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Love comedy movie "the taste of love" commentary copy

Love Comedy Movie "The Taste of Love" Commentary Copy

Today about a Korean film that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

The Taste of Love.

The heroine is a urologist.

This face, this haircut is not a bit like Yanni it.

The main character is a urologist, this face, this haircut is not a bit like Yan Ni, her job is to do surgery on men's small DD.

The day can be said to be reading D countless.

The reason for the occupation.

So far there is no boyfriend.

The reason is that no man is willing to find a woman who deals with other men's small DD every day to be a girlfriend Jane also has a problem, is allergic to chili peppers.

Seven years ago, she went out with her first boyfriend.

After dinner.

The two of them chewed on a park bench.

She forgot that her boyfriend had eaten chili peppers during dinner.

He was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The main character of the film is a gynecologist, but on the contrary.

His profession.

He is a gynecologist, and his profession is to perform tightening surgery on women's SHZH system.

Because of his good technique and handsome man.

So every day, there are long lines of people seeking his surgery.

But Qiang's heart also has a very big pain.

He had a pain in his heart that his brother had not gotten up in 7 years.

He used a lot of methods, but it did not work.

One day at a party organized by the hospital

One day at a party organized by the hospital, Ah Zhen met his true love, Ah Wen.

He was so elegant and graceful.

The most important thing is that he doesn't eat chili.

After the meal, Ah Wen drove Ah Zhen downstairs.

Love comedy movie "the taste of love" commentary copy

He asked him to have dinner alone some day.

Ah Zhen held back her happiness and couldn't wait to agree.

At that moment, Ah Wen saw that Ah Zhen's shoelaces were loose.

He personally squatted down to help him tie his shoes.

Looking at Ah Wen kneeling down on one leg.

A Zhen's whole body melted.

Such a warm man is not the dish I want, is not it?

That day, Ah Wen really called.

He asked Jane to go to dinner with him.

Looking at Ah Wen's stammering face.

The first time I saw him, I was happy and happy.

This guy must be confessing his love to himself.

Love really needs courage.

To face the gossip.

Just one look of affirmation from you

My love will mean something.

We all need the courage

To believe that we'll be together.

I can feel you in the crowd.

Put it in my hand.

I can feel you in my hand.

Suddenly came a sentence.

I want to give my fiancée a chance to have my penis circumcised.

I want to give my fiancée a good feeling.

The expectation of surprise Zhen was instantly petrified.

I've been waiting for half a day.

You actually want me to operate on your second brother.

So the most promising relationship has gone down the drain.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do the surgery.

You can't have surgery in a bo-bo state.

I don't have a bo-bo.

Teacher, it's the highest record.

Keep your voice down, it's too loud.

It was just after dawn.

It was just after dawn when Jane was woken up by the loud noise of gymnastics next door.

She was awakened by the loud sound of gymnastics.

But before she had a chance to complain about the right posture.

But before she could complain about the correct posture, she heard the sound of the electric drill drilling the wall upstairs.

Zhen's heart was racing with millions of mud horses.

Drilling people and drilling walls.

I can't let this single dog.

I'm a single dog, I can't live a good life anymore.

So she went to the property to complain.

She ran into the new man who moved in upstairs, Ah Qiang.

Without saying a word, he said to Qiang

What are you drilling in the morning?

You do not let others live.

But Ah Qiang smiled slightly.

Hm, you are a single dog, right?

You're a single dog, you're not clapping for love for a long time.

It's an endocrine disorder.

This is a disease, must be treated.

A Zhen was dumbfounded at that moment.

Who are you calling a single dog?

You are the single dog, you can't even lift it, right?

Your brother is not smaller than a caterpillar.

The first time I said that Ah Qiang also confused.

Who can't lift up, your whole family is the caterpillar.

But before he had a chance to retaliate, Zhen left.

Ah Qiang was so angry.

Not only was he scolded by Zhen.

The most important thing is his own pain point.

The most important thing is that the pain point is really hit by him, Ah Qiang a gynecologist.

The actual fact is that you have seen everything.

So his little brother.

The woman is not interested in all of them.

He himself is also very distressed.

often consult urologists on the Internet, looking for solutions.

He often consulted urologists online to find a solution.

This day just parked the car, Ah Qiang encountered a reverse parking.

The technique is not good.

The car was parked for him.

And parked his car in two spaces.

Ah Mei just said thank you to him.

Ah Qiang said to him arrogantly

No thanks, I'm just afraid of bumping into my car.

I'm just afraid of bumping into my car, so I'll just leave.

I'm confused, fuck! Like my Ah Mei outstanding looks.

I'm a beautiful woman with outstanding looks and body.

I can't believe I met such indifference.

Good you succeeded in getting my attention.

The two just left.

Jane drove back.

