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Science fiction "Never Ending" movie commentary copy Afterthoughts

Science Fiction"Neverwhere" Movie Comment ary Copy Afterthoughts

Science fiction "Never Ending" movie commentary copy Afterthoughts

He's an artificial genius

3 days to learn to play the piano

Write a novel in 4 days

After watching Bruce Lee movies

He can fight ten people

Do some finance

In the snap of a finger

Earn $45 million

Finally making money is really boring

His next goal

Is to run for President of the United States

No one would have thought

This man who is close to God

Not long ago

Was a complete luther.

Though at least a writer

But he looked like a bum

Urged daily by his editor

But it's been months

Not even a word written yet

When his girlfriend was promoted

Immediately abandoned him mercilessly

This unfortunate man's name is Alan

Today he finally had a chance to change his life

He met his ex-brother-in-law by chance on the road

He is now working in a pharmaceutical company

He said that the company was going to launch a new drug

It will completely develop the brain.

He didn't have time to name it yet.

Seeing that Alan was living a miserable life

Brother-in-law gave him a piece for free

Just this small tablet

It's worth $800.

Although it sounds unreliable

But at this time, Alan was also

The dead pig is not afraid of boiling water

Might as well give it a try

Just got home.

Alan ran into the landlady who demanded rent

In the midst of the endless humiliation

The drug just took effect

The world suddenly brightened up.

Alan's mind had never been so clear.

All the details around him were in full view

Alan glanced at his bag.

The book was only showing a corner.

He knew immediately that the landlady

was writing a law paper.

Because 12 years ago

Alan happened to look through this book

All the scattered

All the fragments of knowledge scattered in the corners of his memory

In an instant, they were linked up

He took the form of teacher Luo Xiang

He personally came down to guide

After 45 minutes

He not only helped to finish the thesis

He also took care of the landlady herself

Then Alan seemed to have unlimited energy

When he got home, he immediately cleaned up the doghouse

And then he came home and cleaned up the doghouse

Then he was inspired to write.

Easily wrote dozens of pages of the book

But when he woke up the next day

Ellen returned to normal

The feeling of powerlessness came over him like a tidal wave

All the power was gone.

He was back to being a loser.


He sent the manuscript he had written last night

He sent it to the publisher.

Just after he got home, he got several messages.

("How did you do it?)

(I really like it)

(Can you call me when you get home?)

It turns out

The editor read it all in one sitting

Very satisfied with the content

Alan has never been so happy in his life


medicine absolutely can not stop


He immediately went out to find his brother-in-law

He found out that

Brother-in-law had been shot by someone

The scene was a mess

The bandits should also be looking for drugs

The question is

Did they find it?

Alan put on his gloves and rummaged through a box.

Finally, in the hidden compartment of the oven

He found a whole bag of them.

From then on

Alan's life became like an adventure.

He became an all-knowing and all-seeing person

With the $800 left by his brother-in-law

He started to invest in stocks

In a bear market

When everyone was losing money

He made 2000 on the first day

The next day he made 7,500

But he still thought it was too slow to make money

He needed more capital

So Alan found a money lender, an old hairy man

Borrowed 100,000 in one go

And the interest rate is very high

But Alan knew

The deal was a sure thing

He started doubling his medication.

And his brain worked twice as hard.

In one weekend.

He made $2 million.

Word got around Wall Street.

He was personally introduced by a financial magnate

When his girlfriend found out, she immediately changed her mind

She said she was willing to work with him.

Alan became the winner of his life

But he also gradually realized

Danger is approaching

In the subway station

Facing a group of men provoking him

He suddenly remembered

He had seen Bruce Lee's movies

Every move on the TV

Instantly dissolved into his blood

One to fight ten

Also no problem at all

All this

All this happened during sleepwalking

The 18 hours that have just passed

Except for a few fragments

Ellen couldn't remember anything


The magic potion he kept in the jar

Had all been consumed

The withdrawal reaction was very strong

Even maintaining a normal life was a problem

Although there was still medicine

But he did not dare to continue to take it indiscriminately

And what he learned while taking the medication

He also completely forgot everything

Alan tried to look at the documents given by the financial boss

But he couldn't read a word of it.

