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Fantasy "Wooden Beauty" movie commentary copy Commentary

Fantasy "Wooden Beauty" movie commentary copy commentary

Fantasy "Wooden Beauty" movie commentary copy Commentary

This man is obsessed with a 1000-year-old wooden beauty

Could not resist kissing

He took off the necklace around the neck of the puppet

Never thought the puppet would come to life

The men wanted to study the authenticity of the necklace

But the sudden resurrection of the puppet was a shock

The story of this wooden beauty begins 1000 years ago

A beautiful farm girl, Jessie, fell in love with a handsome prince

Because of the Queen's opposition

They could only meet and elope together

Unexpectedly, they met an ambush from the queen halfway

The two were stopped in their tracks.

First, the queen ordered the prince to give up Jessie

But the prince and Jesse are the true love

Naturally, they would not agree

This is the evil sorcerer

Took out a necklace

And tricked Jesse into wearing it.

Jesse didn't care about gold or silver jewels

The prince who didn't know the truth took the necklace as a symbol of love

He brought it around Jesse's neck with his own hands

Unexpectedly, Jesse turned into a puppet instantly

The prince then realized that the necklace was cursed

The queen told him the way to lift the curse

After 1,000 years

Jesse met someone who truly loved her

To remove the necklace with her own hands, the curse could be lifted.

The prince tried to take off the necklace

But he couldn't do it at all

The angry prince cursed the whole kingdom never to see the sun.

It rained and rained all day long.

A thousand years had passed.

The story of the wooden beauty who was cursed

became a legend.

The puppet became an exhibit in the museum

And the evil sorcerer had been watching Jesse for a thousand years.

He wanted to wait until the curse was lifted

To take Jesse for himself

On the other hand, the main character, Xiao Shuai, makes his official debut.

Today was Shuai's first day at work in the department store

He drove straight to the unit in a hurry

After arriving at the mall

In order to prevent his car from being stolen

He took off the steering wheel

This wave of operation certainly works

Xiao Shuai's job was to help Black organize the Wooden Beauty exhibition

While Black was telling Shuai about the legend of the wooden beauty

Suddenly received the news that the car transporting the puppet had a car accident

Rush to the scene of the accident with Xiaoshuai

When they arrived

Just in time to see the puppet fell out of the car

Fell into the water

Xiao Shuai thought it was a real person in the water

A head into the lake

Diving underwater only to find that it was a puppet

There is a necklace around the neck

After rescuing the puppet to shore

Complained to the black brother

On the way back Xiao Shuai help wipe off the water on the puppet

Touched the necklace

But he did not notice at all

This moment the puppet has signs of life

After returning to the mall

Xiaoshuai was alone in the warehouse to clean up the models

See the puppet brought back so realistic

He couldn't hold back for a moment

Actually kissed it

Then took off the necklace

But he did not notice the change of the puppet

Just want to study the authenticity of the necklace

Suddenly heard a woman talking

The moment he turned back, he was almost scared to death

The wooden model came back to life

Xiao Shuai thought he was out of his mind

After the resurrection, Jesse kept calling Xiaoshuai a prince

Because it is too similar

She did not know that the necklace was cursed

She thought she had just slept

That's when Shuai realized that the legend was true

He told Jessie that you were cursed by the wizard

You've been asleep for a thousand years

Jessie thought the prince was joking with her

In order to prove to Jesse

Little Marshal took out the fire extinguisher

Because there was no such thing a thousand years ago

I did not expect to spray Jesse unconscious

Xiao Shuai took Jesse to his home

At the same time, the evil wizard also arrived here

This also means that Shuai and Jesse will be in danger

Little Marshal came to bring Jesse breakfast

Only to find that Jesse had turned back into a puppet

Just now Jesse had just finished taking a shower

He picked up the necklace on the table by hand

Put it on his neck

Xiao Shuai was happily preparing breakfast outside

The mother suddenly saw her son so excited

She thought that her son had brought his girlfriend home.

She thought that her son had brought his girlfriend home

At this moment, Jesse turned back into a puppet again

Xiao Shuai had no idea what was going on

They did not know that the necklace was cursed

The mother came to the room

She found that her son had brought home his girlfriend as a puppet

It was hard to accept

Just then the evil wizard arrived at the mall.

He knew that Jesse's curse would be lifted in the next few days.

He wanted to take Jesse for himself.

Only to find that Jesse wasn't here.

He was about to go off on a rant.

Then Little Master showed up with Jesse in his arms.

The sorcerer looked at the young master and he looked familiar.

Because he looked exactly the same as the prince a thousand years ago.

The wizard chased the crowd away.

He didn't want anyone else to touch Jesse.

