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Suspense movie "Afterlife" commentary copy

Suspense movie "Afterlife" commentary copy

Suspense movie "Afterlife" commentary copy

Hello everyone, today I want to tell you a

The girl was obviously alive

but was told by the funeral home uncle has died

No matter how hard she struggled, it was to no avail

Finally buried alive thriller movie "Afterlife

The heroine Anna and Paul are a young couple

Paul is very energetic, he wakes up in the morning

He and Anna did radio gymnastics

But whether it's stretching or chest expansion exercises

Anna does not seem to be interested

This makes Paul very frustrated

After school at noon

Anna went to the music teacher's funeral.

When she was looking at her teacher's face.

The teacher's mouth suddenly moved

Anna was startled.

When she came back to her senses, she didn't notice anything unusual.

She thought she was hallucinating.

Next to her, Uncle Nissen seemed to notice something different

But he didn't say anything

He just watched Anna leave in silence.

In the evening Paul told Anna

He had been promoted and was going to work in Chicago

He wanted to take the opportunity to ask Anna to marry him.

But before Paul could pull out the ring.

Anna misunderstood that Paul wanted to break up with her

She was very angry as if she had taken a gun.

She called him an ungrateful, ungrateful scumbag.

After scolding, she drove home alone

I didn't expect to get into a car accident halfway

She was taken to the funeral home

When Anna woke up from her coma

She found herself lying on a cold iron bed

At that moment, Uncle Nissen was holding a pair of scissors

He was cutting her clothes and fixing her face.

But the uncle was not surprised to see Anna wake up

He also told Anna that this was a funeral home and that she was dead.

Anna thought that he was joking with her

How could she be dead when she could still breathe and talk?

The uncle saw that Anna was still not convinced

He brought her another death certificate to show her

But Anna still couldn't accept

The fact that she was dead

She thought the uncle was playing a prank

But the uncle told Anna again that she was dead

After finishing Anna's face, he turned around and left

At that moment, Anna lost all consciousness

Lying in the cold funeral home

as helpless as a lamb waiting to be slaughtered!

The next morning

Paul found Anna missing and no answer to his phone.

So he came to the school to look for Anna.

The teacher said she didn't come to work at all today

Then Paul went to Anna's house.

His mother-in-law told him that Anna had died in a car accident last night.

Paul couldn't believe his ears

Tears of sorrow came to his eyes

He was in deep remorse

Anna's side kept on

Begging Uncle Nissen to spare her life

And the uncle repeatedly stressed that Anna was dead.

While stitching up Anna's wounds

Anna did not feel any pain.

Anna's mother was coming to see her one last time.

The uncle rushed to get a syringe and gave Anna a shot

He explained to Anna

This is a drug that can relieve the stiffness of the body

After the injection, Anna fell into a coma

The grieving mother took one last look at Anna.

She and Nissen talked about it.

They decided to hold Anna's funeral two days later.

After an unknown amount of time, Anna woke up from her coma again.

Then she felt for a pulse and knocked on the iron frame with her hand.

Oh my God, I can't feel anything.

Am I really dead? Just then

Anna heard Paul's voice

The sad Paul begged Nissen

He begged Nissen to let him go in and see Anna one last time.

But the uncle refused his request on the grounds that Paul was not a direct relative.

He refused his request.

At that moment Anna desperately called for help

But Paul could not hear her.

After Paul drove away, Anna questioned the uncle again.

Why did he imprison her here?

Why did he prevent Paul from seeing her?

The uncle patiently explained

The reason you can still talk to me now

It is not because you are still alive

It's because I have psychic powers

I can talk to you dead people

Anna didn't believe him and called him a fucking pervert.

Neeson thought Anna was unreasonable, so he turned around and left.

Anna was adamant that she wasn't dead.

She took the opportunity to hide the scissors behind her back

When Nissen came in again

Anna took the scissors and stabbed him in the chest

Then she took the opportunity to escape

But the door was locked and there was no way to escape

Nissen went straight to Anna

And put his neck in front of Anna to let Anna stab himself to death

Anna finally came to her senses and dropped the scissors.

She repeatedly explained that she was not dead and begged the uncle to spare her life

And Nissen lost his patience.

He called Anna a waste of air.

A waste of land when you're dead.

People like you should have died a long time ago.

Well, I have to go prepare your coffin.

And then he left in a huff.

After the uncle left, Anna broke down.

She smashed everything in the house to pieces.

The uncle came back and saw the mess.

And instead of getting angry, he told Anna

Her mother had prepared a burial suit for her.

Anna pretends to admire it and then takes the opportunity to steal Nissen's keys.

