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Science fiction film "zombie kids" commentary text Commentary

Science fiction film "Zombie Kid" commentary text commentary

Science fiction film "zombie kids" commentary text Commentary

A kid virus is spreading around campus

The bear hayseeds are not honest

infected with the virus and turned directly into cannibalistic demons

Today we bring a zombie spoof movie

The Zombie Kid

Did your mother tell you?

Takeout is made of gutter oil

If you eat it, you'll get cancer.

It's probably not sensational.

For example, this black-hearted chicken farm

Kill chickens, process them, and take them out of the factory.

Each step is not qualified

And finally, they are made into delicious school chicken nuggets

transported to the school

If the children eat it, can they still be well?

The little girl ate the substandard chicken nuggets

She was infected with a devastating virus.

A catastrophe is looming on the horizon.

Jack the hero is an elementary school teacher

Transferred to a new school

Most of the students here are rebellious

The teacher is just a title in their eyes

They don't care at all.

By chance, Jack meets Jenny, an old classmate.

At first, he was very happy to talk.

But when he learned that she was in a relationship with the gym teacher

Instantly discouraged

In that case, let's focus on educating the bear.

When the phone was confiscated

("You think I'll go home crying and tell my parents)

(What will happen if the new substitute teacher touches me?)

The kid saw that the teacher didn't dare to do anything to him.

He went even further and bullied his classmates.

The girl's scalp was torn off with a strong tug

But the next second, she was instantly pounced on the ground

The little face was bitten off a piece of flesh

Jack rushed him to the infirmary

Then he talked to Jenny about the children's mischief

The two talked and the topic went very far

Laughing out loud

There was a lot of activity outside the window.

A blond boy was in trouble with a little girl

was also bitten

Then he also went crazy like the girl

He went crazy and scratched the kids in the school

The gym teacher was so focused on playing ball

He didn't notice what was happening behind him.

All the kids started to go crazy.

The teacher who went out to check on the situation, the principal.

They were all eaten to the ground.

And that's when Jack and Jenny and the other teachers noticed.

What a terrible thing was happening on the campus.

The gym teacher was the only one left on the playground.

But when they looked back.

(What the hell is going on here?)

But it was only for a few seconds.

Don't forget, the PE teacher is also a teacher

He ran quickly and punched a child

He managed to escape into the building and meet up with the other teachers

But the kids in front of him were very destructive.

They couldn't just sit there and wait to die.

They tried to escape by all means.

But Jack unfortunately got hit in the process

Fearing that he too would go berserk.

The gym teacher left him alone.

But strangely enough, Jack never went crazy.

A biology teacher found that

Only prepubescent children can contract the disease.

After making sure Jack was in no danger.

They couldn't wait.

They rushed out of the classroom and onto the roof.

They were ready to call for help from the parents who had come to pick up their children.

But it didn't work.

They also attracted the bear children

Another mad scramble began

But luckily, after they made it to the gym

They saved two children who were not infected

But completely trapped here

In a flash, it was dark.

And to make matters worse

One of the little boys fainted from low blood sugar

Listening to the sounds of the bears outside the window

Is this the only way we can wait for death?

That's when Jack had an idea.

There is a passage it

After studying the direction of the passage

The first thing to do is to buy chocolate

Must get the boy out of danger

So the question is, who can get into the vent?

Only the thin Jack

After Jack climbed in.

Jenny did not worry, despite the boyfriend and other teachers to discourage

also climbed in with

The gym teacher saw that this is going to be an accident ah

I could not do anything, I was too big to go in.

I could only threaten Jack on the other end of the walkie-talkie

Stay away from his girlfriend

But the two of them do not care to think about it

On the way, there were sick children everywhere.

Scared to death

Luckily, both of them avoided it without any danger

Succeeded in buying chocolate

However, on the way back

A bear child followed closely behind

For the safety of all people

They threw the chocolate out after

Emergency reversal of direction

Now the two groups are completely trapped

In this tense moment, of course, we have to incite emotions

The gym teacher and his gang talk about their dreams.

Jack confesses his heart to Jenny

But the relationship between Jenny and the gym teacher

is also indestructible

Then this kiss, as a seal of friendship

It's time for the guys to fight back.

We're cheering each other on through the walkie-talkies.

All the men were armed.

The battle was about to begin.

Their goal was to break into the gym teacher's minivan.

However, this process was not so easy.

As soon as they left the school building, the playground was filled with children

The teachers were all showing off their 18 skills

All left until the last minute when the gym teacher came to clear the back road

Drowned in the middle of the bear sea

People seized the opportunity created by the physical education teacher

They managed to escape

There was a sad atmosphere in the car.

But they still had to escape in order to survive

They came to a small town

Attracted by the TV news on the side of the road

It turns out that the virus is nationwide.

Almost every city has fallen

While everyone is caught up in thinking about what's on the news

Already surrounded by Bearhazi

Panic sets in

Everyone was hiding in an opaque room

They didn't know what to do

In the next moment

They fell into the bear's den again

A faint light from a flashlight in the distance

A familiar figure appeared.

It's the gym teacher. He's alive.

The physical education teacher once again killed a bloody road

Everyone ran to the exit, and when they got in the car

Only the gym teacher was spraying things around

(What are you doing? Water is useless)

("Who said it's water?)

(nap time, bear kids)

I don't know where the last surviving teachers and kids

I wonder where the last surviving teachers and children will go.

This is the end of the movie

The novel background of this movie

The mischievous bear Haizi is infected with the zombie virus

In the end, the teacher beat him up

XXX is really enjoyable to watch

Let Xiong Haizi know

Not everyone will spoil you

Well, this is the end of today's movie

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