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Plot "Pad Man" movie commentary copy

Plot"Padsman" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Pad Man" movie commentary copy

In India

Buying sanitary napkins is like buying drugs

The boss will confirm with you in a very low voice

Are you sure you want sanitary napkins?

And then he will sneak you something from the counter

Sneakily give you something

In 2012

Because of high tariffs and traditional attitudes

More than 80% of women in India are still

Can't use sanitary products during their menstrual period

They can only use leaves, rags, dust and other

of unclean items

As a result, many women suffer from various diseases

Severe cases even lead to direct death

But in this underdeveloped country

Excise tax on sanitary napkins was completely abolished in 2018

You know, sanitary napkins are available in many countries

Are taxed according to the standard of luxury goods

This policy is even ahead of most developed countries

All this has changed

All because of one man

A man.

His name is Arunachalam.

Known as the father of the Indian sanitary napkin

He dropped out of junior high school

By inventing a low-cost sanitary napkin-making machine

Changed the lives of 500 million Indian women

His legendary story

Made into a movie called "Partners in India

The film has another superhero name

The Pad Man

The story begins in a conservative village in India

Handsome boy is a skilled mechanic

Tough on the outside

But inside, he's soft and gentle

Unlike many straight men in the area

He is known to be a doting wife

Washing clothes and sending flowers are just everyday activities

When his wife cut onions, it was too hot for her eyes

So he built a fully automatic vegetable cutter

His wife's bicycle hurts her butt

He made a wooden cushioned back seat

The Indian version of the handicraftsman Geng

But even for such a loving couple

But even such a loving couple has insurmountable problems in their lives

Every month, they had to live apart for a few days

The wife would sternly warn the handsome boy to stay away from her

It wasn't that they had relationship problems

But the wife's "period" came

According to local custom

A woman's period is a dirty thing

She had to stay alone outside the house during those days of the month

You can't even sleep in the house.

You have to find a place where no one is around.

Sitting alone for 5 days

The handsome boy felt sorry for his wife

Told her it was a stupid tradition that didn't make any sense

But his wife still insisted

Because that's what the women around her had been doing for years

The next morning

Handsome saw his wife surreptitiously drying a dirty rag

Upon closer questioning, he realized that it was actually an aunt's towel used to stop bleeding

Because of the tradition

When drying this piece of rag

must be hidden under other clothes

It does not see the sunlight at all

You can imagine how dirty it must be

Handsome boy was shocked

For so long

His wife had been using a dirty cloth to clean his aunt

He wouldn't even let him use such a dirty cloth to wipe his bike

Seeing his wife suffering from such a grievance

Handsome boy without saying anything ran to the drugstore to buy pads

And the shopkeeper immediately nervous when he heard these two words

And sneakily handed him the pads

Buy a pad to make it look like an illegal transaction

The owner said this pad 55 rupees (about five yuan)

Handsome boy was confused at that time

But he had no choice, for the sake of his wife

handsome boy had to borrow money to buy

He came home

He took out the pad and wanted to surprise his wife

And his wife really saw a sweet smile

But then she saw the price

scared immediately returned the pads to the handsome boy

Because 55 rupees was not a small amount in India at that time

The wife asked the handsome boy to take it back and return it

But she couldn't resist

Handsome boy took the pads and left again

On the way, he started to turn his mind

This thing is so light

Why is it so expensive?

He gently ripped it open

found that inside is only a few grams of cotton

Then he wrapped it with two pieces of fabric

That's all you can do, you can do it yourself

Let's do it

Handsome Boy scraped together the relevant materials

Sneaking around the river by himself, he drew a picture from a gourd

The first generation of the handsome boy brand pads are ready in three steps

Handsome boy carefully packaged the pads and gave them to his wife

This is the product of love

And it does not cost much money

The wife half-heartedly accepted her husband's kindness

At that time of the next month

She put on the pads for the first time in her life

Early the next morning

Handsome Boy approached his wife with great anticipation to ask how the experience was

But he found that his wife was still drying the torn cloth

It turned out that Shuai's artificial pads were not working

It leaked sideways

The blood had soiled his sari dress

His wife washed the dress overnight

Handsome boy was ashamed

But he still didn't give up

One layer of cotton didn't work

Then let's make two layers

The second generation of Shuai Chai brand pads was thus upgraded

But his wife refused to try it again

For the traditional woman

Aunt is a great shame

She could only digest it in secret

The more her husband cared for her

The more embarrassed she becomes

The wife resisted

Handsome boy had no choice but to give the "pads"

to his sister, who was already married

But he was kicked out by his sister's family

(Please don't go to my mother-in-law's house)

(Or they will kick me out)

("He's changed since we got married.)

