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Horror film "alive" commentary copy

Horror film "Alive" commentary text

Horror film "alive" commentary copy

Vegetarians, they do not eat fish, chicken, any animal, only food made of vegetable oil, but as soon as they taste the deliciousness of meat once, even unconsciously, they can not control their desire, and even eat each other like. Everyone has heard similar horror stories, woke up, sleeping next to a loved one is gnawing on your limbs, and here to say that the film "raw food", is a very raw horror film, the film is called "raw food", the heroine of the family are firm vegetarians, he inadvertently ate a meatball in the meal, that and He accidentally ate a meatball in the meal, that is similar to our reaction to accidentally eating a toast.

Bai is going to report to medical school and he is a little nervous. At night, Bai found out that the dormitory of the school is the female mixed living, Bai's teacher friend is a gay. The university is a large group of students together in a group of devils, on the first day of school at the party Xiaobai found her sister studying in this school, the sister took Xiaobai to visit the school, from the school's group photo, it turns out that their parents were also alumni back then, and also more open, Xiaobai's veterinary school has a strange traditional activities, new students will always be elder, elder sisters baptism, such as they will give The new students will be splashed with animal blood and also eat rabbit guts raw.

White refused. But his sister told him that the first time is always painful, and it will be fine afterwards, and this stuff is very tonic ah! After eating it can make you float immortal. He turned on the light and saw that his whole body was red and swollen, he was scratching. It turned out that he was allergic after eating rabbit offal White went to the infirmary, but the allergy was cured, but the problem did not seem to be solved. From there on Xiaobai gradually became interested in meat, he could not resist stealing a piece of pork in the cafeteria, Xiaobai's roommate saw that Xiaobai wanted to eat meat, but was afraid that others would find it, so he took him to eat outside the school by car, Xiaobai's desire for meat continued to intensify, and in the middle of the night would take raw pork in the refrigerator to eat, and even when he talked to the teacher would unconsciously eat his own hair, Xiaobai sensed that he seemed to Something was wrong.

He was afraid that others would find out about his strange fetish, so he went to talk to his sister, who was unimpressed. He also took Bai to stand outside to pee and let himself go. The two of them went back to the room to remove the hair of the sister said, to use scissors, the result of the two pulling accidentally cut off the sister's finger, the sister fainted, Xiaobai called the infirmary after the sister's broken finger dazed some.

Under the struggle, he finally could not hold back his inner desire, to sister's finger down the mouth, the expression, simply eat the delicious. It's so delicious, Xiao Bai is eating,

Sister even woke up at this time, the scene was once very awkward, sister woke up, that is quite angry ah, how can you eat my finger I am your own sister ah. Sister cured finger and did not give parents to say things about Xiaobai. Sister took Xiaobai outside, Xiaobai thought sister to find their own account, or talk, I did not expect him to mention, as if he did not care, then sister suddenly rushed to the road, and at this time just a car rushed by, and then there was a car accident, Xiaobai, frightened and panicked.

He ran over to see his sister, but she was fine, but the owner of the car was dead, and Bai finally knew what was going on, so his sister also likes to eat human flesh. He deliberately created the car accident, although Bai did not eat the owner of the car, but he is also trying to restrain,

After that he had a strong interest in men. He wanted to eat meat, or something else, anyway, looking at the surprising nosebleed. Gradually, Bai began to indulge himself, wearing sexy skirts, touching the bright lipstick, twisting the buttocks small waist, and he also had sex with his roommate. Now, Xiaobai finally understood, high school teachers often say, now tight tight to the university is loose. It really is loose.

At the time of the relationship, Xiaobai's state is very crazy, it seems several times, are trying to bite the roommate, and finally he bit his arm hard, it can be seen. Although Xiaobai has the desire, but also trying to control and repress themselves, Xiaobai looking for roommate, did not expect the roommate but a face of pain. The roommate is gay, after so much stimulation Xiaobai, is completely relaxed, the day of the wine, drink unconscious.

The second day of class, Bai found that other girls are away from him, she smelled, no armpit odor, no other abnormal body ah, not long after the roommate dragged him into the toilet. White also thought that the homosexual had changed his mind, who knew that the roommate showed him a video, the video sister with a corpse tempted White, next to a group of people watching and coaxing ah! The drunken White like a dog to let people play, White angry, he ran and sister in public bite, 2 people bite each other inextricably, but after all is a sister, not long to each other under the comfort of dressing each other's wounds, and then turn White, woke up from a deep sleep, sleeping next to a colleague, White very happy, hands can not help but touch down, hands touching the roommate felt wrong, lift the quilt, look at the roommate long dead on the thighs of the meat, was chewed up a large part of the small white thought they ate, she cried and asked, why not resist, not long, he found a hole in the back of the roommate. It turns out that the sister under the hand, the result of eating the whole person is frozen, Xiaobai would have liked to kill him. But Bai could not do it, he pulled his sister to the bathroom to carefully clean her body sub, and took his sister to the head of the.

The end of the film is a highlight, the father and Xiaobai talk. He said, things have come to this point, not the fault of Xiaobai, nor the sister's fault, he untied his clothes, revealing a large horrific wounds, shocking scars, the original Xiaobai family with a cannibalistic gene, Mom, and Dad had found when the school,

Their family has always eaten vegetarian, is afraid of their daughter's meat, desire to awaken the story ends here, just like the father's last words. According to Xiao Bai's performance, he should be able to control himself, some people feel that this film is not much fun, is naked by the blood to the eyeballs. The director just pretended to eat people, such a bold and straightforward form to tell us a simple and profound truth, everyone's heart is hiding a bunch of desires, desires are often pejorative, even if you say the ideal is also a form of desire, you are born to be different from the subject is because you can control their own desires, this is a very realistic film, with a general horror film can not reach the profound This is a very realistic film, with a profound theme that the average horror film cannot reach.


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