing into the mailbox

Back at school

Ah Yi drew Yao Tian secretly

The teacher found out

The teacher reprimanded them both

Don't do such nonsense

Yao Tian lowered his head

At that moment, Qi Ah Xuan stood up

He said he asked Yi to draw it.

He helped them out

After school

A-yi drew the poster in a listless manner

Qi Ah Xuan grabbed the chalk

He asked Yi to accompany him to the arcade.

Because he had gotten a pilot's license.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Yao Tian in the hallway heard

also wanted to go with him

Came to the arcade and did not play for a while

Found Peanut surrounded by a group of punks

In order to save him

The four of them fought with the punks

A Xuan alone knocked out the other side

He told Ah Yi to pull Peanut to run quickly

Then pulled Yao Tian to run in the opposite direction

From the evening to the darkness

From the arcade to the alley

Ah Xuan wanted to look for Yi and the others

But Yao Tian grabbed him by the corner of his shirt

She confessed her love to him

She asked if she would never see Xuan again

If that's the case

I won't go to college either

A-hsuan was about to push Yao Tian away

Yi, who was worried about the safety of the two of them

appeared at the entrance of the alley

Ah Yi saw Ah Xuan

and his crush on the goddess were having an affair

It was obvious that Ah Xuan knew he liked Yao Tian

Yao Tian also received the painting he drew

The childish boy felt betrayed

He got on his car and left sadly

But he didn't know

Ah Xuan pushed Yao Tian away

He rejected her

A-hsuan went to join the pilot

And never came back

Ah Yi voluntarily gave up the college entrance exam

He planned to go to Shenzhen to pursue his dream of becoming a professional cartoonist

That night

In order to get extra points for the college entrance exams, Yao Tian

To participate in the art show competition

But it was raining heavily

Ah Yi was still worried about her

He rode his car to bring an umbrella to Yao Tian

But until everyone had left

He still hid and did not dare to go forward

Finally, he watched Yao Tian leave in the rain

Running further and further away

He was so frustrated

How can he not even have the courage to do so

He searched all the way through the rain

Finally on the stone road

He found Yao Tian who was soaked to the skin

Took her back to his house

He made ginger soup for her

And told her

I was going to Shenzhen to draw cartoons

She would not take the college entrance exam

Yao Tian suddenly thought that her magazines were in her wet school bag

She hurriedly took out all the magazines

Yi saw her own drawings in the pile of magazines

It was already drenched

Yao Tian hadn't had time to see his confession

He was wrong to blame them

The rain stopped.

Until he sent Yao Tian home.

I didn't have the courage to

To confess his love to her

Soon the college entrance exams came

Yi drew the last board for the students

Painted the last board

To cheer them on

He would also set off on the train to Shenzhen

At the train station

Yao Tian and Peanut came to see him off

She brought a souvenir book written for Yi by his classmates

On the train, Yi was looking through the souvenir books written by his classmates

He saw the photo that Ah Xuan had taken of himself and Yao Tian together

On the back of the photo, Ah Xuan wrote "try your best".

Only then did Ah Yi realize

It was not Yao Tian who gave her the magazine

but it was actually Ah Xuan

He looked up

On the distant platform

Ah Xuan was seeing him off from afar

Ah Yi ran past the carriages one by one

But he couldn't catch up with their lost youth

Yesterday's Sky" is a national comic released in 2018

The beautiful scenes are proof of the sincerity of the creators


The animation's stiff character movements

and slightly thin plot setting

There are still many problems

Chinese comics still have a long way to go

Although the stories of youth in it are not the same as many people

But they are in the beginning of the teenage years of the love

and make those absurd mistakes

A no experience but dare to say the promise of forever

Occasionally, when I think of it, I still blush.

This is perhaps the precious memories that youth brings us

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