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Movie commentary copy for the drama "Wicked

Drama"Wicked" movie comment ary copy

Movie commentary copy for the drama "Wicked

Recently, I was always recommended this American drama "Wicked".

I just read the introduction and I was shocked

This drama is a story between a mother and daughter, based on real events

But it can actually be categorized as a horror genre

A horror movie based on true events

What did the mother and daughter do

The American series "Bad Deeds" has eight episodes, each about an hour long

It was a little too long for me to get used to watching the movie

I didn't go to see the show, but when I learned about the real events

I thought the events themselves were bizarre enough

It was like watching a movie

So let's talk about the circumstances of this real event in this video

Okay, let's stop. Let's get to the feature film

There is a very inspiring mother and daughter in Missouri, USA

This mother is a single mother caring for her seriously ill daughter on her own.

Don't ask her what's wrong with her, ask her what's not wrong with her

According to the mother's description, her daughter has chromosomal defects, epilepsy and asthma

Sleep apnea, muscular dystrophy, leukemia and several chronic illnesses

Can't take care of herself, so she needs a wheelchair to travel

Needs a tube to eat and a ventilator to sleep

And the premature birth also caused brain damage at the age of about seven

As a result, the mother quit her job and stayed home full time to care for her daughter

Faced with such a life, most people would probably be devastated, but not them

This mother and daughter always have a big smile on their faces

And their deeds have gradually spread. Many kind-hearted people in the community have been touched

and extended a helping hand to them

Later, they gave many interviews and opened accounts on social networking sites

Gradually became similar to the general figure of Internet celebrities

However, in June 2015, things took a shocking turn for the worse

This inspirational mother died in her home, and the murderer was her innocent

The murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, the daughter who couldn't take care of herself

Dee Dee Blanchard, born in 1967 in the Chequers Bay area of Louisiana

As an adult, she worked as a nurse's aide

When she was 24 years old, Dee Dee met

At the age of 24, Dee Dee met Rod Blanchard, who was seven years younger than she was, and they quickly fell in love.

Soon after, Dee Dee became pregnant with Rod's child, and they were married.

However, it didn't take long. Rod, who was still very young at the time

He thought it was a bit too sudden, he was still a child

How to be a father to someone else

So before their child was born, the two began to divorce

Dee Dee later recalled her ex-husband

He was described as a drinker, short-tempered, and often punched and kicked himself

Soon after, Dee Dee's daughter, Gypsy Rose, was born.

Dee Dee took the newborn to live with her family at her mother's house

When Gypsy was three months old, Didi discovered that her daughter had sleep apnea.

This disease is very dangerous, it is possible to fall asleep and die

So Dee Dee took her daughter to the doctor repeatedly

She believed that her daughter was born prematurely with an unknown chromosomal disorder.

For the sake of her daughter's health and safety, Dee Dee quit her job and stayed home to care for her full time.

When Gypsy was about 7 or 8 years old

had an accident on her grandfather's motorcycle that resulted in a knee injury

Dee Dee thought it was very serious, and Gypsy has been using a wheelchair ever since.

She also participated in the Paralympics.

Afterwards, both mother and daughter moved out of their mother's home and lived in a public house in Slidell.

Gypsy's health problems led to her living expenses.

Social assistance for Gypsy's health problems and alimony paid by her ex-husband Rod

They spent a lot of time seeing many different specialists

mainly at Tulane University Medical Center and New Orleans Children's Hospital.

for Gypsy's vision, hearing and other medical problems.

Dee Dee told the doctors that Gypsy would have seizures every few months.

So the doctors prescribed anti-seizure medication.

Gypsy also underwent several surgeries, and Dee Dee was very concerned about her daughter.

She would take her to the doctor even for minor problems.

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, the apartment where the mother and daughter lived was severely damaged.

Dee Dee crawled out of the rubble with her daughter.

The two of them stayed together in the face of the disaster

Their unfailing spirit touched almost every neighbor around them

After the media coverage, the mother and daughter became local celebrities

In 2007, Gypsy was selected as the Oley Foundation's Child of the Year.

In 2008, the international charity Habitat for Humanity

in Missouri built them a house

home with a wheelchair ramp and hot tub

So it was only natural that they moved from Louisiana to Missouri

As inspirational and warm-hearted people

They have not only enjoyed the care and assistance of their community

but also received support from the entire community

including significant charitable donations, free airfare to Kansas for medical treatment

Free day trips to Disney World

Make-A-Wish Foundation arranged access to

backstage passes to Miranda Lampert concerts, and more.

Gypsy's petite 150cm frame

Loose teeth, huge glasses

Even her hair has fallen out due to long-term pain treatment

But every time she appeared in public, she was all smiles.

When one thinks of her misfortune, one can hardly help but sympathize with her.

