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Suspense movie "Blue Salt" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Suspense movie "Blue Salt" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Suspense movie "Blue Salt" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

A man is walking home after shopping at the supermarket in the evening

But he was followed by someone

The man took out two bottles of beer from the bag without fear

He broke them as a weapon

But the two men behind him saw this situation

Quickly ran to the side of the road to take a cab away from the scene

Is he overthinking it?


This has happened several times in recent days

This man's name is Do-hyun

A few years ago, he was a powerful member of a gang in Seoul

He was very popular with the boss

Then he got tired of the life of fighting and killing

He insisted on retiring from the world

He came to a small seaside town to live a quiet life

During this period, he had no skills, he enrolled in a cooking class

He planned to open his own restaurant after learning his craft

However, Dou Xian was fine with fighting and killing.

It was difficult for him to cook

After studying for a few days

He was only able to kill a fish

Luckily, there was a young girl in cooking class who gave him a helping hand

She told him what he should pay attention to when cooking

They got to know each other better and better

The girl's name was Se-bin

She was a better cook than the teacher.

Do-hyun sometimes wondered why Se-bin came to learn how to cook so well

It was true that Se Bin was not as simple as she seemed.

In fact, she came to the cooking class for a reason

She was ordered by the local mob to watch Do-hyeon's every move

But she was forced to do so.

A few months ago

Se-bin was a national level shooter

She had a younger sister, Eun-jeong, who was also a shooter

They grew up together and were raised by their coach

Later, the coach was killed by a drunk driver and needed a large sum of money to settle the matter.

Se-bin couldn't just sit back and watch the number of rice and the elephant law

So he borrowed 10 million from the local Haeundae loan company.

As a result, he fell into a tiger's mouth

The young Se-bin did not know the power of loan sharks

Soon the interest rolled up to 70 million

In order to repay the debt, he was forced to start selling guns privately to make money.

On his side, Se-bin was assigned by Haeundae to spy on Doohyun.

To cover his debts

As for the reason for monitoring Doohyun, we'll talk about it later

On the other hand, Do-hyun was followed by a mysterious man on his way home

Luckily, it was a false alarm

While Do-hyeon was packing his things to leave

Before the gang's closest brother Baekryong suddenly called

He said that the boss Baek Gil had died

He told him to come back and take charge of the situation

It turns out that Baek Gil was seriously injured in a car accident some time ago

He made a will for Do-hyun to come back and inherit the gang

But until his death

He did not see the last of Do-hyeon

This news is like a bolt from the blue

But after thinking about it, Do-hyeon still did not go back

Because he understood that the yakuza life was not what he wanted

With the death of Hyakichi

The various forces in the gang also began to move

According to the rules of the gang has retired is not allowed to succeed the boss position

But Baekil's will is there

If Dou Xian had to come back

They could not do anything about it

So one of them was afraid that he would come back.

So one of them called Haeundae's boss, Bongbaek.

He told him to switch from surveillance to assassination.

When he got the news, he told Se-bin

If he kills Do-hyeon.

Then her debt would be wiped out.

But after all this time together.

Se-bin's heart had a different feeling for Do-hyeon

Especially when he recklessly caught the knife that was about to fall on his foot during the cooking class

There was something in his heart that had moved him since he was a child.

There was something in his heart that moved him inexplicably

Since Se-bin grew up

Apart from her coach, only Do-hyun could protect her like that

After some hesitation, Se-bin decided not to go on this mission

He took Eun-jeong with him and went away, but Eun-jeong didn't think so

After all, with Haeundae's power, she would be caught no matter where she went.

But Se-bin couldn't care less, since he couldn't do anything about it.

He should have left earlier.

That night, Se-bin found Do-hyun.

He told him that he was leaving, and Doohyun looked suspicious

Why did he leave after studying so well?

