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Drama movie "escape from life" movie review commentary material after viewing

Drama movie "Escape from Heaven" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Drama movie "escape from life" movie review commentary material after viewing

Da Jun and Qiang are brothers who work in the fire department.

In a mock rescue, Qiang gives up two dummies to save a teammate

Ah Qiang thinks his brother is more important than the dummies, but his brother Da Jun thinks he is negligent in his duty

Because they had no choice in the fire scene because of their duty, discipline is discipline

Soon after the firefighting industry uncle hopes that the two can resign to help themselves

Ah Qiang agreed on the spot just promoted Da Jun refused his uncle's kind offer

Nowadays, buildings are getting taller and taller, and fire prevention systems are certainly important.

But if something unfortunate happens, it will be more difficult to save people in case of fire on the upper floors

Da-jun didn't want to give up the first line of rescue for money because the most important thing in firefighting is to save lives

Ah Qiang was determined to go his separate way from his brother and took another elevator when he left

Four years later, one day in Guangzhou, a rare foggy weather since the beginning of summer

Three consecutive days of heavy rain caused the ground humidity to increase

The weather suddenly opened up and the temperature rose sharply, resulting in a rare radiation fog.

His wife Sile reminded Dajun that he was going to be a father soon and should take care of his health.

Dajun said he couldn't accompany her to the doctor today

Sile instantly turned pale, and Dajun did not tell her about this in advance

Dajun tried to argue but could only reluctantly admit that his meeting had been temporarily rescheduled to the morning

Although Dajun kept denying it, Sihle knew he didn't want the baby very much

Because his job is too dangerous, after becoming a father, Da-jun has to consider quitting.

In the face of Sihle's persistent pressure, Da-jun could only delay again and say he would talk about it in the evening.

The sense of responsibility makes it hard for Da-jun to leave the job and he can't make a commitment at the moment

Si Le went to the clinic alone and Ah Qiang happened to be in the same building

They hadn't seen each other for a long time, and today was the opening day of Qiang's new company

His company is on the 40th floor and is responsible for the fire protection system of the whole building

The two brothers hadn't seen each other for four years, and when they talked about Da-jun, Qiang still had problems with his words.

Keung was late because of the traffic jam and his fiancée Bing Bing was very concerned about him

The two of them are working together as a couple, and in only four years, they have made the company a thriving business

Because of his experience as a fireman, Qiang is very familiar with this business

He used to really want to be a fireman for life, training day in and day out.

Accidents don't wait for anyone, and Qiang is always ready to do his best.

Whenever he saw the dead in the fire, he always asked himself if he could do more.

When Qiang was a firefighter, he always saved one person at a time, but he wasn't very efficient.

Now he keeps doing research and development because he wants his system to protect more people

In the building, a worker from the jewelry store, Ah Hao, was going to steal the diamonds when the manager Sun was not ready

Only after a colleague, Tung, discouraged him from stealing the diamonds

Mei Mei and Xin also brought their daughter Lin Lin to the studio being renovated

Bao Qiang, the security guard in the air-conditioning system control room, urged the maintenance worker

The equipment in the motor room must run at a constant temperature, but the air conditioner is not sure when it will be repaired

Dingqiang went to the 32nd floor and found that the goods previously stacked here had not been removed

Bao Qiang immediately reported the matter to Gao Sheng, his colleague and father

Gao Sheng said he would go down later and let his son continue to patrol

The firefighters didn't dare to slow down at all and did their training in the bad weather

Da Jun although full of reluctance but still after repeatedly hesitated to resign

Captain as early as six years ago when Dajun and Sihle got married guessed that he would leave sooner or later

But Dajun had already passed the promotion exam and it was a pity to resign now.

However, Dajun has already thought it over, his wife and children are more important to him now

Sile is almost three months pregnant, but Da Jun has never accompanied her to the maternity checkup

Meanwhile, a maintenance worker threw away his cigarette and went to eat with his friends

The sweltering heat allowed the cigarette to reignite instantly, and sparks soon ignited the woven bag

Fortieth floor Ah Qiang will be hidden under the phone ring to create a surprise to Bing Bing proposed

The alarm bell suddenly sounded and broke the romantic atmosphere between the two of them

At this time it was not yet time to test the system and the alarm lights on each floor were on

Ah Qiang suspected that it was a false alarm and the assistant had just received a report from the main computer room

The maintenance led to a partial shutdown of the air conditioning in the basement, which coincided with a heavy fog.

