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Plot "Shrinking Life" movie commentary copy

Plot"Shrinking Life" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Shrinking Life" movie commentary copy

How many ways to save money

It not only saves money

It can also make your money instantly appreciate

The movie we bring you today is called "Shrinking Life

In the near future

A new technology has emerged

People can choose to shrink themselves

One is to save the earth's resources

In addition, the cost of living can be reduced

It's like winning the lottery every day

This technology has caught the attention of the world

Aki and Ally are such a financially strapped couple

Ah Li wants to change to a bigger house

But Aki is only a physical therapist

He doesn't have that kind of money

They met an old friend of theirs at a party

The old friend managed to shrink

He told Aki about his happy life after retreating

Living in a mansion looking at beautiful women

He was smitten

So he and Ari went to the miniature people community

The lecturer described the luxurious life here

A body of diamond jewelry for $83

They decided to officially become tiny

Aki and Ally quit their jobs

And said goodbye to their friends and family

Everyone was happy for the new life they were about to embark on

But not everyone supports the existence of miniature people

For example, they met a bald man in a tavern

The bald man felt that the Minimoys didn't have the right to vote

And they don't pay taxes to the government.

This is obviously a burden.

They were a little hesitant after hearing that

But they put the wedding ring in the safe anyway

And when they shrink

I'm sure the rings won't fit

On the way to the miniature people community

Ally didn't look excited


They signed the shrinkage agreement

and officially went into surgery

Because men and women need separate surgeries

So Mu went in first

In the preparation room

The doctor was removing hair from the body of the person undergoing the shrinkage surgery

Aki was also laid down and braked into a bald head

The doctor gave him anesthesia

He continued to clean the whole body

Then they were pushed to another room

Here the doctor to help them extract teeth


They were wheeled into the operating room

Then the shrinking machine was activated.

In a few moments.

The people in the beds all became smaller.

The doctor carefully transferred them to the cribs.

On the other side of the hospital was the world of miniature people.

They were ready to accept the new residents.

Aki was given new teeth

He woke up in the recovery room

The nurse brought in a giant cookie

Aki realizes he has successfully become smaller

He couldn't wait to find Ally

The doctor handed him a cell phone

It was Ally calling

On the phone

Ally's voice was trembling

Mu asked where she was

But Ally did not answer positively

It turned out that Ally had temporarily changed her mind

She didn't become smaller

Instead, she fled to the airport to go home

Aki was devastated

But he had to accept this fact

Because he can no longer return to his original size

Aki walked out of the hospital

It was a world wrapped in giant plastic film

He came to a mansion

This is Aki's future home

Luxurious furniture

A huge balcony with a great view

A spacious checkroom with endless clothes

Suddenly someone rang the doorbell

It was a staff member who came to deliver his and Ari's wedding ring

Mu was speechless

He was alone at home watching the news

The international community has a mixed opinion of miniature people

The U.S. government recently found 14 miniature people smuggled from Vietnam in a shipping carton.

The U.S. government recently discovered 14 miniaturized people smuggled from Vietnam in a shipping carton.

This has certainly made border control more difficult.

These people were imprisoned and forced to shrink for the human trade.

Because of the long distance traveled

Only one woman named Ngoc Hoa survived.

But she also lost her leg.

A year later

Mu officially signed a divorce agreement with Ally

In front of the huge divorce agreement

Mu saw the difference between him and Ali

They could never go back

Aki's life went on

He had a regular job

He was also trying to enter a new relationship with a single mother

Entering a new relationship

One day they were having dinner together

The neighbor upstairs comes down and invites him to a party

After dinner

It looked like they were about to take their relationship to the next level

But the other person rejected him

Frustrated, Aki went to the neighbor's house

He gives the neighbor roses as a gift

At the party

He met an old captain

The old captain was also abandoned by his wife

Choosing to be small is for the party and the women

The next morning

Aki wakes up under a neighbor's table

The cleaning lady comes to the house to clean up

Aki notices a crippled woman

He followed the crippled woman to the bathroom

To his surprise, he found that she was stealing pills

The woman did not panic and put the medicine in her bag

She also asked Aki what kind of medicine it was

Aki picked them up and took a look

It is anti-inflammatory and painkillers

The woman explained that these drugs are expired drugs

She wanted to bring them to her friends only after the owner approved them

Aki, as a former professional physical therapist

He was very sensitive to the woman's leg problem

He thought the woman looked familiar

This is the woman who

The only survivor of the smuggling from Vietnam

Aki found this woman very interesting

He offered to help her friend to see a doctor

They took a long bus ride

They came to the edge of the miniature world

It was like a slum

Aki treated Yuhua's friend

But the friend died.

That day, Mu came again to treat Yu Hua's foot injury

But he accidentally broke her prosthetic leg

Aki had to clean Yu Hua's new prosthesis before it was ready

to do the cleaning work for her

and acted as her driver

Aki followed Yu Hua every day

Watching her bring food to the elderly in the slum

He was also eager to help children with their medical care

But suddenly one day

A neighbor and the old captain told Yuhua

They had to take Aki to Norway for delivery

It might take a long time.

But Yuhua insisted that she would go with them


The four of them boarded the ship to Norway

On the boat

Aki and Yuhua's feelings gradually warmed up

They formally established a relationship with each other

They met the professor who created the miniature people

The professor took them to a small town

The residents of the town greeted them warmly

and showed them a project they were working on

The underground world

They knew that

The end of the world may be near

Miniature people are facing extinction.

They needed a place to hide to continue their race

On this night

They held their final farewell ceremony

It turns out that most of the people here

Decided to take the lead and go underground

And close the entrances and exits to the outside world

Until the end of the world

Hearing this great plan, Aki was moved

He ignored Yuhua's opposition

He wanted to participate in the plan to save the microscopic people

But Yuhua did not choose to go with him

Just like Ally back then

Having her friends and life in this world

Jade Flower gave him a Bible

And then watched him walk into the tunnel

The walk to the Underworld took 11 hours

But then he suddenly hesitated

Is this really what you want?

He stood there with his luggage

And then he looks back at the tunnel entrance door

This time he had to make a different choice

He abandoned his plan to go underground

Before the door to the underground closes

He turned and ran out of the tunnel

Returned to Jade Flower

Expressing his love to her

They embrace each other tightly

This is the end of the movie

Aki is influenced by Yu Hua

He gives up his life in a mansion to help the poor in the slums

Instead of dying for an unattainable ideal

He prefers to help the people around him

If you are given a chance to shrink your body

To go to another world and experience this kind of life

Would you like it?

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