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Crime "Woman of the Cross" movie commentary copy

Crime "Woman of the Cross" Movie Commentary Copy

Crime "Woman of the Cross" movie commentary copy

Never had I seen such a cruel father.

He just made a simple gesture to the girl.

The daughter took off her school bag and walked toward the man on the side of the road.

He gently patted the man on the back.

Didn't say anything, just a big mouth

The man looked up and there he was again.

Then a man kicked the man down.

The companion next to him was dumbfounded

Keep backing up

The girl lifted her foot and Kou eat another one

The father next to him laughed happily.

The man saw that something big was wrong.

Pulled out a bottle of sulfuric acid.

Girls are not afraid.

Directly a backhand pull

The man also fell down in pain.

This is the father's way of education

It turns out that a few months ago

Girls just reject men's advances.

They mercilessly threw acid.

No one present dared to identify the murderer.

Only this girl named Xiao Mei came forward.

He is a bastard.

But Xiaomi went home from school

But was stopped by the man who came to take revenge.

The men took out wallpaper knives to go up to the front.

Xiao Mei could only escape in silence

After returning home

His deaf father did not say anything

Just sent her to a martial arts school

Because the father knew

The critical moment can only protect themselves

Soon after

They again saw the gangsters molesting other girls

Then the first scene happened

I did not know that the father of the gangster

Is a famous local tycoon

Instead, they bit back

Saying that Xiao Mei was intentionally injured

Xiao Mei was also sentenced to three years

Three years later his deaf father had died

Xiao Mei and his mother left their hometown

lived in her brother's house

The mother helped the brother take care of the child

And Xiao Mei went to a nearby high school to attend gas

But on the first day of school

The short-haired school bully Lisa

led her classmates on a walkout

Only Xiao Mei stayed behind

This made Lisa very upset.

She gave her a vicious look

During the lunch time

Lisa deliberately touched over Xiao Mei's lunch box

With three years of experience as a young manager

Xiao Mei then messed down

But Lisa didn't want to let Xiao Mei go

Just when Xiao Mei was speaking on stage

Lisa deliberately unplugged the microphone again.

But Mei didn't panic

Instead, she used sign language

She was fluent in sign language

She was applauded by the audience

Now Lisa finally got anxious

After school

Lisa brought in a group of sidekicks

One of the sidekicks pulled out a knife and came at Xiao Mei

Xiao Mei dodged

Picked up the flower pot Ku eat is a little

This action is like water

The sidekick next to see the big deal

Quickly call and start shaking people

Afterwards they blocked Xiao Mei in the restaurant

A sidekick did not say anything

He went up and punched her

"I don't want to fight"

In the face of several corners of the siege

Xiaomei a turn block block dodge

A 360 body turn kicked one person away

Grabbed the arm three series of whip leg crazy output

Instantly overturned two corners

A dodge with the momentum

In an upside down hook over a person

Back to a block and an elbow strike

A set of operations down to a piece of

At this point Lisa was also stunned

Backed up repeatedly

But Xiao Mei did not know

Behind more terrible things are waiting for him

A car sped by

hit a rock and it was wrecked

fb1 rushed up to check the situation

Due to the speed of the car is too fast

The driver already should Heng Northwest

FB1 opened the trunk

Full of a large pile of treasure

This is still on what class

Directly bailed out of the

They also on the spot ordinary traffic accident treatment

After the incident, Brother Stripes was in the girl Maya's house

Called his men

Tell them what to do

But he didn't expect

This scene was captured by Maya

Because she wanted to use the video

To blackmail Cops.

But while they were discussing it in the restaurant

Maya's bag was replaced by someone else

Soon after, Stripes received a phone call.

The caller was the same person who recorded the video that day.

Cops immediately sent someone to investigate her whereabouts

He finally found her in a small dark room.

