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Plot "Seven Prisoners" movie commentary copy

Plot "Seven Prisoners" movie commentary copy

Plot "Seven Prisoners" movie commentary copy

The black pony lives in a poor village in Brazil.

The only thing of value in the house is the two dilapidated huts.

In order not to let his elderly mother continue to work hard

Pony decides to quit school and go out to work.

After being introduced by a distant relative

To find a job in São Paulo, more than 600 kilometers away from home.

His mother squeezed out a month's living expenses for the whole family.

Bought him a new dress.

Xiao Ma was very distressed

Vowed to work hard.

Save enough money to go to college.

When relatives came to pick him up in their van

Sincerely said to the old lady

From now on

just wait for my son to send money home

Enjoy yourself.

After saying that, she also gave a large deposit.

But the family never dreamed of it.

The pony went there deprived of his freedom.

Living like a slave.

Maybe you have to ask.

Was he cheated by a pyramid scheme?


Pony's family was poor.

What's there to cheat?

The one he encountered is much more powerful than a pyramid scheme.

It's the infamous human trafficking

The name of this film is

The Seven Flashers

Together with Xiao Ma, he went to work in Sao Paulo with his friend Dasan from the same village

and the fierce-looking Da Qiang and the green hat wearing Xiaowei

They were all very excited

With dreams of making a fortune

They talked all the way to Sao Paulo.

Soon they were dumbfounded by the prosperity of the big city

And the unforgiving reality was about to smash their dreams to pieces.

A relative's van took them to a closed scrapyard

They were never seen again

They were greeted by an unpleasant-looking owner


Luca first took their IDs on the pretext of registration

He also gave them four US dollars for a nice meal

The four of them felt that the boss was quite good

So they worked very hard

According to Luca

They had to deal with seven truckloads a day

All of them were cables and aluminum alloys from unknown sources.

Two of them were responsible for stripping the cables.

Two are responsible for picking up aluminum and scrap iron.

Although the work is very tiring

The day is quiet

But the strange thing is

A week passed quickly

The Luka did not mention the money once

This day, before lunch was over

The goods came in a hurry.

Luca ordered them to work again

The pony couldn't resist and asked

No pay or no work

Because the relative had said

The work is paid by the truckload

Now they've done more than 40 cars.

but have not even seen a steel store

We are not here to do charity

Who wants to work for nothing?

The other three also agreed

Once the conversation was over

Luca was furious on the spot

He scolded these people for not knowing what they were doing

He started to calculate

Transportation, advance, food, accommodation, etc. to Sao Paulo

The cost of tools, etc.

Each of them still owed a lot of money to the others

They don't want to get paid even if they don't pay their debts

Isn't that a pipe dream?

Xiao Ma was very angry when he heard that

When he came here, he was told that he would receive food and accommodation

Now this is not a clear trap

Turned his head to leave the place

But the fat guy at the door punched him and he fell to the ground

Luca said again

Work hard and pay your debts.

Then he confiscated all their cell phones

The four teenagers were scared and angry.

It seemed that it was not so easy to leave.

At the end of the night, they figured

The monthly debt was more than the salary

This calculation is not the usual outrageous

It is outrageous

There is no more work to lose money

What the hell is this job?

Quickly roll up and leave

But when they got out of the dormitory, they found

The door was locked.

There is a barbed wire fence on the wall

There was no way to get out

Xiao Ma went straight into the office to find the key

The result was caught by Luca

And he was threatened with a gun.

Until the money is paid.

None of them would escape

Then they were locked in the dormitory.

They lost their freedom.

And no contact with the outside world.

The four teenagers then realized

This is not a debt payment

They were sold by traffickers

Because traffickers are always the same way

Deprive them of their freedom first

Then make them take on huge debts so that they can be enslaved

The fierce Big Jon was the first one who didn't like it.

He proposed to sneak up on Luca tomorrow at work.

He would steal the keys and escape.

But the pony disagreed.