("I'm so ashamed)

Handsome's wife was also in tears

The handsome boy was even more aggrieved

I've worked hard for you despite everything

But you don't care about your body because of shame

The more he thought about it, the more angry he became

Since no one is willing to try the pads

Then why not do it yourself

He clenched his teeth and stepped on his foot

He decided to give himself a "period"

He bought a pair of women's underwear

He carefully padded them with pads

Then he put a gallbladder filled with pig's blood

He put the gall bladder filled with pig's blood into his pants.

When he put them on, it was completely invisible

Squatting is also not affected

Handsome boy is very satisfied

A set of menstrual equipment on the body

Excited to get on the bike

Thinking to himself: It's good to be a woman

But he was only happy for three seconds

His smile froze

A man with a hemorrhage in the stall in public

He became the laughing stock of the village

The villagers thought, "Is he practicing the Sunflower Canon?

And after learning the reason, the villagers exploded into a frenzy

This man is crazy

Even the menstruation dare to come in person

Combined with his previous history of sending pads to people

Everyone said handsome boy has a brain problem

He's a psycho

Even his closest family members don't stand by his side

The old mother was ashamed of herself

He sent his two sisters away to live with relatives

Even his wife had to abandon him

to join his mother's family

Before leaving, she said

For women, shame is the greatest disease

It is obvious

The wife's deep-rooted traditional thinking

made her feel too ashamed of what her husband had done for her

No one could understand Shuai

Ostracized by the villagers and his family, he was devastated

decided to leave alone

Looking for the reason why the pads he made failed

Shuai first found a testing agency

He found out that the real pads were not made of ordinary cotton

but cellulose fiber

But where could he get this kind of fiber?

Handsome boy suffered from lack of education

Could not understand by himself

Had to go to a university professor's house as a servant

Wanted to take the opportunity to learn something

But the professor did not care about him

Fortunately, the professor's son could go online

He said to Handsome

You can find everything you want to know on the Internet

The two of them found an American company selling this kind of fiber


Handsome boy made up a company that didn't exist

and got a bunch of samples

And when the samples finally arrived

But it was not quite as expected

Why is it a pile of cardboard?

Just when Handsome was scratching his head

The university professor suddenly returned home

With a puzzled face

Handsome explained the whole story

He said he wanted to make pads

Because a man who can't even protect his wife

doesn't deserve to be called a man

This thoughtless remark

stimulated the professor of his late wife in early years

He said: passion alone is useless

To make pads not only need materials

There is also a special machine

Look at this fully automatic pad machine

A unit of tens of millions of rupees, you can afford to buy

Handsome boy was immediately slapped by reality

Staring at the machine on the screen

At a closer look, the steps don't seem too complicated

Mixing, compressing, packaging, sterilizing ......

Oh wait

Isn't this an everyday operation?



Handsome boy's mind was instantly opened

Fully automatic machine can not afford to toss

Make four small, cheap machines that can be operated manually, that's it!

Handsome boy who figured it out said goodbye to the professor

said he would not make pads

He wanted to make a machine to produce pads

Handsome boy found a broken cowshed

Take the borrowed tens of thousands of dollars

With his skillful workmanship

After continuous improvement

Finally made a production line





The first pads made by the standard process is officially born

But the old problem arises again

Who should try the finished product?

That evening

A miraculous fate happened

A white car was running around the city.

There was a beautiful rich lady in the car

She suddenly got her period.

She didn't have any tampons with her

Her friend drove her car to look for a pharmacy

She bumped into a handsome boy who was thinking hard on the road

asked him if he had a woman at home

Can you provide some emergency feminine products

It's really hard to find

Handsome boy like a magic trick

Immediately pulled out two pads

The two girls hesitated for a moment

A man wandering around in the middle of the night

With pads on his body

Most likely not a decent person

But the situation is urgent, they still took the pads

The handsome boy turned around and showed the joy of harvest

He started to make a small calculation in his mind

The next day, the handsome boy appeared in the rich girl's home back

with a demented smile on his face

He asked her how she felt about the pads last night

The rich girl thought she had met a pervert

She replied perfunctorily

Pads are pads!

What's the difference?