Everyone thinks that inside Gypsy's tortured body

was the heart of an angel

However, everything became confusing on June 14, 2015

Around three o'clock that afternoon

Dee Dee and Gypsy shared a social media account

suddenly posted a message saying that the ** died

This message instantly exploded in the comment section

How could a mother and daughter, who are usually so positive, post such a message?

Most people's first reaction was to think that their number had been stolen

However, soon after the account sent an even more vicious message

said: I cut that sow down

And by the way *** her innocent and cute daughter, who was screaming so loudly

This message made people start to get nervous about whether something bad was really going on

With no answer to the phone, people were coming to Dee Dee's door one after another to check

Dee Dee's mother and daughter used to go away from home, usually to a doctor's appointment

But friends saw that Dee Dee's car was still parked in front of the house, so this was not the case

The windows of the house had blackout stickers, so it was impossible to see inside the house, and no one answered the door

The friends then called the police

When the police arrived at the scene, they found Dee Dee and Gypsy's house in a mess

And Dee Dee's body was lying in the bedroom.

She had been viciously stabbed several times and had died long ago

Shocked, the police rushed to find Gypsy's whereabouts

But only her wheelchair was found in the house.

Gypsy herself just vanished into thin air...

The police logically believed that the killer must have taken Gypsy by force.

Zealots began to worry about Gypsy's safety, thinking that even if she hadn't been killed

But without a wheelchair, oxygen, feeding tubes and various medications, it would be difficult for her to survive.

Soon after, police began investigating Dee Dee's account.

The IP address used to send the two messages

It turned out to be a home in Wisconsin.

The owner's name was Nicholas Goldjohn.

The next day, local police raided John's house.

And sure enough, the missing gypsy was found in his room!

But the shocking thing was that Gypsy had not been taken by John.

The two were actually lovers.

And the truth is also clear, it is these two people together plotted to kill Dee Dee

The two met through the Internet around 2012

Gypsy informed John of her health condition, but John didn't care

He even said Gypsy was his angel

But in fact, John himself had some problems, he had a history of indecent exposure

He was also diagnosed with autism

Gypsy often hid her love affair with John from her mother on the Internet

Until 2015, when they were ready to go to the present

According to their plan, Dee Dee and her daughter met John by chance at a movie theater.

The couple met pretending they didn't know each other and then hit it off

hoping to win Didi's approval

This is indeed the first time the two meet in real life

However, John was not at all enough to impress her mother.

Dee Dee just thought he was a "creepy" guy.

The two meet on the Internet

and began planning Didi's murder.

In June 2015, John came back to Gypsy's city.

The mother and daughter left for a doctor's appointment that day

When she returned home, Gypsy called her boyfriend when Dee Dee was asleep.

When John came to the door, she let him in

and handed him the tools of the trade: gloves, duct tape and a knife.

Gypsy said she didn't think John would be able to do it.

John told Gypsy to hide in the bathroom and cover her ears

to avoid hearing her mother's screams.

While Dee Dee was still asleep, John stabbed her several times.

until there was no chance of Dee Dee surviving.

The couple then went to Gypsy's bedroom and explored the mysteries of life.

Afterwards, they escaped with about $4000 in cash from the house.

At this point in the story, if you think this case is as simple as a couple killing Dee Dee

If you think this case is just a simple case of a couple killing Dee Dee and going away for love, then you are very wrong.

The more incredible things are yet to come

After escaping, the two planned their next move at a motel, probably for several days

During that time, they were captured on surveillance cameras in several local stores

In the footage, Gypsy wore a wig to look like a completely normal person

Can walk on his own, no need to change support or wheelchair

So in fact Gypsy is not a patient at all

She is a completely normal person

All those so-called epilepsy, leukemia, muscular dystrophy, etc.

All of these are fabricated or imagined by her mother, Didi.

So it seems that Gypsy's deeper intention in finding someone to kill Dee Dee

is to get rid of her mother's control

John was used by her as a pretext to go away for love.

After this truth was revealed

Mother and daughter with more than 20 years to establish a positive and inspiring persona

The positive and inspirational persona that the mother and daughter had built up for over 20 years collapsed in an instant. Everyone was shocked

including neighbors, community volunteers

and those in the community who had sponsored them and donated money to them

At the same time, more details of the truth were revealed

Gypsy often wore a wig or hat to hide her bald head

But it was Dee Dee who regularly braked her head

to imitate the look of a patient in chemotherapy.

Dee Dee also inserted various catheters into her body

Until Gypsy was in her 20s.

Dee Dee was still feeding her daughter with child supplements through a catheter.

