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Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 08" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

HorrorKorean drama "Hometown 08" movie review, commentary material, afterthoughts

Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 08" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Have you ever seen such a bizarre way to kill someone?

Just play a tape.

The person who hears the sound will commit suicide

Or a video tape.

Those who have seen it will also commit suicide.

The only way to escape death is not to listen or watch

Today, I'll continue to tell you about the eighth episode of the Korean drama "Hometown".

In 1985, Choi followed his wife's advice.

Moved to his hometown to live

At that time, his wife was in the early stages of pregnancy

One night, his wife was a little anxious

She said that people from the orphanage had come to see her

And she knew everything about her life all these years

She also knew how much she hated her father

Lao Cui did not quite understand what it meant

His wife suddenly asked him in all seriousness

Did she really lose her memory after the car accident?

Do you really not remember what you did in Seoul?

The time came in 1999.

Choi woke up from his sleep.

He heard someone murmuring outside.

He pulled open the curtain and looked.

He was almost scared to death.

A group of people were standing in front of his house

But when he came out, there was nothing there

Did he just hallucinate?

At the same time the camera brother also hallucinated

First, he saw a "ghost" outside the window

And then found the sound of water in the bathroom

Went to the kitchen to get a knife

The "ghost" has come after us

After dawn, old Cui came to his daughter's room

He had not been in for a long time

Because his wife had a miscarriage, he couldn't use the room

He didn't answer the phone at home when it rang

Outside is also very busy, the entrance to the house surrounded by journalists

What is this situation?

It turns out that someone has exposed Cui's dark information

He violently interrogated

He left indelible scars on the suspects

Although he did not admit it, but the public opinion has fermented

The leaders couldn't let him continue working

On the other hand, Zhao went to see Congressman Lin

She wanted to know the truth about the year

She wanted to know the truth about why she and Zhao Jinghao left the orphanage alive

Councilor Lin told her not to mention the past

And not to mention the school magazine department in '87

Actually, she didn't want to talk about it either

But she had to in order to find Jae-young.

Mr. Lim promised to help her find Jae-young.

This was a bit of a surprise to her.

Isn't Senator Lim in cahoots with the cult?

On the surface, yes, but that's not true.


The case of the camera brother came to the attention of the police.

The situation was similar to the previous case.

They both killed their families first and then committed suicide.

On the other hand, Congressman Lin told Zhao

Those people are going to make a big trouble

But we can't say what kind of trouble yet

Can only reveal a little

The day is getting closer and closer

The events of '87 are about to repeat themselves

Only the purified can welcome the future.

Congressman Lin took out a piece of paper.

On it was drawn the symbol

He needed Jo's help for a big event.

He will send Jae-young home after the job is done

Meanwhile, Choi went to see the professor.

He thought there was something wrong with the interview material.

But because of the violent interrogation.

The professor won't give it to him and won't see him.

If you want it, go to the police station and get it.

Lao Cui reluctantly left

I did not know that the professor was also trapped

This look is really a bit scary

The professor received a phone call

Then he took the doctor to see Zhao Jinghao

If the doctor had been hypnotized

Then this should be Zhao Jinghao's intention

The doctor is an expert in psychiatry.

I don't know if he can resist Zhao Jinghao's hypnosis

Lao Cui went to the church and he knew Pastor Yu.

After all, he was one of the victim's family members

He used to come often and stay occasionally

He met a little boy here

The boy was very poor and couldn't go back to his home


Because his parents watched a video list

And then followed like a demon

Every day when they came home, they watched the meal and did not sleep

Not to mention taking care of him

Lao Cui went to the boy's home

The boy took out the video

Lao Cui wanted to take back to see

But the boy did not agree

If his parents couldn't find the tape when they came back

Will go to the church trouble old Cui had to watch before leaving

Since the tape was too damaging

Old Cui told the boy to avoid

But there was nothing too scary in the footage

It looked like a promotional video for a family orphanage.

Old Cui was watching it intently

The boy's father came back

He did not ask what happened

He grabbed the knife and tried to kill Lao Cui

The boy explained next to him, he did not listen

Lao Cui took the opportunity to resist, punch after punch

The more he fought, the more he even had the urge to kill

Luckily, he came to his senses at the last minute

That's why he didn't make a big mistake

He was ready to take the boy away

The boy's father suddenly spoke

Tomorrow is the end of the world, everyone and everything will disappear.

