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Science fiction movie "Bloodbath" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Science fiction movie "bloodbath" movie review after feeling explanation text

Science fiction movie "Bloodbath" movie review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Today we introduce a movie in which the hero can heal instantly after being injured

The original body has a lot of nano-mechanical bugs movie


The main character, Baldy, is a heroic American officer.

is a heroic American officer

On this day, he is leading his men to clean up the gangsters

They used a thunderbolt

They quickly cleaned out most of the gangsters.

The boss saw that he was surrounded.

He put a gun to the head of the hostage.

He threatened Baldy to prepare a helicopter for him.

Who would have thought that Baldy promised the boss to get a helicopter

In the blink of an eye, he pulled out his gun and beat the boss into a box

After completing the mission, Bald Head returned home in triumph

At this time his girlfriend Bao'er sister is waiting for him at the airport

Brother Happy Sister back

Bald head brother happily took sister Bao'er back home

As the saying goes, a small farewell is better than a new marriage

The two went home immediately after the thunder stirred the fire

After letting go of themselves

bald head brother lay down on the bed and quickly went to sleep

When Bald Head woke up

He found that Sister Bao'er was not with him

He immediately got up to look for

But he was attacked by a killer

Luckily, Bald Head was quick to react

He killed the two killers with one hand

He rushed out to look for Sister Bao'er

As soon as he went out, he ran into a stranger

He was carelessly given a shot of anesthetic by the stranger

Baldy lost consciousness and woke up again.

He found that he was taken to the freezer

Subsequently, the gang leader Brother Baldy eliminated Brother Belly

He came to interrogate Brother Baldwin

He wanted to know the military's undercover agent in his own place

Unfortunately, Bald Head was only on a mission.

Specific information provided by who he does not know

Baldhead had no choice but to tell the truth

Who would have thought that the black brother misunderstood bald head brother is a tough guy

In front of Brother Baldwin

directly let sister Bao'er receive the box lunch

See Bao'er sister received the box lunch

The head of the brother angry gnashing teeth on the spot said

Once he gets out, he will definitely kill Brother Black

Of course, the black brother will not leave any hidden trouble

ordered his men to kill Brother Bald on the spot

And so Baldy's consciousness fell into endless darkness

The day he came to his senses again

He found that he was not in heaven or hell.

Instead, he was lying on an operating table in a laboratory.

Baldur was thinking in a daze.

Who am I, where am I, and what am I supposed to do?

The sick doctor who helped him with his body modification

and his assistant Mei came together.

Dr. Pervert told Brother Baldy

He had actually received his lunch.

And that his lunch had been used as experimental material by the military.

Sent to his own laboratory

He did a little body modification for Bald Head

He asked to bring Bald Head back to life

Except for losing some of his memories.

Without any side effects and also has super powers

In order to prove his claim

Dr. Pervert also brought a knife and cut the bald man's hand

He saw a bunch of red microscopic

A bunch of tiny red nano-bugs emerged from his wound.

They quickly repaired Bald Head's wound

The bald guy is a confused face

Then Dr. Pervert introduced his experimental project

He introduced his experimental project

Developing various mechanical aids

That is to help the military develop various mechanical aids

to help disabled soldiers return to the battlefield

and improve their combat effectiveness.

Then Dr. Pervert introduced to Brother Baldy

Dr. Pervert introduced his female assistant Mei

She had lost her throat during the previous mission.

Dr. Pervert designed and installed a mechanical respirator for her.

Not only did she recover, but she also had her own air purifier.

What gas bombs can not hurt her

Of course, in addition to Mei's successful experimenters

There are two more, that is, the mechanical legs were modified leg brother

and the installation of mechanical eyes Eye

Legs replaced with mechanical legs after running

Has exceeded the speed of humans

And Eye has superhuman eyesight

No need to bring binoculars for war

Then Dr. Pervert began to introduce Baldy

He said Bald Head is his most perfect work

Bald Head's blood is now filled with nano-bots.