She found her own parking space.

I can't believe it was taken by Keung from upstairs.

This made him angry, the quality is too low, right?

He called the cell phone number he left on the car.

But then Ah Qiang was taking a shower and did not hear.

So Jane went upstairs to find the past.

At this time, Ah Qiang just went out to get a delivery door was left open.

Aqiang easily entered Aqiang's home.

A strong back from the courier was sent to him by a friend.

The oil that can make the penis wipe up.

The other side of Ah Qiang saw this scene.

He was so scared that he hid.

But hiding here is not an option.

It's better to climb out.

But just in time to meet with Ah Qiang.

Both of them were so scared that they screamed.

The next day Ah Cheng's gynecology clinic opened.

The next day, Cheng's gynecology clinic opened, but he found the urology clinic next door.

The next day, Cheng's gynecology clinic opened, and he found out that the urology clinic next door was the same one he had consulted online.

What's more coincidental is that

This clinic also happens to be run by Ah Zhen.

I bet the male specialist I consulted for so long

It's Zhen.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what's wrong with you.

Aqiang was so scared that he hid.

The two of them soon ran into each other.

The two soon ran into each other again.

But neither of them thought about who to pay attention to, the evening meal, the two met again in the restaurant.

Two people met again in the restaurant.

The two people met again in the restaurant in the evening, and it was fate to meet each other.

So the two groups of people came together at a table.

As the only male, Ah Qiang decided to treat the guests.

After learning that Zhen could not eat chili peppers.

After learning that Zhen couldn't eat chili, he ordered him a spicy seafood noodle.

Seeing that Zhen did not eat,

When Zhen didn't eat it, Ah Qiang started to pour wine into Zhen.

Although the chili can not eat wine should be able to drink it.

He Zhen asked to be unable to survive Ah Qiang and followed him to drink up.

A few bottles of sake down.

Everyone was a little drunk.

Zhen and Qiang both dislike each other.

The smell of gunpowder in the conversation is naturally getting stronger and stronger.

Precious pulled Ah Qiang.

You can't do it, you've seen too many small movies.

Ah Qiang was angry when he heard that.

Aqiang was so angry that he accidentally put the rice on Zhen.

Everyone in the room was blinded.

Ah Qiang looked straight at Zhen and said: Sorry.

He Zhen was also angry.

She grabbed the casserole and smashed it at Ah Qiang.

Ah Qiang was knocked to the ground.

Seeing that Zhen was leaving, she tried to stop him.

He tried to stop him but fell down accidentally.

He also took off Zhen's skirt.

Now Ah Zhen is completely mad.

You're a perverted, nasty, shameless caterpillar.

Then he put on his pants and hit Ah Qiang.


Amei found out the information of Ah Qiang through various means.

It turns out that Qiang is not only handsome.

He is also a very rich man.

Last year's tax payment alone was 1 billion.

One billion! Holy shit! I'm sorry.

He Mei listened to the two eyes are straight green light.

This kind of diamond single king of the old man.

Meet me is completely ruined.

As the saying goes.

And want to keep the man's insights first to grab the man's stomach.

So he in the days that followed.

deliberately create a chance encounter with Ah Qiang.

and personally made a meal for Ah Qiang.

rich and delicious dinner.

This will be a strong to eat the tears are almost out.

Growing up.

I have never eaten such delicious dog food.

Ah Mei saw that the time was right.

I've never eaten such delicious dog food.

Look sexy.

I was so excited inside.

Please forgive me for my life of debauchery and love of freedom.

So Ah Qiang quickly fled the scene of the hair car.

And at this time, because of the failure of a blind date, Zhen

The person is drinking wine.

He was so cold.

He began to sneer at the two men next to him.

Don't be shy, little brother.

It's not your fault, either.

All Korean men are small.

You two are not an exception.

Come to me and I'll give you five times the size.

The first two little guys couldn't take it anymore.

The first two boys couldn't take it anymore and came up to beat him up.

At this time, Ah Qiang happened to pass by and rushed up to relieve the situation.

So two people beat Ah Qiang to a beating.

The next day Zhen woke up from Ah Qiang's bed.

The next day, Zhen woke up from Zhen's bed and found a few drops of blood around her, Zhen immediately exploded.

I've kept the original phone film for more than 30 years.

You broke it.

Without saying a word, she cursed at Ah Qiang.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

The nosebleed was from the beating he took last night.

A Zhen was very embarrassed after hearing this.

She left in a hurry.

At this time, Ah Zhen's clinic because of the doctor-patient conflict, Ah Qiang rushed to help.

Ah Qiang rushed to help.

He was beaten by a group of women on the ground.

Ah Qiang helped himself.

Zhen seems to be less annoyed with this man.

She seems to be less annoyed with this man.