Face to face with the big man

He was completely overwhelmed

Alan started to feel dizzy.

As soon as he left the door, he threw up all over the floor

But the side effects of the miracle drug

And that's not all.

He remembered that his brother-in-law had a little book

It had a list of customers who had bought the drug.

Alan wanted to ask them for more information.

And he called them one by one.

They were either already farting.

Or they were on their way to drink the fart (ICU resuscitation)

Alan started to get scared

But then the next call came through.

But then the next call comes in and the ringing starts next to it.


Alan ran for his life.

Because he recognized this man's face

He had been in his neighborhood several times.

Alan finally escaped to a cab

He managed to get away from him

Then immediately met with his ex-wife

It turned out that his ex-wife was also the same as Alan

Took the same kind of drugs

And also like a hangover

All the way to the top

But she was very sensible

She knew that her brain was running at such a high speed

Sooner or later, it will break down

So she chose to stop taking the drug of her own accord

Only later did she learn that

All the people who took the drugs eventually died

Although the ex-wife saved her life

But she was also ruined from then on

Couldn't even concentrate for 10 minutes

Work was basically paralyzed

More than two years of time

Still haven't recovered

His ex-wife advised Alan to quit the drugs too

But to reduce the dosage little by little

If you suddenly stop the medication

will be life-threatening

After the hasty parting

Killed Dee from his pants pocket

He took out the last tablet he had

When he was about to take it

But in the middle of the old Maoist debtor killed

It turns out that yesterday during the drop

It was the day that Alan paid back the money

The old man couldn't see anyone

Now he was very angry

He threatened Alan

Go home and get his bank card to withdraw the money

In the process of pushing and shoving

Alan's hand of pills fell to the ground

Then the old man grabbed it

(What is this?)

("It's just aspirin.)

(It doesn't look like an aspirin)

(It's good stuff, right?)

("and swallowed it in one gulp.)

Ellen was speechless.

And he had to drag his half-dead body

To get the money to the other side

If you don't take the medicine

Alan will not last long

And the rest of the medicine

He secretly hid it in his girlfriend's house

Alan tried his best

He could barely walk to his girlfriend's office

He collapsed in the office

Faced with his girlfriend's questioning

He had no choice

He had no choice but to confess everything.


His girlfriend succeeded in getting the medicine

But as soon as she left the house, she found out she was being followed

Alan knows

Girlfriend is also being watched

At this time the road traffic jam

She had to get out of the car and run wild

All the way into the park to escape

She saw two strong men walking towards her

She thought she was going to be saved.

(This man)

("was following me.)

("He followed me out of my house.)

("But I don't know him.)


The passerby was also ready to be a living lightning rod

But the man seemed to have gone crazy.

He came straight to me

One knife at a time

No mercy

Girlfriend took advantage of the chaos to hide under the rockery

But she didn't know how to get out

It was only a matter of time before she was discovered

So Alan on the phone

He told his girlfriend to take a pill.

(Listen to me)

("The pill will take effect in 30 seconds.)

(You'll be able to figure out how to get out.)

The woman swallows a magic pill.

And the killer is nearby

In 30 seconds.

The drug kicks in

Panic is gone.

Calmness appears

Now he

The brain is now 100% activated

His eyes become sharper

Then the brain cells run at high speed

In a few seconds, he figured out a way to escape

I saw the woman running in the direction of the ice rink

She was agile.

It was like parkour.

The killer also came after her

He also pulled out a knife in the process

But the woman stopped behind a child

And then


The woman managed to escape

With the medicine she brought back

Temporarily saved Alan's life

The two of them hid in the hotel until the next day

When they woke up

But the girlfriend threatened

If Alan did not quit this drug

The two can not continue to be together

But Alan could not do it for the time being

Can only watch each other leave

And then he noticed

Someone was already waiting downstairs.

