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Plot "Hello Mr. Tree" movie commentary copy

Plot"Hello Mr. Tree" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Hello Mr. Tree" movie commentary copy

Do you know what a village watchman is?

Village guardians, also known as spirit guardians

It is said that there are such people in every village

If you have lived in the countryside, you will know

No matter who's doing business in the village

Often see a person busy going around playing hands

He rarely speaks a little silly

Even some mental abnormalities

But they are often kind-hearted

They don't ask for anything in return, just a good meal

Strangely enough, there are thousands of rural areas in China

But there are people like this in almost every village

There is even an old saying that where there is a village, there is a fool.

"Second fool" and "dog leftover" are often the names for these people

They don't seem to have other names

Or people have long forgotten their original names

Comparatively speaking

The old people in the village have more respect for them

For such people

They are called "village guardians" by word of mouth.

They are also called "spirit-keepers".


The village guardian is the person who guards the village

But when you look deeper, this kind of guardianship does not mean

By force or money relief

Rather, it is a person who guards the village with qi.

Some records say that these people are

Zhen a district of eight evil spirits to drive the four directions of the three evils and five diseases

Legend has it that such people are generally evil people in their past lives

Chosen by the gods, the five evils and three defects

In this life, the three souls have gone one, the seven spirits have gone two

Good nature. No desires, no needs, guard one side

In order to repay the karmic debt of the past life, so the legend goes

It is said that this kind of people have made a big mistake in their last life

In this life, they come to earth to suffer and atone for their sins

When there is a big disaster in the village

They will stand in the way to eliminate the fire disaster

The so-called "five evils and three defects"

The "five evils" refer to "widowhood, widowhood, orphanhood, loneliness, and disability"

"Three shortages" refers to the lack of money, lack of life, lack of power"

Generally speaking, such people do not live long.

They have few friends and are ridiculed by the world.

Even if they can live to old age

Also alone and lonely in old age

There is a movie called the Chinese version of "Joker

His protagonist is a "village guardian"

This movie is called "Hello Mr. Tree

It is so depressing that many people say that after watching it

Even smoked a whole strip of wax

It took another 300 episodes of Bears to get over it

So what is this movie about?

Can have such a great magic?

The story is like this

Tree is a welder in a car repair store

He looks ordinary, no money, no power

He is not like the main character

But he was very proud of himself

Always with both hands outstretched

Pretending to be grand

Go there and call it an errand

He called it an errand even when he went to the toilet

But in the village, Shu had a high ranking

Everyone had to call him "Brother Shu"

It sounds like a good idea

But in reality

Most of the people in the village call him Shu only to mock him

Because they all know

Shu has a problem in his head

Adults can pretend, but children can't

One day Shu saw a group of children fighting

He went up and tried to persuade them to fight

But the kids looked down on him

(Let go)

("Disrupting social order)

(Who are you? Who are you?)

His few friends

He accidentally scraped the car of the village bully Erhu

Brother Shu came up again to persuade him to fight

("There's nothing wrong with the car)

(Wipe it and be done with it)

(Xiaozhuang is a good friend of mine)

(Give me face)

(Go, what's your problem?)

Shu stood embarrassed and smoked.

It's not that he doesn't understand everything.

He understands that the "Shu" in Erhu's mouth is actually a taunt

Shu just wants to have some dignity in front of his friends

In addition to dignity, what Shu lacked most was a woman

In a workplace eye injury

The little nurse in the hospital was very nice to him

So Shu took the opportunity to hold her hand

He wouldn't let go of her hand

(Uncle, what are you doing?)

("Let go)

(What are you doing?)

Then Shu met another woman who really touched his heart

Her name is Xiao Mei, she is very pretty

But she was deaf and mute

Shu fell in love with Xiao Mei at first sight

He asked a friend to arrange a meeting

For Xiaomei, Shu went to get a pair of glasses

So that he could look educated

He also borrowed money from his brother

He prepared to invite Mei to dinner

But after the meeting, he found out that

Mei couldn't understand him

Tree also does not know sign language, the scene was very awkward

And the most important thing is that Xiao Mei does not like him

The reluctance was written all over his face

After the rejection of the tree also find their own step down

The result is that others directly choked

(It's a pity)

(Just can't talk)

("If Xiao Mei had no problems)

(She could have fallen for you)