He had a gun in his hand.

If we do this recklessly, people will die.

We must be wise.

So how do we outsmart them?

The next day

A truckload of goods had just arrived and opened the gate

Xiao Ma instructed Dasan to pretend to faint

Then he called Luca to come and check

Prepare to take advantage of his lack of attention

With a stick behind the sneak attack

The result is that this Lucca see little weak look panic

He was aware of it

A stick missed, but was not knocked out

The four of them ran out of the house at the right time

But just before reaching the door

The fat man who was watching the door with a gun drove back

Only Da Qiang took advantage of the chaos to escape

The door was close by

But there was no way out

Xiao Ma felt both powerless and desperate

But what happened next

They knew what real despair was.

The two policemen brought Big Qiang back to Luca.

They punished him with a plastic bag over his head in front of him.

They also gave all four people their home addresses

and threatened that if they escaped again

Each of their parents or siblings could die.

How shocking that was coming from the police.

The four teenagers were scared to death

The police and the bandits

Where could they escape to?

From now on

From now on, Luca deprived them of the right to brush their teeth

The right to take a shower and even the right to have dinner.

And of course, not even the freedom to move around.

It was all work and no work at all.

It was like being a slave.

Even the pigs in the pigsty don't live as hard as they do.

Except for suffering in silence

They do not know what to do

And so it was.

Two weeks passed

Finally this day

Da Qiang couldn't stand it anymore.

He suggested that the four of them kill Luca and Fatty together

To escape

As long as those two were dead

Then no one would threaten their families anymore

Besides, they were four against two.

They have a good chance of winning

People are pushed to a certain point.

What else can they do but take up arms and fight back?

Xiao Ma thought about it but did not agree

Because Dasan and Xiaowei did not dare to take the risk

If the other side shoots

They would definitely die.

Besides, even if they killed Luca.

How to deal with the police officers who are all snakes and rats?

What about their families?

So he came up with a solution that was not a solution

To negotiate a deal with the traffickers.

Hoping to get them out of here after they pay their debts

So the ponies approached Luca and said

They were willing to work twice as hard to pay back the money

Ten carloads a day.

They'd pay it off in six months.

In the meantime.

They won't make any more trouble

And they won't neglect their work.

It's just that when the time comes.

I hope Luca keeps his promise.

To give them their freedom.

Luca was very surprised.

It was the first time that someone who had been banned had come to negotiate.

After a little calculation

And agreed on the spot

Because when the time comes, it is his decision whether to keep his word or not

Besides, as long as these people don't cause any more trouble

And can make more money

Why not do it?

So the two sides so happily settled

From then on

Xiao Ma has become the big brother of four people

Supervise the brothers to work hard

Strive to pay off the debts as soon as possible

Leaving here

Luca also took a different look at Pony

He began to test the boy to see if he was sincere in his work

Or was he trying to do something behind the scenes?

So he asked him to go out and buy cigarettes for himself

Before leaving, he threatened

If he wanted to escape

Think of his mother and two sisters back home

Xiao Ma didn't dare to think about it

And he didn't dare to do anything rashly

Can only honestly go out to buy cigarettes back

For obedience.

Luca even rewarded him with two cigarettes

For a long time afterwards

Because they did a good job.

And they didn't make any trouble.

Luca basically acquiesced to their recreational time and bathing time

This day

Suddenly a labor commission came to inspect the work.

Luca immediately told the other three to hide in the car

And told the pony not to talk nonsense

Then he greeted the inspection with a gun in his hand

The message was clear.

If the pony spoke out of turn.

He would kill him.

The inspector looked around

When he saw four black mattresses

asked Xiao Ma if the boss here had mistreated his employees

Xiao Ma could only lie and say

The boss gave them all the money to buy new mattresses

Very attentive to employees

After this lie

Luca trusts Pony a little more

Sometimes he would throw the key to him to open the door

He even took him out to do some work

For the first time in a long time, he went out on the street

Looking at the free people

Pony's heart is very uncomfortable

This time he went out

Luca took him to buy three more slaves

And also really saw the black chain of human trafficking

These people are from all over the world

Some were working people.