On the other hand, Zhao and Yongzhuo are on the road again.

There are still a few secret places in the school magazine that they haven't visited yet.

Not only can they find the place in Ying

They can also uncover their forgotten past

This time, in addition to the pigs

There's also an unexpected person from Jae-young's class.

After the lesson from last time.

Jo didn't dare let Jae-young's classmate take any risks.

So Pig stayed behind to guard Jae-young's classmate.

Jo and Yongjo went in.

There were also traces of the cult here.

Yongjo turned on the tape recorder

Zhao went to see the candles

If the candles were lit for worship or offerings

What about the pictures on the wall?

Why is their photo hanging on the wall?

One of the candles was newly lit

That means someone else was there before they came in

They were about to leave, but the door was locked.

They were trapped, and the only way out was the window.

Yongjo suddenly goes insane and lights the tablecloth with a candle

Zhao was shocked

But there's no time to think about what's going on.

Yongzhuo smashed the glass and let Zhao go first

However, after Zhao went up, he did not go

Because he could see the woman

And Zhao was a different person in his eyes

He was afraid that if he went up there, he would kill Zhao

So he couldn't go up and asked Zhao not to come down

He couldn't control himself anymore

If Zhao came down, he would kill him.

Zhao did not know what was happening

Now he had to go or not go

Yongzhuo while he was still conscious

He rushed to confess to Zhao

In fact, he had never complained about Zhao

After hearing that Xiaozhao had returned

I can't tell you how happy I was

He had said what was in his heart and had no regrets

Under the watchful eye of Xiao Zhao

He turned around and threw himself into the fire

Zhao was just about to go down

Jae-young students to stop


Cho Kyung-ho told the story of '87

After the gas incident

He stood in the crowd with a mask on

Looking at the panicked people

Anger suddenly rushed to his heart

And it was unbearable

He immediately went to Lao Cui's house

Because he felt that only by killing Lao Cui

To calm the anger in his heart

After arriving at Lao Cui's house

He always felt that Lao Cui's house was like a huge coffin

He wore a gas mask and didn't take off his shoes.

He walked slowly to Lao Cui's room.

The door was open and Lao Cui was still sleeping.

The room smelled like alcohol.

Lao Cui did not even take off his jacket

Probably drank a lot of wine last night

His anger level was rising and he wanted to kill Lao Cui right away

But at the moment of doing so

He suddenly changed his mind and felt that he could not kill Lao Cui

Old Cui is too poor why poor

Because he had an epiphany at that moment

He saw the beginning and the end of all things

He suddenly felt that human beings are so small

And he was so great

After hearing his words, the doctor was also trapped

There were red circles on both hands.

There were many ants in his sleeves.

The professor looked on with great excitement

Zhao Jinghao drew the symbols on the glass

The professor took the doctor away

The doctor was completely smitten

He felt that this trip to prison had given him a new lease on life

He was very grateful to the professor

After dark Old Choi received a call from his boss

He immediately went to a place

The bearded man also received a phone call

Everything was ready to start.

Jae-young was sitting on the sidelines.

The person on the other end of the phone told Jae-young

Yongjo died on the spot and Jo escaped.

The person on the other end of the phone was an old classmate of Cho's.

She was also a member of the cult, and Choi would be here in a few minutes.

When he arrives, she'll start.

The events of '87 will be played out again

They are going to welcome the new era

This is the end of episode 8 of "Hometown

Zhao Jinghao and Lao Cui's wife were the masterminds of the '87 incident.

Old Choi's wife even sacrificed herself for it

Now Jo Kyung-ho is trying to commit a massacre.

Jae Young, as the daughter of Choi's wife

should be sacrificed in this incident

As for Jae-young, is she Choi's daughter?

or Jo Kyung-ho's daughter?

It's hard to say yet.

It should be Lao Cui's daughter

But his wife had a miscarriage.

They returned to their hometown in '85.

Jae-young was brought home by Zhao Jing-hao in 87

If it was Lao Cui's daughter.

She would have been one year old in '87.

She shouldn't be that young.

If it's Zhao Jinghao's daughter

Sacrifice your lover first and then your daughter

It's inhumane!

But his style does not need humanity

Well, that's all for now


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