He asked Keung about a man and woman in a room together.

The man did not do anything to the woman.

Either the woman is unattractive or the man is not.

Then why are you?

Qiang said, "I just want to protect you.

I just want to protect you.

Besides, it's not good to touch a drunk woman, right?

After saying that, Ah Qiang left.

The speaker had no intention to listen, but the listener had a heart.

But Qiang took the words "I just want to protect you" to heart.

I just want to protect you.

I don't know why.

I don't know why I said that.

So he asked his colleague and said.

I just want to protect you.

Will it make the girl think that she likes him?

The colleague asked in return.

If the guy doesn't like him.

The guy said that if he didn't like him, how could he say something like I just want to protect you?

Qiang was stunned.

I can, maybe.

I think I really like Jane.

I don't know.

The first time I saw you, I got a phone call from Amy.

The light bulb at home is broken, so he can help to fix it.

Ah Mei said.

The family really must have a man it.

And she said, "I'm going to use the knife on purpose.

Ah Qiang said nervously, "Are you okay?

Ah Mei said, "Yes, I'm fine.

I just want to make you a breakfast.

I'm just trying to cook you a breakfast, and then I went to nibble on Ah Qiang.

Ah Qiang half-legged and half-committed to say that we are not good, right?

But at that moment.

He suddenly realized that Ah Qiang did not really want it.

Maybe he really can't.

Soon after, Jane's best friend got married.

Because her husband is also a doctor.

So all the local peers basically came over.

Zhen just met Ah Wen and Ah Wen's fiancee.

Wen introduced to his fiancée that

A Zhen is one of the few female urologists.

The fiancee was happy to hear that.

So she's the girl who has a crush on you.

I thought she was a beautiful woman.

It turned out to be an older woman.

Now I'm relieved.

Just when Ah Zhen was dying of embarrassment, Ah Qiang appeared in time.

He said he was her boyfriend.

And gave Ah Zhen relief.

After that, the two of them went to the riverside together.

Looking at the beautiful night scene, they talked about their ideals and life.

The atmosphere between them became ambiguous.

At that moment, the waiter appeared and

The waiter appeared and broke the beautiful atmosphere between them.

Just as the two were about to get up and leave.

When they were about to leave, Qiang's penis got excited again.

He hit the table in one fell swoop.

The situation was very awkward for a while.

When they got home, Qiang was a little embarrassed, but still happy.

But he was still very happy.

At least he knew that Zhen

At least he knew that Precious didn't hate him so much anymore.

He pulls an ice pack to cool his little brother down.

He was smiling like a fool.

So the next day, he asked Precious out again.

As the two of them were chatting happily.

He Mei came over with her ex-boyfriend.

Ah Mei asked Ah Zhen: Sister.

Do you mind if your boyfriend...

I don't think your future husband is good at that.

Zhen said: Yes, definitely yes, you can be skinny.

You can be as thin as a bone.

But not not.

He Mei said yes.

A strong brother has not told you that he can not do things.

Zhen froze.

Ah Qiang can no longer sit up and leave.

I'm a seven-foot man and you're telling me I can't do it in front of a bunch of old ladies.

I 10,000 fucking horses.

But then I thought about what they said is the truth, ah.

How can I be a man after this?

At that moment, Zhen came up and explained to him that

I really don't know.

Keung, I really like you.

Don't be angry, okay?

But at this time, Ah Qiang was angry.

He deliberately said that he didn't snap her when she was drunk.

It wasn't because he wanted to protect him.

But because he couldn't.

After hearing this, Zhen was very sad and left.

But before Zhen could get very far.

Aqiang regretted his impulse.

He knows very well that he likes Zhen.

But just now, he was still angry.

That's why he said what he said.

So he went after her again.

So he went after her again and pulled her away and kissed her together.

But because Ah Qiang had just eaten chili peppers.

So Zhen was sent to the hospital because of her allergy.

After Zhen got well, the two of them went back to their respective homes.

Thinking back on the good memories they had shared in the past two days.

Once the seeds of love sprouted.

Once the seed of love sprouted, how could it wither easily?

At this time, Ah Qiang ran to the downstairs of Zhen's house.

Picked up a small loudspeaker.

He expressed his love in a loud voice.

Precious, I love you, Precious, I want to sleep with you.

I want to have a monkey with you.

Precious was dumbfounded.

She rushed downstairs and said to Keung, "What are you doing?

He said, "Precious, I like you, I can't do it.

But only with other women.

You are the only one I can stand up as a man.

You're the only woman I can stand up and be a man.

Be my girlfriend.

Zhen was so happy to hear that.

That's great.

I don't have to worry about cheating on my girlfriend anymore.

So Jane agreed to Qiang's confession.

From then on, the

Zhen fell in love with Ah Qiang.


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