After Nissen drove away, Anna opened the door as soon as possible

Finally, it took a lot of effort to open the door

On the way Nissen suddenly found that the keys were missing

He turned the car around and went home in a hurry

Just when Anna was about to escape from the door

Just when Anna was about to escape from the door, she met Nissen who was returning home

Anna saw this panic and ran upstairs to hide

And Nissen played a game of hide and seek

After Nissen left, Anna finally opened the door to a room

Then rushed to call Paul

Maybe because Anna's voice is too small

Paul's side can not hear what Anna was talking about

Soon after the phone hung up

At that moment, Nissen also found Anna

He told Anna that the living could not hear the dead

To prove once again that Anna was dead.

Nissen asked Anna to look at herself in the mirror and see how she looked.

Looking in the mirror, she saw a blackened face and a bloodless face.

Anna then believed that she was really dead

But how can a dead person breathe?

Nissen saw this and hurriedly wiped off the fog on the mirror

However, Anna's student, Masa, happened to witness everything

The next day Paul came to the school to sort out Anna's belongings

Just as he was about to leave

Little Masa told Paul

that he had seen Anna's teacher in a red dress at the funeral home.

But the sad Paul didn't believe him and beat him up.

The depressed young man went to the funeral home again

Nissen knew he had seen Anna

Then he started the brainwashing mode

Saying that little Masa is like himself

also have the ability to talk to the dead

Little Masa was bewildered by a dumbfounded and dumbfounded

On the way home Paul suddenly stopped

Seeing the red pajamas in the store window

Then he remembered that on the day of Anna's accident

Was indeed wearing red pajamas

Paul suddenly realized that Anna might still be alive

So he drove to the funeral home again

This time Paul rushed into the funeral home despite Nissen's resistance.

He shouted Anna's name

However, at this time, Anna was brainwashed by Nissen

Really thought she was dead

So she did not go over to open the door for her boyfriend

Missed a chance to escape

Paul did not see Anna still do not give up

He went to the police station to ask his friend for help

He suspected that Anna was not dead and asked his police friend to go to the funeral home to rescue her

But his friend said that the doctor had already issued a death certificate.

You can't come back from the dead, brother. I'm sorry for your loss.

But Paul said that he was still determined and suspected that Nissen had drugged Anna.

At this point, the police officer said that there was indeed such a drug.

Hydrogen bromide hydrate.

It can stop a person's heartbeat in a few seconds and put them in a false state of death.

But another cop said Anna was already dead.

We saw her body at the funeral home this morning.

It was cold.

Paul had no choice but to leave.

The day of the funeral

Nissen changed Anna into a black birthday suit

And put her in the coffin.

He was about to give Anna another shot of hydrobromide.

At this point Anna said she wanted to see her face again

So Nissen brought a mirror.

Anna looked at herself in the mirror

And then she sighed again.

Then Anna finally noticed

The water mist left on the mirror when she was breathing

Then Anna suddenly realized that she was not dead at all

Anna struggled desperately to understand the truth

But it was too late.

Nissen gave Anna a forced injection.

Anna closed her eyes and the world was no longer her concern.

At the funeral, Paul finally saw Anna.

And put the proposal ring on Anna's finger.

At that moment, Anna's mouth suddenly moved.

Paul's crotch trembled with fear

He thought he was hallucinating.

Sadly, Paul kissed Anna goodbye and left.

Nissen, who was afraid of Anna's sudden awakening

So he hurriedly closed the coffin lid

Just then the drug had worn off and Anna woke up.

She desperately feared to hit the coffin lid

But it was too late

No one heard her cry for help

At that moment, Anna was so desperate and helpless

After the funeral, Anna's picture was put on the wall by Nissen.

At this point we can see that Anna was not the only one who was killed

At the end of the film, Nissen tells Paul that Anna is still alive.

If you go late, it will be too late

So Paul drove to the cemetery to find out what happened

He ended up in a car accident and was sent to Neeson's funeral home.

Finally, Nissen used the same method to kill Paul

And there is a little assistant

Probably many people after watching

Are fascinated by whether the heroine is dead or alive

Some people may ask Anna and Paul did not die

Why will be sent to the funeral home?

In fact, all these are the ghosts of Neeson

He deliberately caused the car accident

Then he injected Anna with hydrogen bromide hydrate

So Anna did not breathe, no heartbeat and dead.

So why did this sick uncle kill Anna and the others?

In fact, in the conversation between the uncle and the boy and Anna can be seen

Like Anna, she repeats her monotonous life every day

Not afraid to love and not afraid to accept love, like a walking corpse

What is the difference between living like this and dying?

In the words of the uncle

Living is a waste of air and dying is a waste of land

Well, that's all for today.

See you next time

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