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Science fiction movie "Zombie Juan" commentary copy

Science fiction movie "Juan the Zombie" commentary copy

Science fiction movie "Zombie Juan" commentary copy

This is the most inspirational Spanish comedy film on the subject of zombie S

Doomsday, zombie S, beauty, everything

The main character is a warm-hearted person

He often helps the grandmother who has difficulty with her legs to go upstairs

He also eats some tofu

When the grandmother scolds him

Did you touch my butt?

But he said shamelessly

I can't help it

And from time to time help the neighbor who is not home to comfort his wife

The daughter was disgusted by his behavior

but there is nothing he can do about it

But all this harmony

was completely destroyed by the sudden death of the virus

The horrible virus was like a gray nail

It spread rapidly

Planes crashed for no reason.

Buildings collapsed without warning.

The streets that used to be so noisy

The streets are now sullen

The end is near, and everyone is in danger.

While everyone is thinking about how to survive

The main character smells a business opportunity

He quickly found his friends

To form a gang

Helping those who are alive

Clean up their loved ones who have become dead

so as to get paid

Their motto is

Get rid of the ones you love

They all have great skills

The long-haired man with the hazelnut bat uses it like a charm

The sissy acts as a long-range adc

Slingshots are used to kill people from space

The black-faced blind monk kills the dead S

is also very handy

The main man with a boat oar to beat the funeral S

The mixer two watermelon knife in the mourning S group in a wide open

In a short time, the ground was in a mess

I feel that compared to him

The zombies were more like a vulnerable group

There was something in the middle of nothing

Inadvertently, the fat man saw the person who owed him money and didn't pay him back

He quickly rushed up to take personal revenge

The other four people also came forward to help

Obviously, the five dollars were not going to be paid back by the fat man.

Soon their first business came to the door

The client was a hotel owner

Her tenants were infected

Just arrived at the client's home

They were surrounded by a group of zombie S

After a fierce fight

The mourners were finally cleaned up

Unexpectedly, in the chaos

The task is completed the reward to whom to ask for it

In the spirit of the good wood of thieves do not go empty

They each played two pieces of three flowers home

In a late night the crowd was caught by the J side of the strong man

They want to gather the living together

Together to fight the zombie S

To determine whether they were infected

Several people were stripped naked

With silver bracelets

They were sent to the shelter with the others.

Suddenly someone mutated

There was chaos.

Several people took advantage of the chaos to escape

Who knows the sissy was bitten

At this time is about to mutate

(I only have you in my heart

Not her

You must believe that my love is not false

Only you are my dream

You are the only one who makes me care

(There is no her in my heart)

The sissy was happily sent away by this enchanting double dance

Seeing more and more mourning S in hiding

The crowd finally realized the seriousness of the matter

Intended to go to the shelter

After a series of twists and turns

The black-faced blind monk went up and broke open the iron door

Turned his head and started to show off

But was enthusiastically dragged in by the zombie S inside

It turns out that the shelter has fallen

They rushed to escape

The commotion just now attracted a large group of zombies

The crowd was swarmed by the zombies

The chances of surviving the massacre can be imagined

Even if Zhao Zilong came

I'm afraid I'll only be able to die when

At that moment, a car came speeding by

An iron arrow shot out

nailing an unlucky dead S to the wood

The car circled around the field

And then took the crowd away

After the hero expressed his gratitude to the man with glasses

The fat man missed a shot

Just Wen saved the life of the benefactor through a cold

Look at this teammate

The crowd is also a speechless

As the old saying goes

The three re-smoking Zhuge Liang

In the warp force of four people

An amphibious car boat was born

They were ready to escape to other places along the land and water

Early the next morning the man and the fat man arrived at the beach

Fatty shouted at the top of his voice

The funeral S is like a thousand armies

Looking at the slow pace

hurrying to come

The two men's hands and knives

cut off all the dead S

Then dragged to the shore to make a springboard

Just then a child's cry for help came

The main man is ready to go to the rescue

The fat man went to the ground first car boat drove over

The hero pushed away the mourning S

Hold the child and run

Just ready to bar up when

but was dragged down by the death of S

He stood up with a carp

Picked up the shovel next to him

to ward off the tangle

S sat on the faucet with his butt

The main man followed the trend of two hits

Then carried the boy to the edge of the cliff

At this time the bank of the funeral S

More people than the Spring Festival

Fortunately, the steam company boat arrived in time

With the help of the diving board laid in advance

Successfully came to the surface of the water

The boy's child was carried on board

But he planned to stay behind to continue to fight against the S

The rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of each man

The problem cannot be solved by running away

And the best way to solve the problem is to face it and destroy it

He will fight to the last moment in the place where he was born and raised

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