With their help, Bald Head will not only have superhuman physical strength

He can also recover quickly

It's like an undead super soldier

Now Dr. Pervert doesn't ask Baldwin to

Thank you for saving my life.

Thank you

He only asks Bald Head to cooperate with his experiment.

When his experiment is finished, he will give Bald Head his freedom.

After talking to Dr. Pervert like this

He couldn't accept the reality for a while.

He went back to his bedroom and couldn't sleep.

So he got up and went into the laboratory gym

He was surprised to find that

His strength had indeed increased several times

Now he can easily lift hundreds of kilograms of things

He was like a little superman

Just when Baldy was feeling the power of technology

He found out that Xiao Mei in the swimming pool next door

Surprisingly, she was still swimming in the middle of the night

Being curious about the lab

Bald Head took the initiative to chat with Xiao Mei

The two of them went to the leisure center to drink and chat

As they talked, Brother Bald suddenly felt some headache

Then his mind started to flash back to the previous

The memory of Bao'er's murder

When he thought that the murderer was still at large

Brother Baldhead's anger rose from his heart, and he was emboldened by evil.

He rushed to the garage and took a car at random

and rushed out of the building where the lab was located.

Xiao Mei rushed to inform Dr. Pervert

She informed Dr. Pervert

Dr. Pervert contacted Bald Head on the spot.

He told Bald Head to calm down.

Who would have thought that instead of calming down

Instead, he started to control the nano-bugs inside himself.

Dr. Pervert's data to search for Brother Belly's

Dr. Pervert's data to find information about Brother Belly.

As a result, in a few seconds

He found the detailed location of Brother Ventriloquist

Then, without saying a word, Baldy

He drove his car to stop Brother Black's bodyguard convoy

Then he stood up against Brother Black.

A lot of bodyguards' firepower and started to move

He took out several bodyguards along the way

Of course, these bodyguards are no rookies

Several shots hit Baldy

But after Baldy was shot, the nanobots

Quickly help him to heal his wounds

They would quickly help him to heal his wounds

He rushed in alive and well

Then Bald Head opened up all his firepower

The heart area began to emit a terrible red light because of the nanobots' full work

Emitted a terrible red light

And as the red light flashed, Baldy's physical ability

Already close to inhuman

Under his iron fist, these professional bodyguards were killed

Finally, Baldy walked directly to the bulletproof car of Brother Belly

He directly picked up a bodyguard's box lunch

Instantly pulled the grenade hanging from the bodyguard's waist

Pressed on the car glass

With the explosion of the grenade

Bulletproof glass was blown open a hole

Baldy then poked his gun in

The black brother only cared to say, the warrior misunderstood

After the successful revenge, Bald Head

He met up with Mei and the others who came looking for him.

They flew back to the lab in a private plane.

But after returning to the laboratory

Dr. Pervert used his

control of the nanobots

Suspended Bald Head's action

So Bald Head was forced to lie on the operating table

Can not move a finger

Then Dr. Pervert began to use

Advanced intelligence technology to brainwash Bald Head

It turns out, Bald Head's previous memories

Dr. Pervert had constructed all of them through his equipment

The purpose was to make Bald Head a tool in his own hands

Every time he woke up, he would kill his enemies according to his memory

But these enemies are not the gangster Brother Belly

but Dr. Pervert's competitors in this field

For Dr. Pervert to use Baldy as a tool

Xiao Mei inwardly is very disgusted

But she knew she was a small person

In addition, Dr. Pervert could control her at any time.

The breathing machine around her neck to suffocate her

Xiao Mei was always afraid to be angry.

She saw Dr. Pervert quickly

implanting new memories into Baldie.

The plot is the same as the murder of Bao'er.

Only this time, the person who killed Bao'er was replaced by another one

Soon after, Bald Head woke up again according to Dr. Pervert's script

Then Xiao Mei asked him to drink

Brother Bald awakened his memories instantly when he drank

Immediately drove out

But this time the target of the action of the pervert Bo Wang

He called the hacker expert Lao Hei

I hope that the old black help themselves to deal with bald brother

Because the nerve connection program of the nano-machine worm in Bald Head's body

He invented it, and he knows a lot about nano-machines.