The dampness of the surrounding area was like a yellow plum day, which further caused the mainframe to malfunction

It's common for the alarm to sound incorrectly due to wet weather, and it happened to Ah Qiang when he was a firefighter.

But he had never seen a false alarm on every floor... and the whole building's air conditioning system stopped working.

The assistant came to investigate outside the air-conditioning room, unaware of the fire burning inside

After the short circuit was repaired, the signal was back to normal and only the air conditioning room was still alarming

Keung was still unsure and asked his assistant to go in and check if it was really a false alarm

The moment the door was opened, the air rushed in and the fire in the room burst into flames

Keung saw the new alarm and immediately contacted his assistant, but the other party had already been buried in the fire

When he saw the situation, he went to the lobby and arranged for the guests to evacuate in an orderly manner

Ah Qiang arranged for his secretary to take the guests from the first staircase and reminded her to bring the emergency kit

Meanwhile, the fire had spread to all floors of the building through the exhaust ducts

The trading company on the first floor caught fire instantly and the workers inside saw the situation and ran away

The firefighters put down their meals and rushed to the rescue at the first opportunity

Although he had already submitted his resignation report, the army did not hesitate to get into the car

The building was in a state of panic, and Si Le was incoherent when he picked up Da Jun's phone.

Da-jun reassured her that he would be there soon, but Si-la was not sure of her exact location

Dajun asked the doctor to take his wife out of the building, but the fire was too big to leave

While they were talking, the ceiling fell not far from them and the crowd around them became more alarmed

Sile was at a loss as to what to do, and Da-jun could only tell her to run upwards

In the fire scene, if the smoke downstairs is too big to go upstairs buildings are built with a fire barrier

A fire barrier, also known as a fire shelter, is designed to block the spread of fire in a building.

It provides temporary shelter in the event of a fire and is the safest place in the building at this time

Sile suddenly remembered that Ah Qiang was also in the building and immediately told Da Jun about it

Da-jun came to the scene and the preliminary investigation showed that the source of the fire was in the basement

The fire system of the whole building malfunctioned and caused the fire in the trading company on the first floor

The superior ordered Dae-jun to lead a search and rescue team to the first floor, and Dae-jun immediately requested reinforcements.

The level ordered the army to "bring in the search and rescue team to collect the big army immediately on the clear water increase

The army will be the scene of the fire to the second level and arranged for water truck ladder truck quickly to the scene

At this time, the building exploded again, and Da-jun called Keung

Ah Qiang is leading people to escape from the stairs he thinks if the fire can be controlled will not need to raise the second level

He was in a location where there was no smoke and open flames Qiang felt that the fire system could handle

But the army outside obviously know more about the situation Qiang did not know about the explosion

And downstairs has burned up and then take people down is like asking for death

Ah Qiang immediately changed his plan and decided to arrange for the people to escape from the 15th floor ladder

The ladder truck has also arrived at the scene five minutes later ready to evacuate the crowd

Ah Qiang hung up the phone and told the crowd to continue evacuating from the eighteenth floor down

Everyone is fleeing the moment the army led the team all the way backwards into the building

Mr. Sun hurriedly packed the safe and Ah Hao was ready to steal the diamonds again

Ah Dong wanted to stop Ah Hao but said that this is God's way of compensating them for their unpaid wages

Ah Hao killed Mr. Sun who came to fight for it and escaped with the diamonds and Ah Dong

Mei Mei can't bear to pay for the renovation of the garage and refuses to save it.

Shin had no choice but to leave his daughter in the hallway and run back to save his wife

Although the father repeatedly told Linlin not to leave but she is only a child after all

In a panic, Linlin recognized the stranger as her mother and ran into the crowd with the other side

When Shin pulled his wife out of the fire Linlin had already disappeared

The fire on the first floor was getting too big for just one team of firefighters to put out

The crowd blocked a wave of fire attack chose to temporarily retreat

The ladder was already in sight in the hallway, but Qiang stopped in his tracks when he heard the call for help

He asked his secretary to take Bing Bing away and then instinctively ran into the house to save people

No coincidence that the person calling for help is the doctor and Ah Qiang's sister-in-law Si Le

The sudden explosion blocked the way of escape and the ladder could not reach the back of the building.