Soon after, it was the wedding day of Shu's best friend Gao Peng

Shu came to Gao Peng's house early in the morning to help

And after receiving the bride

The village bully (two pigs) forcibly pulled Shu to go up and say a few words

In fact, he just wanted to see Shu's joke

Purely to play him as a fool

During the pushing and shoving

Shu accidentally stepped on the village bully's (two pigs) new shoes

The village bully, who was laughing just now, turned his face upside down

He looked like he wanted to beat Shu

But the good thing is that we were all very happy

And did not pay much attention

Unfortunately, afterwards, Shu drank too much at the banquet

With the strength of alcohol, Shu went to find the second pig

Erhu obviously had a lot of anger in his heart

He had to let Shu drink the wine in one gulp

In front of so many people

I don't know if it was because of the wine

This time the tree did not give in

but unexpectedly disliked a sentence

(You think your brother-in-law is the village chief)

("You're pretending to be a coward, right?)

(I'm not playing hard to get)

("Admit that you're wrong)

("Admit your mistake)

("I'm talking to you. Admit your mistake.)

(You kneel down)

These words completely enraged the second pig

He didn't care that it was a big day for the friends.

At the wedding banquet, he cursed out directly

Asking the tree to kneel down for himself

Everyone gathered around to persuade the fight

Gao Peng rushed to pull the tree into the house

But the two pigs still did not relent, followed in

When everyone was stopping Erhu

Tree suddenly said calmly


(Let him speak)

(Just now there were many people outside)

(Brother is wrong)

He knelt down for Erhu

The others rushed to pull him up

But Shu was like a pile of mud.

He knelt down and couldn't stand up anymore

Afterwards, Shu was lying in bed

Half-drunk, half-sober, he took his young man's hand

He said what he really wanted to say

There is no point in living

After saying that, he passed out and tears flowed from the corners of his eyes

When he woke up, his young man had already left without saying goodbye

He resolutely bought a ticket to Changchun

This is the tree initiative in the change

He was going to join his young man

He left the village to start a new life

After coming to Changchun

Shu didn't have any skills and couldn't do anything

Faye gave him some cleaning jobs

But it didn't last long

His wife found out that he was having an affair

The job can not continue

But things are going well for Shu and Xiao Mei

Unlike the last awkward meeting

This time the two communicate through text messages

The second meeting was soon arranged

Shu asked Mei to marry him

He wanted to ask Xiaomei's parents for permission

To his surprise, Xiaomei replied overbearingly.

"Let others decide your fate, is not that sad?

Shu replied with more dominance.

Just leave your fate to me

Xiaomei agreed

The tree began to prepare for the wedding

He bought all kinds of things

He also told his brother, San'er

Make sure to borrow the boss's crown car as the wedding car

Everything was going in an orderly manner

Shu's happy life was almost within his reach

However, on the eve of the wedding

The brother did not borrow the Crown

Only a Passat was borrowed

In a very impatient tone, the brother said.

"This is the car, use it or not."

And Shu scolded his brother with the strength of alcohol

("Why do you need this brother?)

("Can't do a fucking thing)

(To my embarrassment)

The brother's long-suppressed emotions also exploded at this moment

The two brothers fought in the yard

They almost burned down the whole house.

Later, the tree became more abnormal

It was as if he was possessed

On the day of his wedding, he lay motionless in bed

Even the village chief couldn't persuade him

The village headman even asked Erhu to bring his crown car too

But Shu was still lost in thought and didn't say a word

Why did the tree suddenly become like this?

Just because his brother did not borrow the Crown car?

Or was it because of the humiliation he had accumulated?

And his brother looked down on him.

became the last straw that broke his back?

I think

It was the fire.

The fire that was set on the night before the wedding

He reopened the memories that had been blocked

He remembered what he didn't want to remember - back in '86

Tree's brother was arrested by the police as a gangster

His father hung him from a tree and strangled him to death.

And then, as his father burned his brother's body

Trees strangled his father in anger by the fire

After that, the tree began to become a god

He said that he had a dark eye and could tell fortunes.

The sound of an ambulance came to his ears during the morning meal

His hands kept trembling

He had a premonition that Xiaozhuang (friend) was in trouble

(What are you doing? Shu scared me to death)

(Xiaozhuang is in trouble)

When he arrived at the hospital entrance

Xiaozhuang (friend) really died because of the mine accident

Next, Shu made two more predictions

The 21st water shutdown and the Jade Emperor will take away the two pigs

(Something is going to happen in the next two days)

(The Jade Emperor is going to take you)

Soon, the prophecy of the water cutoff actually came true

The tree gained the long-awaited respect and praise of the village people

Even the children who used to despise him also greeted him with a smile

But because of Shu's strange behavior

Xiao Mei left and went back to her mother's home

Her mother was expropriated for her land

She moved to the city with her brother

After that, Shu was the only one left in the old house

That night, Erhu and the village chief came to his house

They brought Shu the relocation fee

At the same time, they wanted Shu to remove the bad luck for Erhu.

