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Plot "A Country Without Women" movie commentary copy

Plot"A Country Without Women" movie comment ary copy

Plot "A Country Without Women" movie commentary copy

No one could have imagined

The wife gave birth to a baby girl in October

The husband's face did not smile

Instead, he fills a water tank with milk

Lifting the newborn baby girl

Prayed for his son for the next year

Then he sinks her into the tank and sacrifices her

This is the local custom

If a boy is born, drums are beaten

If it's a baby girl

Drowned alive

In the course of time

There were no women in the village

At the annual art show

Belly dancers

All the men dressed as women

Even so

This group of bachelors in the village

Still had a lot of fun

Crazy monetary rewards

In fact, it can't be entirely their fault

Under this wonderful custom

For dozens of miles around

Not to mention young girls in their prime

Even 80-year-old women are hard to find

And some of the men had nowhere else to spend their time

So they find the village cow.


On this day, the richest man in the village

Propaganda will give his son a bride

The wedding would be held the next day

All the villagers came to see the fun

Everyone was very happy

Singing and dancing together

This is the first time in nearly ten years that the village

The first wedding in the village

The bride was a little shy

She kept her head buried and refused to talk

She was paid 200,000 rupees by a tycoon.

plus two cows to get her

In the middle of the ceremony

Someone suddenly did something bad

Pulled the bride's dress down

The atmosphere instantly became awkward

Unexpectedly the bride is a man

This can make everyone look silly

It turned out that he just wanted to cheat the high bride price

A good wedding turned into a farce

Now marriage and children

It's the biggest problem in the village right now

Even the big landowner in the west of the village

Even the big landowner in the west end of the village is often hurt by this.

In order to get his five sons married

All these years he had asked the priest to help him inquire

One day the priest was washing by the river

Suddenly he heard a song coming from the forest.

He followed the sound and went deep into the jungle.

He saw a beautiful young girl with delicate features

Sitting in a tree, she was singing a song.

But the girl was startled to see the priest

She ran for home as fast as she could

The priest chased after her

Followed the girl to a wooden house

He talked to the girl's father and found out that

It turns out that when the girl was born

He could not bear to kill her

He had to hide in the mountains

The priest also made his intentions clear

He told the girl's father to ask for anything.

Any amount of the bride price.

The girl's father said 100,000 rupees.

Then the priest came to the landlord's house

and told him the good news

The landlord immediately took the picture of his son

He drove to the girl's house.

The girl's father was attracted to Sven's youngest son.

But what about the four other sons in the family?

So he offered 500,000 rupees in one go.

Plus five cows as bride price.

Let the girl marry his five sons

Seeing this much money

The girl's father directly agreed

In India

Such a wedding was held

The girl was forced to marry five men

On the night of the wedding

The five brothers sat down to discuss how to share the bed.

The oldest said

Monday to Friday is a reasonable arrangement

But there are seven days in a week and two days left

I paid a lot of money to marry my wife

How can we let her stay alone?

At this point, the father stepped in to do justice

After my wife's death

I became a father and a mother

I've worked so hard to bring you up

But no one thought of me.

The five brothers were also aware of this

So I left the wedding night

and the weekend to my father.

The next morning

The girl woke up with humiliation

But her life was just beginning.

She washed and cooked during the day

Feeding the family

Every night, she was tortured by them in turn

The schedule is clear.

This day she was almost kicked over while milking the cow

The youngest son saw this and rushed to her aid

He was gentle and considerate

He helped the girl from time to time.

He also took care of the girl's feelings

Even at night, he never forced her.

In the midst of a hellish life

The youngest son was like a ray of sunshine in the darkness

Make the girl feel tender

Gradually, the relationship between the two gradually warmed up

In their normal life

The two of them fight like a normal couple

She began to resist other people more and more

Only looking forward to time with her young son

This led to the resentment of the family

The father even cited a decline in grades as the reason

He scolded him severely

The youngest son was very sad

The girl hugged him and comforted him

This made the five peeping outside the door jealous

The eldest son had a direct desire to kill

That day the younger son came home on his bike

Brother knocked him unconscious when he wasn't looking

and threw him into the water and drowned him alive

In the face of police questioning

They pretended to be sad

The death of their youngest son

The girl lost her only spiritual support

She was devastated

Now the only beauty left is gone

She had no choice

Had to write a letter to her father for help

Asking the maid to help send the letter

It didn't take long.

The father who received the letter came to the landlord's house

In India

The father sold his daughter to five men for 500,000 rupees.

He sold his daughter to five men as his wife.

The girl was tortured by them every day.

It was like death.

I thought the father would come to rescue her

But to my surprise

The father only came to add money

No regard for his daughter's life

Now the girl was completely desperate

She begged the maid to take her away

But they hadn't even left the village.

The four sons of the landlord

Drove after them.

They shot the servant dead.

The girl was so scared that she fainted.

When she woke up

She found herself chained to a cowshed

The servant's brother wanted to take revenge on the landlord.

He sneaked into the landlord's house in the middle of the night with a few men

But he accidentally found the girl chained to the bull pen

Looking at the defenseless woman.

He became lustful

The next day, he incited the villagers

To unite and avenge his brother's death

We can't let the landlords keep bullying us

But the way they took revenge on the landlord

is a bit tricky

Crawling into the cowshed in the middle of the night.

Taking turns to hurt the innocent girl

Now she's begging for her life and dying

Day by day the days passed

Her belly grew bigger every day

The landlord saw that the girl was pregnant

He thought that the child in her belly must be his

Because he had gotten the girl first

So the landlord took the girl home

and served her himself

Soon afterwards

The villagers also learned of the girl's pregnancy

They also celebrated

Everyone thought the baby was theirs

Immediately they decided to take the girl away

Several brothers fought back

They were outnumbered.

He was soon beaten to death by the villagers with sticks

The landlord went mad

Tied the girl to his bed

He thought the girl was to blame

Thought she was a scourge

Throwing gasoline on the girl to get rid of her

Critical Moment

The new maid couldn't take it anymore

Takes scissors and kills the landlord

When the girl was in labor

After a while

She gave birth to a baby girl

In the harsh reality

She did not know the future fate of her daughter

You are in front of the screen

What do you think?

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