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Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 0910" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

Thriller horrorKorean drama "Hometown 0910" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

Thriller horror Korean drama "Hometown 0910" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

What does it mean to be a master hypnotist

People in prison

But he can easily control hundreds of people outside

Make them die according to his will

Such a horrible person with such a horrible ability

Should he be killed or should he stay?

Today, I'll continue with episode 90 of "Hometown".

On a rainy day in 1987

Zhao Jinghao gave Xiao Zhao a tape

Let her take it to her classmates who had seen the tape before

Then Zhao was hypnotized

Follow the instructions to play the tape in the radio room

In the evening, they met at the reservoir

Li Shizheng's wife didn't come because she was sick

They gathered here to see one thing

A female ghost emerged from the reservoir

The other three could see it

Only Xiao Zhao could not see

They ran away with their legs

The old classmate fell but no one was waiting for her

The female ghost was approaching her

She was too scared to move

Then Zhao Jinghao appeared female ghost disappeared

That's when the old classmate fell

To this day she wants to kill her mother

Because death is rebirth

But she still can not do it

Lao Cui all the way to the water purification plant

He was accidentally attacked

When he woke up again, there was his old classmate standing in front of him

Then he realized that his old classmate was Zhao Jinghao's man

The old classmate had been completely bewitched

Zhao Jinghao was a god in her heart

At that moment, Zhao Jinghao called.

He was in the warden's office

The warden was standing by like a little brother

This shows how powerful he is

Lao Cui had already guessed his motive

It was all because of the orphanage

Everyone knew what was going on in the orphanage

But they all choose to ignore it

So he wants to punish those who ignore it

The gas incident in '87 was the first time.

Tonight is the second.

At midnight, the massacre of '87 will be repeated.

The churchmen are ready.

Waiting for the final instructions

All those who have seen the video will gather here

Then they will be reborn according to the wishes of Guru.

The old schoolmate is the most crucial part.

She holds the key to rebirth.

People are approaching the water purification plant.

Congressman Lam has been waiting for a long time.

The old student is picking out the tapes.

Old Cui secretly untied the rope

When the old classmate wasn't looking.

He jumped into the water with her in his arms

Old classmate is also a tough guy

Without hesitation, he stabbed Cui

Then he climbed up, followed by Cui

She vented her anger with abandon

Old Cui did not even have the ability to resist

Watching his old classmate leave

He could only sit there and do nothing.

The old student put away the tape and took out the pistol

Xiao Zhao suddenly appeared here

She couldn't understand what her old classmate had done

Nor could she resent them

Because they left her classmate and ran away

That's why she became what she is now

But she doesn't think so

She is grateful for that abandonment

She met the right person in her life

Her family was not well off and her mother was sick.

She couldn't even afford to pay the hospital bill

It was Zhao Jinghao who helped her at that time

She was able to get a new life

When she went to the train station to release the poison gas

She didn't think much about it

She only thought that no matter how many people she killed, she had to save her mother

When the time came, she played the tape immediately

Cho rushed over to her.

But it didn't stop her.

The bells and whistles sounded.

The old student was like a lost soul

Locked the door and picked up the phone

Let the people who were by her mother's side

Help her give her mother a ride

After she hung up the phone, she shot herself

She met up with her mother in another world

At the same time, old Cui was also unfortunately trapped

He saw a female ghost

He hurriedly asked Zhao to take out the tape

Otherwise, something bad would happen

But Zhao tried everything

Couldn't stop the sound

People had lost consciousness.

Congressman Lin also brought people in.

Lao Cui brought a pipe over

Ready to smash the machine

But it didn't work. The machine was too strong.

People were already jumping into the water.

Lao Cui did not know how many times to smash

Finally the machine broke

The moment the sound stopped

The people in the water struggled to the surface

People have regained consciousness

The scene in front of you feel incredible

But that didn't mean the end of the tragedy.

Congressman Lam started to gas the crowd.

The men he brought with him also entered the crowd

They started to release the gas.

People were in chaos.

People were falling in pieces.

Senator Lin came to find Zhao and Cui.

He came to save them.

Lao Cui slept for seven days.

The water purification plant incident has been in the news

The cultists committed mass suicide

More than 200 victims in total

Zhao Jinghao's goal had been achieved

But Jae-young didn't come back

She's still under house arrest by the bearded man.

She's fed up with this place and wants to escape.

The boy who served her was her only hope.

Choi was discharged from the hospital.

But before he left, the prosecution came looking for him.

This coincided with the previous timeline.

At the same time, two major events happened.

Jae-young escaped with the help of the boy.

Jo Kyung-ho also escaped from prison.

The prosecution and Choi had the same goal.

They don't know about Jae-young.

But they knew about Jo Kyung-ho.

When Choi heard that Jo Kyung-ho escaped from prison.

The whole person is not well

In fact, the prosecutor is not a good guy either.

He was entrusted by Congressman Lim to pull Choi down.

Old Choi is not stupid, he can already see some clues

Now it has been announced that the bearded man is the leader of the cult.

Why is he still holding on to Zhao Jinghao?

Obviously want to use his hand to get rid of Zhao Jinghao

But how did Zhao Jinghao escape from prison?

For a master hypnotist

It's too easy to break out of jail

Just hypnotize a nurse.

Let the nurse kill a way out

There is no need to do it yourself

Lao Cui came out of the prosecutor's office

He had a hallucination in front of his eyes

Good thing he was strong-willed and kept his heart

Zhao Jinghao escaped from the treatment ward.