Shu chanted a lot of nonsense

In the name of He Xiangu

He asked Erhu to kneel down and kowtow to him

(He Xiangu)

(Give me your fresh flower petals)

(Give one to the next)

("Save my brother)

("I'll make him give it to you)

(I'm kowtowing to you)

Those who used to bully you

Now they are kneeling in front of you respectfully

This feeling of pleasure and satisfaction is addictive

Shu continued to imagine that he had become the village guru

Even the boss of the mine sent his secretary to him to calculate the opening time

Shu gave him a calculation of "opening at 8:00 sharp on the 18th of March."

Such a non-existent date

The secretary even agreed to it

On the opening day, Shu was invited to cut the ribbon on stage

He was invited to cut the ribbon and discuss the moon landing with the president of the mining industry.

Tree couldn't stop smiling.

Once upon a time, no one took him seriously

Now in his fantasy

He wanted to make fun of those who were above him

But reality soon knocked him to the ground with no mercy.

The demolition certificate came down.

Everyone ran forward with excitement

In the direction of a new life and hope

They would all move into their new homes and become city dwellers

And Shu was lost and confused.

He followed the crowd and tried to move forward too

But he stumbled and fell to the ground

The house in the village is gone, the family is scattered

The village house is gone.

For a farmer, his roots are gone.

The illusions gave the tree a little comfort.

One bright sunny morning

Tree saw Xiao Mei return

With a big belly, he was going to be a father

The tree happily ran over to her

He cautiously touched her belly

Smiling like a child



(Let's move to the new house)

("Let's have the baby in the new house too.)

(Let's go)

(Let's go)

Xiao Mei, who had been mute, spoke at that moment

The tree froze in place, and soon grinned again.

He already understood that it was only his illusion

He took Xiaomei's hand and walked forward

Not far from the other side is the new city of the sun"

Reality was too cruel

He would rather stay in this warm illusion forever

This is the end of the story

Many people should have guessed it

Ever since the tree kneeled down to Erhu

He started to become insane

After that, the story is a combination of reality and fantasy

Even in the end it became pure fantasy

Many bloggers have already done a very detailed analysis of these

Today we will interpret it from another angle

After watching this movie you may have a lot of questions

I also have a question, why is the tree?

Why is he the one who can not live this life?

Gao Peng and Yi Pao, who played together as children

One is doing well in the village

The wedding was a great success

He has a family and a job

The other one became a school principal in the city

He even changed his name, no longer "Yixiang Siwei"

He has become a virtuous artist, Yixin

Even the second pig, who is one generation younger than myself

In the village has almost become a village bully like existence

Even though he grew up in a different environment

His own brother, San, also has his own life

He ran a taxi in the city and got married

Hasn't Shu ever tried?

He did not want to change and how would he run to Changchun to find Yixin?

He didn't abandon himself to seek pain

But he was always just a small step away from the light

He was pushed into the abyss again and again

"Why are you in this state?"

"Why is it that you can't do what everyone else can do?"

After watching the whole movie

After watching the whole movie, it is indeed a bit cruel to think about Mashiki these questions

Because he has done his best

The "new city of the sun" mentioned in the movie

Maybe it means a new life.

While others are walking towards the red sun

Only Shu stood still, clinging to the tree

The wheels of the times keep rolling forward

People run forward, they give up the old things

To get something new

For example, from the countryside to the city

For example, workers flock to the sea

It's like rushing from home to abroad

I don't know if it's the changing times that affects people

Or is it the choice of people that makes the times

The little people in the flood of the great era

Some ride the waves to shore

Some go with the flow just so they don't drown

Others are destined to become corpses to be eaten by others

The only Mr. Tree in the world

It can be said that Tree is the epitome of countless people at the bottom of society

No one wants to hear it

Thousands of Mr. Tree can not bear the hardships behind life

Everyone is so busy that someone will stop in doubt

Gently say, "That person is like a dog."

Reality is harsh. You can't get everything by working hard

Then this movie is made for every Mr. Tree who tries to live

"You've done well."

It's not a consolation, it's a reconciliation with yourself

Forgive yourself for being mediocre



That's the end of today's story

I am XXX See you next time

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