Keqiang decided to climb through the window to the upper floor and then pull the remaining two people up for a while

After some scary climbing Ah Qiang finally came to the rooftop of the upper floor

But the windows on the upper floor of this layer are locked Keung endured severe pain before breaking the glass with his bare hands

Sile tried to save Linlin who was alone not far away but was stopped by the doctor

Keung pulled Si Lok up the stairs with difficulty and had an accident when it was the doctor's turn

The doctor in a panic did not follow Ah Qiang's instructions to set the rope nearly fell down the stairs

At the critical moment Ah Qiang struggled to pull the doctor up the stairs even the words of reproach did not have the strength to say

Sile called for help immediately let her give the phone to Ah Qiang

Now the army is from the tenth floor up to search and rescue Ah Qiang three just ready to rush to the fire floor

After finding the wounded, Da-jun immediately decided to put aside family ties to save the stranger in front of him first

In the face of the brother who always put his work first, Ah Qiang instantly broke the defense

Da-jun is heavily armed and surrounded by his brother Ah Qiang is alone

Sile is waiting for Dajun to save him, but Dajun only left him a sentence to help himself with taking care of Sile

Dajun calmly hangs up the phone Ah Qiang can only reluctantly explain that he did not arrive so soon

Dajun is now in the location of the clinic that he was always reluctant to accompany his wife to

Ah Qiang and the three of them fled all the way to the 32nd floor where the fire did not start and ran into Bao Qiang and the others

Before the random pile of goods happened to have water in the water is now like a life-saving water

Seeing the new survivors, Shin and Mei Mei immediately inquired about their daughter's whereabouts

The doctor and Sile recognize the girl in the camera is Linlin, and they feel weak.

Sheng did not want to tell the story of Lin Lin did not save her life Si Le said he had seen her

As a mother, Sze Lok couldn't bear to see Mei Mei sad and lied in good faith

She said she couldn't be sure where Linlin was but she believed she was fine

Mei Mei was so sad that she could only hope that someone had saved her daughter.

The doctor feels that Si Lok should not have lied to Mei Mei, the girl's body will be found sooner or later.

In the face of Sile's stern look the doctor said he was only an obstetrician and gynecologist

He saved people in the operating room rather than the fire, he is also just an ordinary person afraid of death

The situation before if rashly save people he and Si Le also will not survive

Tung was ready to throw away the stolen goods, and A-Ho instantly struggled with him

Dong was afraid that the murder would be revealed, but Hao said that the boss was burned to death

As long as neither of them tell the truth, no one will know the real cause of death of the boss.

Looking at the smoke from upstairs and downstairs, Ah Qiang realized that this place was not safe either.

Then the rebar in the ceiling began to expand, indicating that the fire upstairs is very strong

There are still more than a dozen people in urgent need of rescue Ah Qiang immediately reported the danger to the army

At this time, Gao Sheng also escaped to the 32nd floor, father and son embraced each other after the disaster

Bing Bing escaped from the ladder, but Ah Qiang knew he was in a bad way

Firefighters found a large number of dangerous chemicals in the building, the thirty-second floor also has

Ah Qiang instantly realized that the state of affairs was critical and the chemical-proof car had arrived at the building

It turned out that a tenant had stored dangerous chemicals and the firefighters had to evacuate immediately to wait for reinforcements

However, there are still many people on the fireproof floor if an explosion occurs the consequences are unthinkable

Chemicals can not touch the water firefighters can only use sandbags to do temporary isolation treatment

At the same time the thirty-second floor also suffered a fire toxic smoke to the survivors

Once people inhale the toxic smoke will instantly die, people can only scramble in the explosion to escape

A letter to protect his wife was killed unfortunately, the army has finally led people to appear

But he did not go to save his wife and brother first, but saved the people closest to him

Ah Qiang picked up his sister-in-law and fled from his brother's side with confusion and resentment in his eyes

Ah Qiang will help Si Le to the side and walk back to the building alone to find other escape exits

In the face of repeated neglect Sile could not help but be disappointed

She tried her best to save their child in front of the danger, but the army refused to save her first

Si Le knew that Dajun had a duty but could not accept that he cared so little about the child

Dajun wanted to argue the body of the survival device but suddenly rang

It turns out that more than 30 seconds without moving the lifesaving device will alert others that he is in danger

Dajun's job to save people in Shao Yang in thirty seconds can take a life

Dajun said he could not choose who to save, but he would definitely take Sile out

At this time all the oxygen cylinders have been depleted Ah Qiang also finished checking the fire situation

A side of the wind chute and not on fire West Block connected to the rope can be used to climb over

Ah Qiang's suggestion was not in line with the rules, and the army did not want to risk the lives of the survivors

Da-jun knew that the ladder could not be raised to this height and he was ready to think of a more secure solution