There were six victims, and one of them didn't die.

Cui wanted to see the survivor.

His hallucinations were getting worse.

If we don't solve this soon.

I'm afraid he'll be in a very bad way.

On the other hand, Jae-young has finally escaped.

There's still one last hurdle left.

He went out through the door behind the kitchen.

Just in case, Jae-young took a knife to protect herself.

The boy took her to the door and it was dark inside.

Jae-young was brave enough to go in.

But the boy slammed the door behind him.

He betrayed her.

A faint light was on in the room.

Someone was watching a videotape.

When I got closer, it was the bearded man.

The bearded man was very angry at Jae-young's betrayal.

But Jae-young said that he broke the contract first

They had a deal.

As long as Jae-young stays here

The bearded man would not hurt Jo

But Jo was in danger a lot.

Jae-young couldn't turn a blind eye.

The bearded man had no choice

He didn't want to hurt Xiao Zhao

But Xiao Zhao always causes trouble

He did his best not to kill Jo.

Jae-young made a compromise.

If Xiaozhao was in danger again

She had to get out of here even if she had to die

The bearded man panicked.

You know Jae-young is the heir.

He is the most crucial part of the plan.

Even if he dies, he can't let Jae-young die.

He immediately promised Jae-young

He would never hurt Jo.

Meanwhile, Choi met with the survivors.

The survivors had been waiting for a long time.

Zhao Jinghao spared his life.

So that he could deliver a message

Everything is as I said it would be

I'll be waiting for you at my daughter's birthplace.

So Jae-young is really Jo's daughter.

Cui and Zhao discussed it.

We can't be led by Cho Kyung-ho's nose.

Let's focus on finding Jae-young.

Jae-young was under house arrest again.

But she didn't blame the boy.

Because she knew that he had no choice.

The boy stood outside the door and cried.

Cho went to see Senator Lim.

According to Congressman Lin

The water purification plant is just the beginning

There is more excitement ahead

Zhao Jinghao has escaped from prison

The day of purification is coming

And Jae-young is bound to become a sacrificial lamb

Zhao has always been confused about the purpose of Congressman Lin

According to him, he is also a member of the cult

But why did he approach her?

There is only one possibility

Want to use her to promote Zhao Jinghao away

Mr. Lim laughed at the smallness of his vision.

Didn't Cho want to save Jae-young?

He has a way, but it comes with a price.

It will put Jo in danger.

Jo is willing to take risks to save Jae-young.

It's raining outside.

Jae-young was watching in fascination.

An unknown gas was coming out of the door.

Jae-young soon fainted and fell to the ground

When she woke up again

He's gone from house arrest to flash arrest

Meanwhile, an old man receives a videotape.

He finished watching the contents of the tape

It turns out that Jo Kyung-ho appears at the end

No wonder people who saw the tape are not normal

Old Cui went to find Zhao

Zhao was not there but left a letter

There was an address on the letter

Jae Young can be found there.

Lao Cui set out immediately

The address was the old man's house.

Cui and the old man are old acquaintances

We had interrogated Golden Hair together.

But I never thought

The old man is also a member of the cult

And had already seen the video tape

On the other hand, Zhao Jinghao came to the beach

Here he met a fishing enthusiast

They had a cup of tea and chatted for a while

The fisherman had a son

But he didn't say a word about his previous child

Zhao Jinghao came to him with a purpose, of course

It turned out that he was Zhao Jinghao's real father

Because of the lack of money back then

Zhao Jinghao and Xiao Zhao were sold to an orphanage

Zhao Jinghao picked up the lighter

The real father was instantly hypnotized

At the same time, old Cui has already found the location of Zai Ying

The old man loves to read

He wanted to fill up his bookshelf

But now there is not a single book on the shelf

Then there is only one possibility to move the bookshelf

If it's difficult to move the books.

Then Jae-young is hidden behind the bookshelf

But the old man wouldn't let him go.

There was a conflict between them

Old Choi suddenly remembered a forgotten memory

That unpleasant experience caused him great pain

He didn't kill the old man.

He just took away the old man's hand

So that the old man wouldn't lose his consciousness.

He could use these hands to kill people.

On the other hand, Senator Lin broke into the cult.

And returned the missing heir

So this was his plan to save him

He asked Cho to replace Jae-young.

Old Choi rescued Jae-young

and sent her home.

The memories that were lost gradually became clear

After the accident at the orphanage back then

His superiors wanted Cho Kyung-ho to take the blame

Old Choi followed a group of seniors to extract a confession

Zhao Jinghao was hung upside down in the room

He was subjected to inhumane torture

No wonder there was a woman hanging upside down on the tape

And the woman in white who appears frequently

is the daughter of Congressman Lin.

Old Choi's wife.

So from the beginning to the end

Zhao Jinghao wanted to do only one thing


This is the end of episodes 9 and 10 of "Hometown

Zhao Jinghao and his siblings were sold to an orphanage

where they were subjected to inhumane torture

The culprit is Councilor Lin

In the end, Jo Kyung-ho took the blame

Note the name Jo Kyung-ho

It was originally his adoptive father's.

He changed his name to this after his adoptive father passed away

Then the person who was hung upside down

Should be the adoptive father is right

Zhao Jinghao has been targeting old Cui

Must be the death of his adoptive father at the hands of Lao Cui

Well, that's it.

(End of story)

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