When Se-bin was questioned by Doohyun

But he didn't say anything

Do-hyeon saw that he had something to hide

He didn't ask too many questions about the impending departure

Do-hyun invites Se-bin to a casual dinner

He agrees and goes to the beach stall

At the dinner table, the two of them have nothing to say to each other

Se-bin gets up and drives away on his motorcycle

Do-hyun stands at the same spot and looks at her back

She was sad

In fact, Do-hyun has fallen in love with Se-bin too

But he's a tough guy

He didn't know how to express it

Now there's no need to say anything

Just as Do-hyun was about to leave

Se-bin suddenly turned back

There was a black car behind him, and it rushed towards Do-hyun

directly knocked him out of the way

Luckily, Do-hyun was physically fit and was not seriously injured

He got up and walked straight to the black car

He found out that the person sitting inside was Eun-jeong

Because Do-hyun doesn't kill women, he wrote down the license plate number

So he let Eun-jeong go

Eun-jeong saw that her sister couldn't do it

So she decided to do it herself

This collision reminded Do-hyun of the boss' car accident

He began to suspect that there was something else going on with Baek Gil's death

It was probably an internal struggle between the gangs

With this in mind, Do-hyeon called Ming, his most trusted brother

asked him to investigate the license plate number

At the same time, Xian also went back to the gang and invited several bosses to a banquet

He made his attitude clear

We must find out who killed the boss

Now some people can't sit still

In order to prevent Dou Xian from finding out the truth

He called in a group of assassins to clean up Mourning Pyo and Haeundae overnight

After Se-bin left the beach, he found out that Eun-jeong never came back

It wasn't until the next day that the car Eun-jung was driving was retrieved from the sea

Only then did he realize that his sister had probably been killed.

She suspected that Haeundae was her target.

Furious, Se-bin went to the Haeundae base with a gun.

To his surprise, they denied it.

He said it might be a revenge from Do-hyeon, and while he was talking, one of Haeundae's boys sneaked up.

At the critical moment, Se-bin's trainer suddenly appeared.

The two sides then had a fierce gun battle.

When the gunfire stopped, all of Haeundae's men were killed.

The coach was also seriously wounded in the melee and died on the spot.

At that moment, the assassins from the organization came to clean up the scene.

But when they saw Se-bin and the coach, they didn't shoot them.

Instead, they brought her to the organization's leader, Sister Fa.

It turned out that Coach had worked with this organization before.

He was an old acquaintance.

In the end, with the help of Sister Fa

The penniless Se-bin was able to bury the coach

When Sister Hana found out that Se-bin wanted to take revenge on Do-hyun

She recruited him for her own use

Under the arrangement of Hwa

He came to the opposite side of the building where Do-hyun lived and waited for an opportunity to move

At the same time, Do-hyun also learned from Ah Ming

The car that hit him came from the Haeundae organization

But Do-hyun knew that a small Haeundae

would not dare to touch him

There must be someone behind him

After several days of investigation.

Ah Ming found out that Baekryong was trying to make huge profits.

He broke the rules of the gang and secretly cooperated with Haeundae's people to sell drugs.

This shows that White Dragon may be the person behind the scene

But Dou Xian really do not want to believe

Because Bailong has been with him for so many years

He is still very clear about his character

At that moment, Bailong came to the door

reminded Dou Xian to be careful of the recent rumors that someone wants to kill him

Dou Xian did not say anything but warned Bailong implicitly

Don't get involved in drugs to make money.

But Bailong said: "You can open a restaurant to live a peaceful life, but I can not"

Once this statement was made

Do Xian understood that now the White Dragon was different from before

When he left Baekryong, he had mixed feelings inside

At that moment, fireworks suddenly went off outside the window

Looking at the colorful scene

Do-hyeon suddenly remembered Se-bin

So he took a picture and sent it to her

And it was this photo that saved Do-hyeon's life

When Se-bin saw the photo from afar

In the end, he couldn't do it

He put down the gun in his hand

He went to a bar by the sea to drink alone

Who would have thought

Do-hyun saw that Se-bin didn't reply after a long time

He also came to the stall because of his sadness

So they met after not seeing each other for many days

Then they went for a walk on the beach

Se Bin looked at Do Hyeon who was walking in front of him

After some hesitation, he drew his gun and pointed it at him

He asked why he wanted to kill the woman who hit him with her car that day

Do-hyun was confused by this

He told Se Bin that he never kills women

When Do-hyun turned around to ask Se Bin

But he found that she had already left and disappeared

Afterwards, Do-hyun investigates Se-bin's origins

He found her previous home

He found a photo of Se-bin and Eun-jeong together

At this point, Xian realized that Se Bin was probably trying to get close to him on purpose