However, Ah Qiang is because he listened to his brother's words that led to his father's death

Back then they went to the rescue in two groups Da-jun took Ah Qiang to the kindergarten

Another group of team members went to the nursing home but the two saw their dad die in front of them

Qiang will not be able to save Dad blamed on his brother everything listen to the command and abide by the rules

After the funeral Qiang never saw his brother again he could also accept that Dad's death was an accident

But if being a firefighter means having no choice, then he would rather not do it

Dajun saw the towering tower crane not far away immediately to the boss proposed to use the tower crane to rescue people

But the need to change to manually operate the tower crane tower crane is very easy to destabilize the danger

The army told the crowd not to panic and then led the team on the tower crane

The survivors evacuated in an orderly manner when it was Sihle's turn, but A-hao led A-dong first rushed out

At that moment, another explosion occurred upstairs and a survivor rushed to escape by jumping out of the window.

The tower crane was smashed more than shaking Ah Ho also failed to save Ah Dong in time because he was picking up diamonds

Explosions occurred one after another crane suddenly jammed the army can only first pull Ah Ho up

Fortunately, this time Ah Ho did not paddle the two of them successfully climbed up the rope

The rope suddenly broke all thanks to Ah Qiang desperately pull the two of them to escape a disaster

In the efforts of the crowd, Dajun and Ahao finally returned to the building without risk

Ah Qiang called out to his brother Si Le for a long time and hugged Dajun tightly

Ah Hao apologized to Ah Qiang for the death of his friend, which left him in a state of shock

One to twenty-five floors of the search and rescue is basically complete Da Jun and other people can only escape on their own

Gao Sheng's life is in danger due to excessive smoke inhalation Ah Qiang decided to take the people to continue to escape upwards

His company is equipped with a fireproof system to stay safe in a sea of fire

The doctor was ready to operate on Gao Sheng, and everyone was looking for gauze and other tools

Sze Lok suddenly finds Lin Lin who has fainted inside the house and immediately notifies Mei Mei

At that moment the accident happened again the fire upstairs caused the building to fall

Le and Linlin were smashed under the building materials to rescue the army was also trapped

Ah Qiang rushed to help Da Jun against the ceiling so that he first save Si Le and Lin Lin

Everyone eventually escaped safely but Sile had an accidental miscarriage

The upper and lower fires caused the house to collapse

When he saw the elevator door open, Ah Hao tried to rush in regardless of everything

Ah Qiang tried to stop him but he was pushed down the elevator shaft and fell to his death

Ah Hao dumbfounded backward immediately by the heavenly justice to take away the small life ah retribution

Never thought that Ah Qiang but survived the original elevator shaft has long been filled with water

Ah Qiang dived down and found that the water is several floors deep inside may be able to find a way out

The fire was getting bigger and bigger water temperature also rose sharply this was their last chance to escape

Ah 2 Qiang actually knew that even if he had gone up to save his father, he would have died in the end

Da Jun and Ah Qiang are not wrong Ah Qiang is just reluctant to try again

If we can open the elevator on the first floor water can put out the fire, everyone will have a chance to get out

But not all of us can dive and have to breathe with the help of the mask in Ah Qiang's company

To increase the water pressure army decided to fill the elevator and then pull the cable to fall

Firefighters outside the building were ordered to immediately start spraying water to the location of the elevator slot

See the people are afraid to go first Si Le took the initiative to climb down the ladder

After everyone has left, Ah Qiang is also ready to pull the elevator down the shaft

At this time the explosion occurred again the ladder broke instantly people could only risk jumping into the well

Push the door and pull the cable underwater need to cooperate with each other to open the door smoothly

Dajun has been ready to sacrifice himself Ah Qiang also know his thoughts

Because there is no choice in the fire they only have a minute and only one chance

With the end of the three readings, everyone took a deep breath and began to push the door

Ah Qiang struggled to rip the cable with the elevator with a heavy smash into the water

Water pressure instantly increased to help the crowd successfully opened the door fire also extinguished in an instant

The crowd escaped from the army but did not respond to Ah Qiang's call for a long time

His head theft floated out with the water, everyone was grief-stricken

However, in the next second, Dajun came out of the elevator and Qiang hugged each other tightly

Sile told Dajun that the baby was gone Dajun replied that the most important thing was that she was okay

Because Dajun had promised Sih-Le that he would take her out of the house

Knowing that Dajun had applied for resignation, Si Le said that he could reconsider

After a life-and-death test, Bing Bing agrees to Qiang's proposal and the two brothers get back together.


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