It was the old man who had taken the magic pill by mistake

He also knew the benefits of this stuff

Alan could only give him some.

Temporarily gagged him

Then, in order to prevent his enemies from finding him again

Alan hired two personal bodyguards

And spent $8.5 million

To buy a super-secure apartment

And all the suits have hidden pockets sewn in.

Will always carry the magic medicine on his body

Even to have an endless supply of pills

He paid $2 million

To find a pharmacist

Gave him a sample

He gave him a sample and told him that within 6 months

duplicate the exact same medicine

And then...

Alan was finally able to work for a financial magnate.

He's going to head up one of the biggest mergers in business history.

From which he would make $45 million.

With that kind of money.

He was able to go it alone.

The merger was going well.

All that was left was the final signing ceremony.

And when the day came.

Another big man named Hank

But he didn't show up.

It turned out that he had a serious illness

He was rushed to the hospital.

The lady herself came to explain

Now the contract had to be postponed

When Alan sent his wife away

When he saw the driver's face, he understood instantly

So the one who repeatedly tried to steal his medicine

Was Hank.

He is the same as Alan

Relying on drugs to get to where he is today

It turns out that many of the world's bigwigs

A lot of them rely on this to make a fortune

The next day

Hank was dying.

The merger plan was also aborted

Alan's head suddenly went blank

He wanted to take another pill

But after searching his pockets.

and found that he had lost it.

While Alan was at a loss for words

A package came from the front desk

Open it.

It was two hands of the bodyguard

Alan panicked

He knew it must be the Old Maoist's work

He rushed back home

The drug was wearing off a little.

The old man was at the door.

The sound of chainsaws rang outside the door

Alan without his medicine.

Obviously there is only one way to die

But he didn't want to resign himself to his fate.

With the residual effects of the drug

He quickly searched

Where the hell is the magic pill?

Even if it's just one piece!

Alan frantically opened the carton

Finally found the tin can

But then the old man barged in.

Alan had a jolt

He fell down accidentally

The only magic pill

fell into the sewer.

Alan was caught.

The old man is here to steal the magic potion

He also invented a new method

Dissolve the elixir into liquid

It was injected directly into the body.

The effect was strong and long-lasting.

But this is the last of his stock

(Where is the rest of the medicine?)

("I ate it all)

But the old man didn't believe me.

He sent his men to search.

And he was ready to torture to make a confession.

But I didn't think Alan had left a hand

The old man just approached

Alan first stabbed a knife

Then he fell down

Looking at the spreading blood

The dying Alan

Suddenly thought of a way

Not long after

Alan's eyes glowed again

The drug took effect

With the effect of the miracle drug

To take care of the remaining ponies

It was no problem at all


Alan also succeeded in recovering his lost medicine

Time comes a year later

Alan not only became a best-selling author

He also became a senator

The next step is to run for president

And that day

The finance magnate came to the door

He said he already knew about the miracle drug

And bought the pharmaceutical factory

Threatened Alan to continue to work for him

But now Alan was

Is long out of the grip of drugs.

(I have redesigned it)

(I've redesigned it.)

(We'll go our separate ways, Carl)


Has moved into another area

That truck will chase the tail end of the cab


(Driver is sending a message)

(The truck is going 80 kilometers per hour)

(It's bound to hit the cab 18 meters away)

(I can see everything Carl)

Alan has become a god

And the big guy knows that

Can not be against a god line

So he had to leave in anger

But such a person who is close to God

There is still one thing he can't do

Do you know what it is?

The end of the story

Alan and his girlfriend had a Chinese dinner together

And then

It's the Mandarin listening test.

Please listen carefully to the questions

What exactly did he say?

Everyone can write the answer

See what you can hear

It seems that even for God

Chinese is very difficult even for God

This movie is called "Never Ending

It's a good movie worth seeing

I recommend you to see the original movie

That's the end of today's story

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