Forcing her to take large amounts of cancer medication when she was not sick

while physically abusing her daughter to control her

Whenever mother and daughter met with others, Dee Dee always held her daughter's hand

When her words and actions might reveal that she was not really sick, recalls Pusey

Dee Dee would shake her hand to remind her not to say anything else

When the two were alone, Dee Dee would hit her with her palm or a coat hanger

Gypsy had to continue to undergo various surgeries with a normal body

Taking a lot of medication, she was made sick even when she was not sick

Didi asked the doctor to deal with her daughter's drooling problem

Let the doctor do surgery to remove her salivary glands directly

Gypsy said afterwards: Dee Dee would apply a local anesthetic to her daughter's salivary glands before the doctor's visit.

applied a local anesthetic to her daughter's gums to create excessive drooling

And the ex-husband, who Dee Dee described as a domestic abuser and alcoholic, was actually a good husband

He later remarried and lived happily with his wife, a son and a daughter

For many years, he would send them alimony on time every month

Then the biggest doubt in this case is

They were diagnosed by so many doctors

Didn't any of them find that Gypsy wasn't sick at all?

Actually, there was.

After examining Gypsy herself, he suspected that she did not have muscular dystrophy.

He ordered an MRI and blood tests, which also showed no abnormalities

When Dee Dee brought her daughter back to the clinic. Dr. Forestin then said to her mother

I don't see any reason why she can't walk.

Since Dee Dee not only insisted that her daughter had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy

but also that her medical records had been destroyed by flooding.

Dr. Forrestalstein therefore thought that the person with the disease

Probably not Gypsy.

Dee Dee's behavior is very much in line with "Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome."

This is a condition in which the caregiver deliberately exaggerates or falsifies the care recipient's physical

It is a psychological disorder in which the caregiver deliberately exaggerates or misrepresents the physical, psychological, behavioral or psychiatric problems of the care recipient.

It often occurs in mothers or in people who want to be needed by others

Dr. Forrestalstein did not inform social workers about this condition.

He argued that other physicians had advised him to be careful with the mother and daughter

And he didn't think the authorities would believe his story.

After all, the mother and daughter were too well known.

The flawed medical system and the irresponsibility of the doctors

were also the catalyst for this incident.

Dee Dee made her daughter sickly on purpose.

After all those surgeries and medications.

In addition to satisfying her own psychological perversion

And to gain the sympathy of society

And more importantly, to gain social welfare and large donations

This motivation became more obvious after they became famous

Dee Dee's behavior became more and more extreme, and he used Gypsy as a cash cow.

This also directly contributed to the reason why Gypsy could not stand the torture afterwards

The reason why Gypsy chose to resist and kill Dee Dee

For Gypsy, she was immature as a child.

Whatever her mother said

But as she grew up, Gypsy seemed to feel that she was not sick.

So she began to try something in secret. Her mother said she was lactose intolerant.

She couldn't drink milk or eat cake

But that day Gypsy drank the milk and ate the cake and nothing happened.

Later she even found that she did not need a wheelchair at all and could walk independently

But since she grew up under her mother's oppressive control

Gypsy didn't dare to defy her mother's orders, and she didn't have any friends to talk to.

From a young age, her mother kept her daughter from going to school because she was seriously ill.

When she grew up, she followed her mother around to seek medical treatment and had no chance to make friends.

So Gypsy started to make friends on the Internet behind her mother's back.

At the same time, Gypsy's mind was maturing, and as Dee Dee became more and more extreme

Gypsy wanted to fight back, but because of her mother's influence since childhood

She also has some psychological problems, she feels that only by killing Didi

She felt that only by killing Dee Dee could she truly be free and truly free.

Later, Gypsy met John through the Internet, and they chatted for three years.

After Ben was stopped by his mother, Gypsy led him to kill him.

In the end, the two of them cooperated with each other and killed Dee Dee

After being arrested, Gypsy said in an interview

She was afraid that her mother's body would not be found, so she left a vicious message

Hoping someone would notify the police

For Dee Dee's death, relatives who live in Louisiana

Do not regret her death and feel she deserved it

No one even wanted to pay for Dee Dee's funeral and cremation

Dee Dee's ashes were eventually flushed down the toilet by her father and stepmother

After the gypsies and John were arrested, John confessed to his crime

But the gypsy's attitude is a bit intriguing

First, she said she knew nothing about it. John did everything.

It wasn't until the police produced the chat logs she and John had resumed that he changed his story and admitted

She taught John to kill Dee Dee

But at the same time, she also argued that she had taken a lot of drugs that she shouldn't have taken

Caused some mental confusion and that's why she did what she did

John was eventually sentenced to life in prison

The gypsy was sentenced to 10 years in prison

This is a true story of tragedy and horror

If you are interested, you can watch the American series "Wicked

News stories often have no "temperature" in the background

But in this show, you can see the writers, directors and actors

A more in-depth discussion of the matter

It makes people think more deeply about human nature, family, and even friendship and love

(This girl is stronger than she looks)

(I'm lucky to be her mother)

(I was born to be her mother)

I am XXX See you next time

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