Just waiting for the curse to be lifted

Getting Jesse

After the sorcerer left

Handsome confessed to the puppet

He wanted Jesse to come back to life

Black didn't know the truth

Thought Shuai was out of his mind

To fall in love with a puppet

Xiao Shuai did not want to explain more

He had to leave despondently

But then Black was suddenly attracted by the necklace and took it off

He didn't notice Jesse's change at all

He went to the mirror and started to look good

Put the necklace on his own neck

Instantly turned into a puppet

Jesse was afraid that Black would find out

Quietly ran out

Just after Jesse left the wizard's men came back to guard Jesse

But he found Black with Jesse's necklace

Pulled it off

Black then turned back into a person

The necklace was here, but Jesse was gone.

Now they thought that the story of Jesse's curse might be true.

The three of them were afraid that the wizard would punish them

They rushed to find Jesse

Xiao Shuai found that something was wrong with Black

Black also felt strange

He didn't know what had just happened

Until Shuai told them that Jesse had come back to life

The curse of 1,000 years ago was true

Black realized that the culprit was the necklace

The two of them also started to search for Jesse

The wizard's three men found Jesse first

And Jesse also recognized them

These three men were very strong in limbs


Jesse was easily shaken off

Then the sorcerer found the little handsome

He recognized him as the prince who fell in love with Jesse a thousand years ago

In order to get Jesse for himself

He ordered his men to kill Little Marshal first

He took out his bow and arrow

He shot two arrows at Little Marshal

Unfortunately, they missed

Also found by the small handsome

The two of them split up and ran away

The wizard picked up a flower pot and hit Xiaoshuai again

Unfortunately, this skill needs more practice

And he missed once

At this time Jesse to avoid the wizard's pursuit

In the mall to change clothes

Just in time to see Xiao Shuai running past

The three thugs were chasing after him

Jesse grabbed a go-kart

Chased after him

Called handsome to get in the car

The two of them practiced a few drifting moves in the mall

The wizard wore armor

Trying to stop the kart

Jesse's driving skills are still not very good.

Shuai was knocked out of the car

And Jesse drove the kart out of the mall

For Jesse, who does not know how to drive at all

The road is more dangerous

The beautiful Jessie is trying to escape the wizard.

Driving a go-kart on the road to shuttle back and forth

Simply can not stop

Xiao Shuai shouted at the back to apply the brake

But she does not know what the brake is something

This is not strange

Because she came from a thousand years ago

She was cursed by a sorcerer and turned into a puppet

Just after the curse was lifted, she was hunted by the wizard.

Handsome was worried that something might happen to Jesse.

Rushing back home by car

Saw the go-kart

Fortunately, Jesse's sense of direction is good

At this time Jesse was leisurely eating popcorn

Watching TV programs

Little handsome know that the home is not safe

Wanted to take Jesse out of here

But it was already too late

The wizard was coming after him with his men

He had to tell Jesse to wait upstairs

Marshal came downstairs to try to hold off the wizard

But the wizard accused Shuai of stealing the puppet

Shuai was taken as a thief

He was pinned to the wall

The wizard came upstairs

And saw Jesse

Took out the necklace again

Turned Jesse into a puppet again

Handsome told the crowd

Jesse is not a puppet

If you get the necklace, you can come back to life

But no one believed it.

Even the mother thought her son had fallen in love with a dummy

The wizard tried to take the puppet away

But was stopped by the mall manager

Because they had signed a contract

To keep the puppet as an exhibit

To be displayed in the mall for one day

Now the exhibition has not yet started

The puppets could not be taken away

The wizard had no choice

He had to agree.

Jesse was locked in a cage

Handsome was also arrested

The next day Black disguised as a police officer

He came to the bureau and took away Xiao Shuai

They disguised as reporters to blend into the exhibition

On the stage

The wooden beauty slowly fell with the music

Xiao Shuai pretended to be a prince

Jumped onto the stage

The wizard came on stage

Stopping Little Marshal's plan

The two began the final duel on the stage

With the help of Brother Black

Little Marshal defeated the sorcerer

The sorcerer was knocked off the stage

Then Shuai took off the necklace

Jesse came back to life again

But the sorcerer didn't know how to fight

He took out his pistol

Forcibly took Jesse away

To the roof of the building

His men had prepared a hot air balloon for him

At the last moment when the balloon was taking off

Xiao Shuai pulled the rope

Jesse also broke free from the rope tied to his hands

The wizard thought he would have Jesse forever.

The next second, Little Marshal climbed up.

A punch knocked down the wizard

Choking him.

But Marshal couldn't bear to be born

Controlled by the sorcerer

The moment of crisis

Jesse took out the necklace

Put it on the wizard's neck

The sorcerer did not expect it

His necklace will be turned into a puppet

Two men accidentally knocked over the wizard

The three men tried to catch the wizard.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The sorcerer turned into a puppet and fell to pieces

There was no chance of resurrection

Finally swept into the car by the garbage truck

From then on, Xiao Shuai and Jesse live a happy life without shame

This is the end of the film

By the way

The female lead in this film is simply too beautiful

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