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Movie "Cruising Humans" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Cruising Humans" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Cruising Humans" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

A bear's first plane ride

He raises his finger and aims at the man

I didn't expect the man to be cooperative

The child laughed and wanted to play again

At this moment the man also raised his hand

A pair of handcuffs was revealed

The boy's face changed

This is to meet the professional?

The child's mother was also very worried

She called the flight attendant immediately.

Is the man in handcuffs dangerous?

The flight attendant smiled

She squeezed the child's face.

Don't worry, he won't die.

Then she opened the tray.

When the gun goes off, the parents are dead.

The two F.B.I.'s were completely dead.

The man took off his handcuffs.

They grabbed their guns and went straight to the cockpit.

Who's the boss?

I am.

Now what? Who's in charge?

You are.

I'm great!

So, it was a hijacking.

The man is a villain who's up to no good.

He's wanted all over the world, but he's extremely hard to catch.

Because he changes his face every time he commits a crime

He's known as "The Man with a Thousand Faces".

On this day, Jiao Wa went to the hospital for a facelift.

Suddenly, the FBI broke in with a team

He had to jump out of the window and run like hell.

However, a sudden water inversion

It was a bad year for him.

The villain is caught.

The FBI is taking him to Los Angeles.

In order not to go to jail

Jiaohua had to hijack a plane

He bribed the flight attendant

He arranged for a group of minions to disguise as passengers.

The operation went smoothly.

The passengers were successfully controlled.

The plane was now under his control.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations on your hijacking.

Now, please, everyone.

Sit tight and don't move.

Otherwise, you'll have to be shot.

Passengers are shaking in their boots.

Bears are trembling.

Jiaohua is very proud of this

However, he did not know

In this plane

Not only were there ordinary passengers

There was also a secret agent of the FBI.

This man was taking a breath in the bathroom


There's a lot of gunfire and screaming outside.

The man is confused.

What's going on?

He pushed the door to see

It turns out that the plane has been hijacked by a group of hijackers

Eh, this is a coincidence

The man's name is Black.

He is a secret agent of the FBI.

He has been handling all kinds of airline hijacking cases

Recently, due to strict air traffic control

Hei has not received any work for a long time

He can only go to the flight attendants to give security training courses

Now, the job has come.

Hei took out his emergency phone card

Report the situation to his colleagues

At this moment, the robbers also noticed the anomaly.

When he was not ready

A black a sneak attack

The man was caught

Buy him a drink of water

Give him a massage

Hei threatened his little brother's life

Hope Jiaohua will find his conscience

But the villain is not the usual heartless

He pushed the flight attendant away

He even grabbed the innocent passenger

Hei gave in

Taking advantage of the confusion

He took the stewardess Zhen and hid in the elevator

Pulled out the fuel line

The plane ran out of fuel

Had to make an emergency landing

But Jiaohua didn't panic at all

Because he still had a plane of hostages in hand

Hei also understood

The air is no match for Jiao Wa

Why not let the plane land

Waiting for rescue from the ground

He took Ah Zhen to the back door

He planned to send someone out first


Hei was kicked off the plane

Precious was caught red-handed

Jiao Wa opened the mike and negotiated with the local sheriff

Within five minutes

If I don't see the fuel truck

I'll execute five people every three minutes!

The officer uses his binoculars.

He saw a few bodies being thrown off the plane.

I knew he wasn't kidding.

But, he didn't have the authority.

Joey took a step back.

She said, if we see the fuel truck.

She'd release half the hostages.

Sure enough, the sheriff was hooked.

At that moment, two officers found Hei.

Hei explained that he was the FBI.

However, no one believed him.

He doesn't look like a good guy

Still pretending to be the FBI

My MM is also the governor of the state

Hei was kidnapped as a suspect.

The sheriff didn't believe his story either.

He doesn't look like a good guy

Black was devastated.

What the hell I do not look like a good guy!

Black made a sneak attack

Killed two young men

Rode the car and ran away

At that moment, the fuel truck arrived

Jiao Wa also followed her promise

Half of the hostages were released

However, his real purpose

was to sneak away among the hostages

Hei saw the scheme

He drove his motorcycle after him

Jiao-wa took her little brother

Walked into the nearby amusement park

The place was crowded

It's really hard to track

Hei climbed up the Ferris wheel

He wanted to see the view from the top

Little brother also chased after him

Wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to kill Ah Hei

But he was killed by a kick

Jiao Wa saw the bad thing

quickly run away and run away

However, Hei was very brave

A crow in a plane

And he caught him right in the middle

At this moment, FB| also rushed over

Finally arrested Jiaohua

But, is it over?

Jiao Wa smiled wickedly

It's not over yet


He gave the order a long time ago

If there is no news in 20 minutes

He would clear out all the passengers.

The FBI had no choice but to comply with his request.

But they still had to deploy.

All the officers were on standby.

There were several sniper rifles set up.

They're just waiting for him to open the door.

I'll go straight for it.

But I never expected that.

The sniper was a mole.

The girl escaped into the plane.

She was about to take off and escape.

Black killed the mole.

Quickly get on the car

He ran after the plane.

He wanted to climb on the plane when it took off

He slipped into the cabin

He saw a kid crouching in the corner

He came up and threw a right whip.

He said he was careless, I didn't dodge.

Then, Hei did a lightning triple whip

Successfully killed one person

Then, Hei passed through the pipe

He got into the cockpit again.

He got rid of the mole stewardess

Finally, only the villain Jiaohua is left

The duel started quickly

The two of them were hugging each other in the narrow aisle

A gun went off

The glass of the cabin door was broken

As we all know, when an airplane leaks

It is known that when the airplane leaks, it must leak a big hole

Sure enough, when the two of them were fighting hard to separate

The hatch said: go first, bye

A strong suction force instantly came

The two fight and roll to the door


Say it is too late then fast ah

I saw Ah Hei suddenly horse teacher on the body

A kick to the whip

Two kicks to break the whip

Three kicks to the nose and face

He took the man off the plane

Jiaohua, disappeared in the sky ten thousand miles high

Finally, the plane landed safely

A black also ushered in the spring


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