On the other hand, Se-bin returned to the assassin organization

She was forced by Hana to kill Do-hyeon

Otherwise, she will be the one to die

With no choice

Se-bin had to pack up his equipment and return to the ambush site

But he fainted on the roadside in the middle of the journey

Do-hyun, who happened to be passing by, saw her and took care of her at home

Although he already knew Se-bin's identity

But Do-hyun didn't reveal her identity and took good care of her

When she woke up, she felt very guilty

He began to help Do-hyeon eliminate the pallet

As the days passed by

At this time, Se-bin finally believed Do-hyeon's words

Se-bin said

"He never kills women."

But the assassins' actions did not stop there

That night

Do-hyun was resting on the couch when he was suddenly hit in the head by an infrared ray

Se-bin saw it and jumped on him

Then he got up and closed the curtains

At that moment, Yi Qiao

Ah-myung came over with the research materials and Se-bin found an excuse to leave the house

Then he went straight to the building across the street.

He reached the ambush point

He took the killer under control and learned from Ah Myung

He found out that the person behind Haeundae is Baekryong

Do-hyun was sad about this and wanted to be alone

Ah Ming had the good sense to leave

But as soon as Ming left

A group of killers rushed in right after him

Although Dou Xian is a strong fighter

But also can not resist the other side of a large number of people

Soon he was losing ground at the critical moment

Se-bin from afar stepped in just in time

Shot to help Do-hyun relief

After the battle, Do-hyeon looked at the gunshot hole in the window

She knew that once Se-bin's shots were fired

She would be assassinated by the assassins too

In order to save her beloved one

Do-hyun approached Baekryong

He hoped that he would let Se-bin go

He would accept all responsibility

He was willing to leave this place forever

But there is no such thing as friendship in the underworld

Although Baekryong agreed on the surface

But secretly he ordered the assassins to kill Do-hyun

That's right, it was Baekryong who approached Haeundae and the assassins.

It turns out that Baekryong's private drug trafficking was known to Baekjeong.

He was afraid of being punished by the boss, so he went ahead of him.

To kill him in a car accident

But who knows that Baek Gil has made a will to take over the position of Do Xian

This made Baekryong panic

Because he knew that the best relationship between Dou Xian and Baiji fear that the truth will be found out

He could only kill him

After Do-hyun came out

He asked Ah Ming to get passports for both of them

He was ready to leave with Se-bin

But he was chased by a killer halfway

After a fierce chase

Do-hyun was able to get away from the killer for a while

But the killer was chasing him like a dog's skin

Seeing this situation

Do-hyun got out of the car with a gun and shot at the car coming from afar

In the panic, the killer's car ran to the side of the road and flipped over

Do-hyeon took advantage of this opportunity to escape

That night

The two of them went to a hotel and rested there

Se-bin received a call from the killer

He said that Eun-jung was not dead

and asked her to make a choice between her sister and her lover.

After some hesitation, Se-bin chose the former

The next day, Se-bin pointed a gun at Do-hyeon in a salt field.

He said sorry and pulled the trigger

Do-hyeon died and the assassin who was in the distance saw this scene and left the scene.

He left the scene and the scene changed

A new restaurant has opened in a beach town in the Philippines

The chef and waiter are Do-hyeon, Se-bin, Ah-myung, and Eun-jeong

The bullet that Se-bin shot at Do-hyeon was a special bullet made of blue salt

There was a 50 percent survival rate for those who were hit

Do-hyun was lucky to survive and managed to fake his own death

The four of them lived a happy life here without any shame

This is the end of the story

The film's title is "Blue Salt".

is a suspenseful gangster film

Although it has the appearance of a crime film

But the content is the way of a literary romance

In addition to the pie face Song Kang-ho uncle to play handsome really some awkward

The final result is a low rating


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