Hearing this, the handsome boy was so excited that he left tears in his eyes

All the heartbreaking past came to his mind

This statement means that the pads he made

is already similar to other products in the market

For this careless affirmation

He had waited for four whole years

Handsome immediately called his wife to report the good news

But once his wife heard about the pads again

She hung up the phone directly

Handsome boy was disappointed

All the struggle seems to have no meaning

But the rich girl was impressed by Handsome's spirit of struggle

Visited his small pad workshop

Looking at the simple little machine

It is amazing that he can make a product that can change women's lives forever

The rich white girl was impressed by Handsome's talent and deep love

She encouraged him to participate in an invention convention in New Delhi the day after tomorrow.

The first place prize is 200,000.

It's a good way to pay back the money Handsome owes.

Handsome arrives at the conference with his machine with apprehension and excitement

At the pre-prize ceremony

Sitting in the audience

He was eager for his invention to win the grand prize

But at the moment of the final announcement

He heard someone else's name

Handsome boy walked out of the venue in despair

But before he could go far

He was stopped by the organizers who came out after him

Yes, things have taken a turn for the worse again

This man has no money, no power, no culture

But by himself

solved the problem of hundreds of millions of women in India.

The pad-making machine made by Handsome Boy

Won the best life-changing invention of the year

The rich white girl was so excited to hold Handsome's hand

He was presented with the award by

A famous Indian action star

With this medal and the photo together

Handsome Boy quickly became a national sensation

The rich white girl told Handsome

A big company would buy the patent of his machine

Paying him tens of millions of dollars

But Handsome refused on the spot without thinking about it

Because if the patent is sold to a big company

The price of pads would become very expensive again

Then everything he did would be meaningless

He didn't make the machine to earn tens of millions of dollars

But to help tens of millions of people

The next day, handsome boy said goodbye to the rich white girl

He gave up an opportunity that would make him rich overnight

He decided to go to every village

To bring cheap pads to the women who were suffering

Handsome returned to his small workshop

The people around him welcomed him like a star

They all came to congratulate him

to see his award-winning invention.

But the moment Shuai took out the pads

The whole village's face changed

They yelled that it was not the best invention at all

It was the most dirty product

Handsome boy was shutting himself up again

That's when the rich girl suddenly appeared

A fire in her heart was ignited by Handsome

She decided to cooperate with him to do something

After all, there are some things

It is better to let women do

Then, the rich white girl herself went to the countryside to sell the goods

Women and women communicate much more smoothly

With their low prices

quickly occupied the market

Not only that

They also recruited those women who could not work

Recruit them to produce pads

By paying them a wage

to give them a more decent and independent life

Zifumi also helps them apply for bank loans to buy machines

So that everyone can be a producer

Through this method

They opened their processing factories in countless villages


More and more rural women are becoming self-reliant as a result

Shuai's story even alerted the United Nations

They invited Handsome to speak in New York

At the headquarters building in New York

Handsome was very nervous before he went on stage

He asked the rich white girl to accompany him on stage

And the rich white girl gave him a kiss straight away

(Now I'm with you)

Handsome boy used curry English to get a lot of applause from the audience


His ex-wife could see him every day on the newspaper and TV in her hometown

She knew that handsome boy had achieved a great success

He had become a big celebrity

After the speech, in the corridor

The atmosphere between the handsome boy and the rich white girl gradually heated up

Just when the two hearts were getting closer

The phone rang, it was his ex-wife

Handsome boy just clenched his hand and gradually let go

On the one hand, he has a wife who doesn't understand him

On the other side is his soul mate to accompany him to the top

If it were you, what would you choose?

Whether it's reality or a movie

Handsome chose his wife who was a mess

This is the end of the story

In this relationship

As an outsider, we can't judge

But apart from that

the other meaning of the movie is that we need to pay attention to it

In many countries

The topic of physiology has been the "elephant in the room"

It has been ignored.

Today, cheap sanitary napkins are in circulation

However, the sanitary napkin penetration rate is only 60%

The reason is not just poverty

The shame of parenthood is also to blame for the popularity of sanitary napkins

Especially in India

The matter has always been considered dirty

During this period, many women are even forced to live in cowsheds

Because cows were sacred

They believed that drinking cow urine would purify them

There are more incredible things

It really does happen in every corner of the world

That's what's really worth thinking about

Although cheap sanitary napkins have been made

But to change people's mindset

We still have a long way to go.

I'm XXX. See you next time.

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