Without saying a word

Go forward is a mouth

But Maya looked aggrieved and said his bag was dropped

Angry brother turned around and ate another kick

Maya also hated the Northwest

The boys there shook their heads repeatedly

said they did not see anything

When fbl came to the scene

Stripes had disguised the scene as a suicide

But fbl felt that things must not be that simple

Afterwards, the cops caught two of Mary's friends

And through the location of Maya's phone

He found Xiao Mei's dormitory

At this time Xiao Mei just found the bag at the door of the dormitory.

Open the bag to see

The camera happened to be inside

Just when Xiao Mei was surprised

Two strong men barged in

They pointed their guns at Mei and took her away

They tied up three people in the woods

They wanted to silence all three people who had seen the video

Two of the men were silenced one after another

Just when the gun was pointed at Xiao Mei

Brother Bar called

said they had arrested the wrong person

Xiao Mei did not know anything about it

But Xiao Mei had seen everything they did

After discussing the matter

They left one person decided to kill Xiao Mei

At the moment of pulling the trigger

No need to think that this must be the director's arrangement

Xiao Mei saw the right moment to stand up?

A back leg kicked the gun away

And then a flying leg successfully swung down

Open the handcuffs

She knocked the man out with a single blow

After this incident

Xiao Mei did not dare to return to the dormitory

She went to the street to walk around

She happened to see Lisa, the school bully

She thought Lisa deliberately left her bag

on her doorstep

The two of them then argued

But the fb1 nearby found out

fb1 also locked them both up

That's when the sea also appeared sinisterly

I've never seen such a cruel method

Electricity was passed through Xiao Mei's head

After injecting her with a drug

They wanted to send a normal person to a mental hospital

Xiao Mei's mother also thought her daughter was sick

Because she threw acid on someone in a fight as a child

Now fb1 pushed the boat out

directly concluded that Xiao Mei is mentally ill

But Xiao Mei did not become stupid

She not only survived with her strong consciousness

She also made a new friend, Little Fool

She asked Little Fool to help her steal the key to escape

On the other hand

Female fb1 has also been following up Maya's case

Through the surveillance also succeeded in finding the person who swapped the bag

It turns out that the swapper is the principal's daughter

And the principal, in order to help her daughter clear her name

Put the bag in front of Xiao Mei's door

That night, Xiao Fei successfully got the key

Open the door, but the warning found

That night Xiao Fei got the key successfully

So he put the bag in front of Xiao Mei's dormitory

Open the door, but was found by the warning

Just when the stick was about to fall

The door finally opened

Kou eat is a kick

The room door also finally opened

Xiao Mei came out

He had already seen through this society

And will never be merciful again

She gave another blow to the rising warning koufu

She waved her hand to take the little fool away

But there are two more edges followed by the rush

She dodged

And then a flying leg

The two men were easily taken down

Instantly pinned the men against the wall

They arrived at a club.

They found one of Stripes' boys.

She used the toilet water to stun the man

And took the pistol from his body

When the man woke up he was already tied up

Xiao Mei called the female fb1

She told her to come over quickly

She had found out the truth

But then his boss called

Tell them to abandon the operation

It turns out that the man who hit S with his car

Is the brother of a local boss

Once the brother found out

They have the treasure all to themselves

Big brother will immediately start a war

The people who will be injured are countless

Now we can only let the truth be buried forever

After hearing this, the female FB1 led people to leave the scene

But Xiao Mei was put in a foot

At this point Xiao Mei saw the machete in front of him

He picked up the machete and stabbed it into the thigh of the bar

They saw the situation trying to pull away Xiaomei

Xiao Mei broke out and jumped again

Finally, the bad guys were wiped out at once.

Xiao Mei was so tired that she sat on the ground.

She nodded to the female fb1 at the door.

Let the doctor inject herself with sedatives again.

Finally, as a psychopath resisted all

He tells the children around him in sign language.

He was willing to nail himself to the cross.

He also told the children

You must learn to be independent.

Learn to be strong and love yourself.

And that's where the film ends

I am XX

If you like it, please pay attention.

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