Some were smugglers.

Some were tourists.

Some are even kidnapped directly.

There is an underground factory with female workers like this

They all had the desire for help in their eyes when they saw strangers

But they couldn't go anywhere.

They had to live under the gun of traffickers

They were sold and sold.

Luca picked two more women workers to sell to a nearby gang.

To make some money.

But as soon as he opened the car door

One of the three male workers he had just bought ran away

Pony immediately chased after them and subdued them

Caught back again

See here

In fact, I personally do not understand why the main man to do so

The same end of the world fallen people

Capture others back

Just to further gain the trust of Luca?

Let's read on

Luca was very surprised

He trusts the boy a little more

He even sent him to the mob to hand over female workers

And brought back the difference of 3,600 dollars.

When the pony returned from the sale of the women's work

Luca was on the phone.

The car also did not turn off the engine

This was the perfect opportunity to drive away.

Pony wanted to run but was concerned about his family

In the end, he didn't do anything.

Luca saw that he was doing well.

He decided to give him a reward.

He asked him how much money he wanted.

The pony said in a hateful voice

One and a half

Luca immediately laughed out loud

It seems that this child is also greedy

But the greedier he is, the better he can control it.

He gave him $180 straight away.

This is also the first money the pony

The first money he'd ever seen.

Back at the scrapyard

Da Qiang saw that Xiao Ma had brought back three more male workers for Lucca

He thought that Xiao Ma had become Luca's lapdog

He knocked him out with a wrench

When he woke up.

Luca let him live in the office from then on

and warned him

Don't ever go back to the dorm again.

Those guys will gouge your eyes out.

Because Luca had seen too much of that.

So the question is.

Why was Luca so nice to the ponies?


Luca needs someone to manage the others

The pony is certainly the most suitable person

It's like when an invader takes over a place

They like to find one or two locals

To offer them good terms

Let them manage the locals

The advantage of this is that the locals are of the same origin and easy to manage

It is also easy to divert conflicts

So the oppressed people also tend to hate traitors more

But Xiao Ma didn't want to do the work of a traitor

What he wants

He wanted to take some of his buddies away from here

When he has saved enough money in the future

to go to college.

Luca was very angry

Said if you don't want to do it, someone else will do it.

You want to be free.

But what is freedom?

Is it going back to that dump of a home of yours

Or starving all day with your mother?

Why not follow him

Make a lot of money and change your life?

Do you stay and be his sidekick

Or go back to the dormitory and suffer

The choice is entirely up to the pony

It can be said that this set of carrot and stick brainwashing rhetoric

directly subverted Xiao Ma's world view

Let his heart's beliefs began to waver

But he thought about it for a long time and finally did not go back to the dormitory

For one thing, he was afraid of retaliation from the newcomers

Secondly, he was still under the illusion that if he listened to Luca

Maybe that's the only way to get Luca to keep his six-month promise.

The next day

Luca saw that he did not leave.

directly gave him the key to the gate and the pistol

Made him the overseer. Assign the other six men to work

With a gun

Isn't it the best chance to rebel?

But Xiao Ma didn't do that

Da Qiang sarcastically said that he finally became someone's lapdog

When he became a scorpion, he started to take on people

Xiao Ma tried his best to justify that

The reason he was so obedient

is to get the opportunity to fulfill the promise of Luca in the future


They will definitely leave here

What they're doing now is a stop-gap measure.

In fact, unknowingly

Xiao Ma has been isolated by six people

All half-heartedly believe in his words

Because no one was sure

In the future, after paying the debt, Luca would let him go

Xiao Ma returned the gun to Lucca before he knew

This was another test.

There were no bullets in the gun.

After this test.

Luca trusted him more

From then on

Pony's life has been very comfortable

He also had access to a cell phone and could contact his family at any time.