He brought an electromagnetic pulse device

If activated at close range, it could kill Baldur on the spot.

Who would have thought that Baldur was moving too fast?

Black's device hadn't finished charging yet.

He came in and killed the target.

And then the EMP was too late.

He successfully blocked the nanomachine's remote connection.

Let bald guy fainted

So Old Black took Baldy back to his lab

And told Baldy the truth.

Bald Head didn't believe what Old Black said at first

In order to verify whether his memory was true

Bald Head drove to Sister Bao's house directly

He wanted to see whether Bao'er had received her lunch or not

But when he knocked on her door

Only to find that not only did she not die

Even married and had children

She was surprised to see Brother Baldie coming

She told Baldwin that he had been missing for five years.

Five years no one, can not blame her to find a new lover ah

Seeing her alive and well.

Brother Seven Heads is now sure

Dr. Pervert had been lying to him.

He immediately drove back

Ready to find Old Black

To get the way to get out of Dr. Pervert's control

Who would have thought that Dr. Pervert had already located him via satellite

He found Baldy's trail.

He sent Legs and Eyes to intercept Bald Head

They were armed with magnetic blast guns which were designed to deal with Bald Head

One shot to Bald Head made him

Half of his body lost consciousness

Brother Bald realized that something was wrong and turned around and hid in the alley

Legs two people naturally chased over

Because Legs ran faster, they quickly disconnected

Brother took this opportunity to attack Legs

In the bald brother pushed the leg brother to the ground when the friction

A truck brakes, directly hit the two people out

Legs mechanical leg was shattered and lost the ability to fight

Baldy recovered quickly and prepared to escape

Unfortunately, this delay Eye finally arrived

He shot a signal connector

Dr. Psycho regained control of Baldur.

So Bald Head was captured again by them

He was about to have his memory modified again

At this time, Xiao Mei who could not stand it

Sneaked out to see Old Black

and took Black's Trojan horse program back to the lab

With the help of Lao Hei

Bald Head successfully escaped from Dr. Pervert's control

The infuriated Dr. Pervert directly gave Legs

and Eye with the most advanced mechanical equipment

ordered them to capture Bald Head again

And so the three of them fought in the elevator shaft of the lab building.

The three of them started a physical fight in the elevator shaft of the lab building.

He was very agile in this terrain

He soon knocked Baldie down

But Baldy was lucky enough to land on another rising elevator.

Legs had to use his robot arm to climb up and chase after him

Eye did not have this skill to disconnect from Legs

Baldy immediately seized the opportunity to jump over and fight with Legs

Legs knew he couldn't beat Baldhead

He simply used his mechanical leg to board the steel bracket with all his might

Baldy lost his balance and crashed downwards

He smashed into the elevator where Brother Eye was

As a result, the elevator almost fell down

The unprepared Eye slipped and fell

He called out to his teammate Legs for help

Who would have thought that Legs did not pay attention to him

Instead, he used his robot arm to break the elevator's steel bars

Ready to kill the two of them

The eye can not hold on to fall down and fell to pieces

But the bald guy at the critical moment protagonist aura burst

Jumped up directly at the last minute

A leg tore off the brother

Then the nano-bots inside Bald Head exploded with full force

He a few punches to break the leg brother's mechanical hand

After killing Legs, Bald Head approached Dr. Pervert

In order to survive Dr. Pervert

In order to survive, Dr. Pervert took out a rifle grenade and shot at Baldwin.

Who thought Baldy let the bomb explode

Still with the bomb to go forward

Dr. had no choice but to fire another shot

But the result was the bald guy directly with the nano-machine bug to catch

When he got closer to Dr. Pervert

Brother directly threw the bomb in front of the two

With a bang with the explosion and Dr. Pervert died together

But Baldy has an immortal body after all

With the help of Old Black, Baldhead came back to life again

From then on, with a little beauty to live a happy life without shame

This is the end of the show

This story tells us

Don't treat your men as tools

So when the leader is very easy to capsize, is not it?


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