The first call he made was to tell his mother that he was safe

But his mother said on the phone

They had received a huge sum of money

It was $720.

Enough to build another house

They were very happy.

Hearing this news

The pony realized that

Luca really wanted to buy him off by sending the money

His mother's words also tipped the scales in his favor

That night

Luca even took him to the bar to rock out

and said with the strength of alcohol

If you stay with him

The future will be better and better

The two of them were like close friends

They hung out all night.

Early the next morning

Luca came back to the scrap metal factory still drunk as hell

He fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

The gun and keys were right next to him.

This was the best chance of escape ever.

Pony thought long and hard about getting his family involved.

In the end, he didn't do anything rash.

Because of all the sweetness.

In fact, he was not averse to Luca.

He even enjoys the feeling of working with the boss to make money and to enslave others.

It is said that all people are born with slavery

Slavery is not only obedience to superiors

It also includes slavery to subordinates

And he did not know that

The honey and stick brainwashing technique

It's the basic operation of human traffickers

On this day

Pony followed Luca to the big boss' party again

It turns out that above Luca

There was another big man.

This big man is a high-ranking government official

The big man's business involves all kinds of things

The iron scrapyard is just a small part of it

Because of Luka's excellent performance

The big man decided to promote Luca to another position

In the future, another bearded man would take over the scrap iron factory


Big brother and pony chatted a little

Then Pony realized

Why the police also listen to them

In this country

They can't run anywhere

Eventually they will be caught by this huge organization

And will go to hurt his family

The big man also said

Luca is a very capable general.

Just blow the whistle.

He would respond immediately

And gets things done very well

After saying

Whistled a whistle

Luca responded immediately

Just like calling his own dog

The ruthless Luca is just a dog of others

After this party.

The pony's wavering heart

finally gave in

Fighting with such a big power

It's like fighting with heaven and earth

Can we beat them?

He asked Luca with his last hope.

After those people pay their debts.

Can they leave?

Luca didn't answer anything.

The answer was obvious

Even after the debt was paid

It was impossible to be free

He still told the pony that

You're lucky.


Because pony is the first person who dares to negotiate with him

He's also very capable

He's leaving the scrap metal factory next week.

If you really want to make money

Follow him and go with him

Or else

Stay in the factory with the other six people to continue to stay

Xiao Ma thought about it for a long time

As the saying goes

Can not change the rules

Then join them

Back to the factory again

He just opened the door

Fellow villager Dasan ran out

He immediately ran after him

Dasan called him a dog

He was so angry that he almost choked Dasan to death

In the end, he acted as if he was making a confession

He took Dasan back

The best friend became a stranger from then on

The look of hate to eat him

When Luca saw this scene

Immediately arranged for his men to go to Dasan's house

And told the pony to warn him

If he ran away again

His family would have a series of accidents

This is what happens when you confront a human trafficking organization

In the end

Pony also became a member of the organization

Followed Luca and left the scrap metal factory

When he was leaving

Dasan asked Xiao Ma for a cigarette

And then burned the pony's body severely

This scar will stay with Xiao Ma for the rest of his life

Become his heart forever pain

This is the end of the film

If we talk about the most poisonous industry in the world

There is no better industry than human trafficking

I'm sure you're all familiar with this topic.

This film is about the enslavement and exploitation of male workers.

In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the human trafficking industry.

The trafficking of women and children is truly appalling.

But that's not the focus of this film.

The focus remains on crime in Brazilian society.

If the police and the thieves are in cahoots.

Then is the judiciary in this society functioning?

Crime and corruption are spreading here like seeds.

Rooted in the hearts of every person born and raised here.

How to eradicate this persistent problem?

It is the most important topic that people need to pay attention to.

Of course, this movie also tells us

Boys go out.

Be sure to protect yourself.

Well, that's it for today's movie!

Thank you all for watching!

I am XX

We'll see you next time.

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